Water supply and drainage connection fees and charges

The fees and charges below apply to water supply services. Application forms related to water supply can be found on our Water Application Forms page.

All fees are stated as GST inclusive and are effective from 1 July 2021. Council reserves the right to review any fees and charges at any time. Please check with us for any updates.

Where the actual fees incurred by council are higher than the fees shown, actual costs will be charged.

If a fee or charge for a Council service is not specifically listed below the charge or fee will be the total of the actual cost of materials, officer time incurred to provide the service, and GST.

Water connection application fee $100.00
Water connection and shutoff
Administration to allow installation or disconnection to the main and associated shut off minimum charge of $633.50
The cost may vary significantly from site to site. The customer will be provided with the approval and supervision necessary to effect the connection from the main or rider main to the toby at the boundaries An additional charge of $123.00 will be levied if the details of the water shutoff are changed with less than 48 hours’ notice (actual cost + $98.00)
Water service fee for new development

For the approval and supervision necessary to effect the connection to the main or rider main minimum charge of $145.00
Termination of water supply
For the approval and supervision necessary to effect the disconnection to the main

a minimum charge of $633.50

If this work is to be done by network contractor $869.00 will be applicable in addition to the shut off fee 

Water meters  

For the approval and supervision necessary


Water meter reading    
The customer shall request Council to read a water meter. Council engages Water Service Inspector or a meter reading contractor to read the meter on behalf of the customer per reading $98.00 
Extraordinary supply     
There is no charge for the first supplied 228m3 
 Consumption over is 228m3 charged for at the following rate per m3  $2.70
For the applied charge, the customer will receive a supply of water that meets the requirements of the Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand 2005 (Revised 2018). The water supplied will comply with the Upper Hutt City Water Bylaw    
Fire protection fee   
A fixed fee is charged for all fire protection connections from 50mm to 250mm diameter council is responsible for the maintenance of the connection up to and including the Town Supply Value (TSV)  $234.00
This will include an annual ultrasonic check for leakage, repacking of the TSV as needed, maintenance of the connection to the TSV, replacement of the valve on an 80-100 year cycle, and repainting of the valve box every two years  
Water from hydrant    
This service includes the consent process, the reading of the meter and the inspection of the hydrant to ensure that it has been shut off fully and periodic replacement of the cup washer as needed per m3  $4.30 
A consent is issued for a three month period plus a consent fee for each consent period  $65.00
Drainage connection    

Drainage connection application fee. Fee to administer new drainage connection application