Our vision and mission

City Vision

The City Vision summarises the key characteristic of the city, now and for the future.

Life. Leisure. Live it!

Our city is one of a kind. In Upper Hutt we are surrounded by outstanding natural beauty and a wide range of leisure and recreational activities. We’re recognised as a great place for families and for people who enjoy the best of the outdoors. We have recognised our strengths and want to build
on them.

Our city and our economy will continue to grow. We will continue to attract new families to our beautiful region who will contribute to thriving communities and businesses. Our plan is to improve our recreation offering—so valued by Upper Hutt residents and families. These enhancements would also appeal to a wide range of visitors who enjoy making the most of our spectacular outdoor and leisure opportunities. We also plan to continue the maintenance and renewal of our essential infrastructure assets so they remain at a high standard.

We’re careful with how we spend money. However, we need to continue to invest in the essential upgrades to infrastructure that will keep our city working—we’ll have enough water to drink, our wastewater and stormwater systems will be well maintained and built to reduce the impact of earthquakes and floods, and our roads will be maintained and safe. In addition, our parks, reserves, and Council properties will be kept in good condition. We also need to future proof our city to make sure we’re ready to cope with a growing population and changing demographics.

But we also want to make our city even better by focussing on five strategic priority areas: environment, community, city centre, economy, and infrastructure. These themes have guided us towards a selection of projects that will improve our facilities and the services we provide to our community.

Strategic priority areas


We’re immersed
in natural beauty,
we love our river,
our stunning
parks, and we feel
alive in our great

We’re Upper Hutt.
We’re a scenic


We celebrate our
heritage, culture,
heroes, and
We’re a caring,
safe and healthy

We’re Upper Hutt.
We’re family.

City Centre

Our city centre is
alive, attractive
and vibrant.

We’re Upper Hutt.
We’re a centre
for opportunity.


We attract new
investment and
offer opportunities
for people and
businesses to

We’re Upper Hutt.
We’re enabling
growth and


Built on stable
foundations, we
have reliable and
efficient networks
supporting growth

We’re Upper Hutt.
We’re connected.

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement expresses Council’s fundamental service delivery purpose.

To enhance the quality of life in Upper Hutt by providing leadership, support, and services to the community.