Operative District Plan 2004

The District Plan is the main document that manages land use and development within Upper Hutt. It contains rules that may affect you if you are preparing a land use proposal or development. 

Decisions on plan changes recently notified

Plan change  Decision notified End of appeal period
 42 – Pinehaven and Mangaroa Flood Hazard Extents  11 April 2018  Plan Change 42 became operative on 12 September 2019.
 45 – Signs 16 October 2018

Plan Change 45 became operative on 20 December 2019.

PLEASE NOTE: Notified provisions therein have legal effect and must be applied along-side the Operative District Plan. Each plan change will become fully operative after the close of the appeal period, 5 days after council notifies the operative date, subject to no appeals being received.

Any queries should be forwarded to our Planning Department:

04 527 2175


The Operative District Plan 2004

The District Plan is presented below in sections.

Common Seal(PDF, 1MB)
Update Schedule(PDF, 172KB)

Contents(PDF, 104KB)

Part 1 - Introduction contents page(PDF, 114KB)

Chapter 1      Introduction to the plan(PDF, 339KB)
Chapter 2      Definitions(PDF, 538KB)

Part 2 – Issues, Objectives, Policies and Methods


Chapter 3      Vacant (PDF, 62KB)
Chapter 4      Residential Zone(PDF, 233KB)
Chapter 5      Rural Zone(PDF, 174KB)
Chapter 6      Business Zone(PDF, 166KB)
Chapter 7      Open Space Zone  (PDF, 139KB)
Chapter 8      Special Activities Zone  (PDF, 141KB)
Chapter 8A    General Rules(PDF, 375KB)

General and city-wide

Chapter 9      Subdivision and Earthworks (PDF, 221KB)
Chapter 10    Financial Contributions  (PDF, 107KB)
Chapter 11    Heritage (PDF, 133KB)
Chapter 12    Landscape and Ecology   (PDF, 205KB)
Chapter 13    Water Resources (PDF, 141KB)
Chapter 14    Natural Hazards  (PDF, 188KB)
Chapter 15    Environmental Quality(PDF, 165KB)
Chapter 16    Utilities (PDF, 272KB)
Chapter 16A  Renewable Energy Generation(PDF, 296KB)
Chapter 17    Hazardous Substances and Waste Management (PDF, 173KB)

Part 3 – Rules and Standards(PDF, 87KB)

Zone rules and standards

Chapter 18    Residential-Zone-Rules(PDF, 2MB)
Chapter 19    Rural Zone Rules  (PDF, 430KB)
Chapter 20    Business Zone Rules  (PDF, 1MB)
Chapter 21    Open Space Zone Rules (PDF, 346KB)
Chapter 22    Special Activity Zone Rules  (PDF, 310KB)
Chapter 23    Rules for Earthworks(PDF, 319KB)
Chapter 24    Rules for Esplanade Reserves and Strip(PDF, 104KB)  
Chapter 25    Rules for Reserves and Leisure Facilities Contribution(PDF, 102KB)  
Chapter 25A  Vacant(PDF, 106KB)
Chapter 26    Rules for Heritage Features(PDF, 151KB)
Chapter 27    Rules for Notable Trees(PDF, 256KB)
Chapter 27A  Rules for Urban Tree Groups and Removal of Indigenous Vegetation(PDF, 4MB)
Chapter 28    Rules for Southern Hills Overlay Area and Protected Ridgelines(PDF, 170KB)  
Chapter 29    Rules for Water Bodies (PDF, 76KB)
Chapter 30    Rules for Utilities (PDF, 346KB)
Chapter 30A  Rules for Renewable Energy Generation(PDF, 197KB)
Chapter 31    Rules for Car Parking(PDF, 119KB)  
Chapter 32    Rules for Noise and Vibration(PDF, 299KB)  
Chapter 33    Rules for Flooding and Fault Band Hazards (PDF, 178KB)
Chapter 34    Rules for Hazardous Substances and Contaminated Land(PDF, 137KB)

Part 4 – Appendices(PDF, 72KB)


Chapter 35    Vacant(PDF, 63KB)
Chapter 36    Schedule of Designations(PDF, 326KB)
Chapter 37    Roading Hierarchy(PDF, 88KB)  | Roading Hierarchy Map (PDF, 48KB)
Chapter 38    Access Design Standards and Criteria(PDF, 832KB)
Chapter 39    Wallaceville Structure Plan(PDF, 1MB)
Addendum    Statutory Acknowledgement Area(PDF, 930KB)

Part 5 – Planning Maps

Planning Maps Introduction(PDF, 79KB)

To access individual maps, click on one of the following map indexes, then click on the numbered map square you require.