How and when to pay your rates

The rating year started on 1 July 2020 and runs through 30 June 2021.  The next instalment of rates is due on 30 April 2021. 

The annual rates are divided into five instalments. You can search for the annual rates on any property using the rates property search.

An invoice is sent for each instalment. The instalments are sent during the first week of the month in which the instalment is due except for the third instalment which is sent the first week of December but not due until 15 January.

Instalment Invoice sent Invoice due
One August 31 August 2020
Two October 31 October 2020
Three December 15 January 2021
Four February 28 February 2021
Five April 30 April 2021


Ways to pay

You can pay property rates in several ways:

  • Direct debit—Weekly, fortnightly, monthly or every time an invoice is due.
  • Pay online—Pay via credit card or account-to-account transfer
  • Bank transfer—Pay via the online banking provided by your bank
  • Post or in person—Post a cheque (before 1 May 2021) or come into Council to pay.

Click on the tabs below for more detailed information.

Direct debit

Direct Debit (DD)

Direct Debit is Council's preferred method of payment. 

Direct Debit application

  • Direct Debits can be set up using this online direct debit form
  • Direct Debit payments are offered weekly, fortnightly, monthly or every time an invoice is due. 
  •  Council charges nothing extra to pay by Direct Debit
  • Direct Debits are run every work day to offer you maximum flexibility

For the amount of the weekly, fortnightly or monthly direct debits, you can either leave the amount on the form blank and we will advise you of the correct amount in the confirmation we send you or you can contact the rates office by email or phone on 04-527-2169

If you would prefer not to set it up online, please contact us to have a form sent to you by email or post.

Please note:  Only one Direct Debit can be in place on an account at any time.  If you already have a Direct Debit in place with us, submitting a new one will cause the original authority to be cancelled and replaced with the new authority.

To cancel a Direct Debit authority, please call or email the rates office with the contact details provided on this page.

Pay online

Pay online with our Payment Portal

Pay through our online portal

With our online payment portal you can pay your rates from a bank account or a credit card.  This portal is the only way to pay the rates using a credit card.  There is a 1.4% convenience fee on credit card payments.

When paying online please be sure to clear the balance on each invoice in full by the due date to avoid penalties.  You will need the valuation number from your invoice when making a payment via the payment portal.  The valuation number is displayed in the upper right hand corner of your invoice.

Link to our online payment portal:

Bank transfer

Upper Hutt City Council banks with ANZ.

Our account number is 01-0771-0018890-03.

When paying online, please remember to clear the invoice in full by the due date to avoid penalties.

Payments can be made to us via your own internet banking.  When paying via internet banking, please be sure to use the six digit property number from your invoice as the reference on your payment. The property number is displayed in the round circle on the right side of the invoice.

When paying from overseas, you will also need the SWIFT code ANZBNZ22

Post or in person

Step 1.By post

Mail a cheque or NZ Post Money order payable to Upper Hutt City Council.  Cheques should be marked "Not Transferrable".  Please allow at least a week for your cheque to arrive by the due date.

Post to:  Upper Hutt City Council, Private Bag 907, Upper Hutt 5140

 Please note that from 1 May 2021, we're no longer accepting cheques as a method of payment. This means that the post option will no longer be available.

Step 2.In person

You can pay in person Monday to Friday at the following locations:

  • Upper Hutt City Council
    838-842 Fergusson Drive, Upper Hutt during open hours.
  • Greater Wellington Regional Council
    Shed 39, 2 Fryatt Quay, Pipitea, Wellington - 8am to 4pm
  • Greater Wellington Regional Council
    35-37 Chapel Street, Masterton - 8am to 4:30pm


Please remember to bring your account with you. You can pay using:

  • Cash
  • Cheque (before 1 May 2021)