A bylaw is a rule or regulation made by a local authority such as the Upper Hutt City Council. The Local Government Act 2002 empowers the Council to make bylaws. The Act stipulates that the Council must first determine that a bylaw is the most appropriate way of addressing the particular problem and it then prescribes a procedure for making a bylaw. Council also has to review its bylaws every ten years.

Current bylaws used by Upper Hutt City Council are listed below, click on a link to view the bylaw in PDF format.

Brothels Bylaw(PDF, 63KB)

Control of Temporary Signs Bylaw(PDF, 4MB)

Dog Control Bylaw(PDF, 229KB)

Hutt Valley Trade Wastes Bylaw(PDF, 516KB)

Keeping of stock, poultry and bees(PDF, 91KB)

Liquor control (Central Area) Bylaw(PDF, 671KB)

Prevention of Nuisance from Fires and Smoke Bylaw(PDF, 162KB)

Public Places Bylaw(PDF, 209KB)

Silverstream Liquor Control Bylaw(PDF, 2MB)

Speed Limits Bylaw(PDF, 850KB)

Traffic and Parking Bylaw(PDF, 433KB)

Unoccupied Commercial Premises Bylaw(PDF, 238KB)

Water Supply Bylaw(PDF, 142KB)