Notice of Requirement for Pinehaven Stream

Pinehaven Notice of Requirement Application

Submissions have now closed, Council is currently in the process of scheduling a hearing date.

Greater Wellington Regional Council and Upper Hutt City Council have received an application for a resource consent and Notice of Requirement from Wellington Water Limited. Wellington Water Limited has made the application on behalf of Upper Hutt City Council, for structural works associated with the implementation of the Pinehaven Floodplain Management Plan.

Summary of the proposal

The works are proposed over a length of approximately 1,200m in the lower catchment of the Pinehaven Stream. This extends from the Pinehaven Reserve to the inlet where the Pinehaven Stream is piped to the Hulls Creek.

The purpose of the works is to reduce flood risk from the Pinehaven Stream to the surrounding area. The works will increase the capacity of the stream and its tributaries to a 1 in 25 year return period, reduce risk of injury or harm from flood flows, integrate overland flow paths into the stormwater network, and enable efficient and effective construction and ongoing maintenance of the structures.

The proposal includes changes to the Pinehaven Stream channel and crossing structures in the lower reaches to provide for a 25-year channel capacity. The proposed stream improvement works include the:

  • Creation of natural channel sections with riparian planting
  • Construction of vertically sided lined stream sections
  • Securing overland flow paths 
  • Removing, replacing and constructing new bridges
  • Removing three dwellings (4 Sunbrae Drive, 28 and 48 Blue Mountains Road)
  • Upgrading stormwater system inlet pipes and fit with debris screens
  • Construction of a low wall along the boundary of Willow Park and 10a Blue Mountains Road to divert floodwaters
  • Construction of a private road access to 30, 32, 34 and 36 Blue Mountains Road
  • Relocation of utilities which cross the stream

The proposed works are intended to be completed in stages. It is anticipated that construction for stream improvement works will occur over 70 weeks but may take up to 2 years to complete.

Resource consents sought from GWRC

The applicant has applied for the following resource consents from GWRC:

  • Land use consent for excavations within the streambed
  • Land use consent for bank stabilisation works, erosion repair, structures in and over the streambed and earthworks
  • Land use consent for the relocation of utility pipelines over the streambed
  • Water permit for the temporary take, use, damming and diversion of water during works
  • Water permit for the permanent diversion of water by structures erected as part of the works 
  • Reclamation of approximately 50m of streambed as a result of the relocation of the streambed
  • Water permit for the diversion of flood water outside of the streambed
  • Discharge permit for the discharge of sediment-laden water during works
Notice of Requirement sought from UHCC

The proposed designation would cover the area of the proposed construction works described above and would allow for these works to occur. The designation boundary would be adjusted once the structural works are complete. It will be reduced to an extent that is required for the on-going maintenance of the works. The applicant has proposed a number of conditions for the designation to address the effects associated with the proposal. The Requiring Authority for the designation is Upper Hutt City Council.

Application documents

The application and all supporting information, including the Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE), initial technical reviews, and formal correspondence has been provided.

View these documents below.

Processing officers

The officers in charge of processing this application are:

 Executive Summary
Application documents
Formal Correspondence
Initial Technical Reviews

Please note that Formal Correspondence and Technical Reviews will be added to weekly as more information is received in relation to this consent.