Climate Change Focus Groups

Upper Hutt City Council Climate Change Focus Groups

Do you:

  • Have a passion for the environment?
  • Want to have your say about climate change and what it means to Upper Hutt?
  • Want to contribute to the direction of the Council Sustainability Strategy review?
  • Want to be heard?

This is your chance to help shape the future of Upper Hutt and make a difference to how the Upper Hutt City Council plans for climate change and the future.


Upper Hutt City Council adopted the current Sustainability Strategy in 2012, and it is due for review.

In the intervening seven years since its adoption, there has been significant change in the way Sustainability is regarded.  There is growing urgency, expectations and momentum to 'do more.'

Upper Hutt City Council is setting up to Climate Change Focus Groups: a General Focus Group and a Youth Focus Group, to ensure the voice of our rangatahi/youth is heard.  The focus groups will assist Council in assessing the effects of climate change in Upper Hutt and contribute to the Sustainability Strategy Review.

Criteria for applicants

To ensure well-rounded focus groups, we are searching for a cross section of the community to ensure a mix of background, age, gender, ethnicity and viewpoints.  To ensure rangatahi/youth are heard and have ownership, a two groups will be set up: Climate Change Focus Group - Youth will run concurrently with Climate Change Focus Group - General.

Membership of both focus groups will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • interest and knowledge in climate change and its effects;
  • diversity of members from different neighbourhoods;
  • diversity of members from different community groups and backgrounds and; 
  • specific interest in the future of Upper Hutt.

Additionally, members of the Youth Focus Group must be under 25 years old.


To apply, please send a letter outlining:

  • why you are suitable for the role;
  • what you will bring to the group;
  • how you fulfill the Focus Group Member criteria;
  • your contact details.


Post:   Strategic Policy Manger: Private Bag 907, Upper Hutt 5140

Detailed Terms of Reference for the focus groups may be viewed here(PDF, 147KB)

Applications must be received by 5pm, Friday 2 August.



Once the Focus Groups have been selected, the meeting times will be set to at a convenient time for the group.  If you have any questions, please call (04) 527 2169