Maidstone Community Sports Hub

  • Project typeCommunity and recreation
  • Project value$31.8 million (estimated)
  • Project scheduleDeveloped design and consents
  • Contractor nameMaycroft Construction
  • Completion Date31 December 2022

Our community loves Maidstone Park, it’s been the epicentre of growing up for many of us. Whether it was learning to swim at Maidstone Pool, riding the flying fox Maidstone Max playground, or playing sport on the fields, the place holds memories.

Now a major project is under way to transform the park, the Maidstone Community Sports Hub (MCSH), comprising of a new shared clubrooms, indoor training facility and a number of smaller, upgraded facilities in various parts of the park.

This redevelopment (stage 4) will create a multi-purpose sports park, which will be a focal point for recreation in the city, and the Wellington region. The vision is to create a mix of new facilities and improvements; directly addressing the issue of ageing sports infrastructure in Upper Hutt.

The government announced that the comprehensive redevelopment of our city’s sporting and recreation hub will be fast-tracked with a $12 million funding boost.

The project is expected to be finished by December 2022, years ahead of the original timeframe.


On Monday 13 September, construction of the new indoor training facility and shared clubrooms will begin at Maidstone Park. With contractors’ onsite and the building cordoned off, there will be some changes to the vehicular and pedestrian access for members of the public.

There will be no public parking onsite at the construction site, as indicated on the map below in red. Instead, we ask the community to look for other parking areas such as on street parking in Railway Ave, Maidstone Terrace, or Park Street, as well as considering public transport options on game days.

Pedestrian access
Pedestrian access to the Heretaunga Boxing Club building, Rams Gym, and the rugby fields is shown on the map below in yellow. There will also be way-finding signage on display in these areas.

MCSH Construction Map.png

Rugby fields
Premier rugby games in 2022 will still be played at Maidstone Park on our premium playing surfaces, and Portacom changing facilities will be provided.

Want to know more?
For more information about the Maidstone Community Sports Hub project, go to:

  • Contact a member of our project team at
  • Follow us on Facebook @UpperHuttCityCouncil.
  • If you’re interested in booking Maidstone Park for a sporting event, go to our website and search ‘Book a park’.



  •  We’re building a new indoor training facility and shared clubrooms, to help community sport and activities in Upper Hutt thrive.
  • It’s the first stage of a three year project which involves upgrades to multiple sporting facilities at the park. Construction is kicking off in September.
  • The new community indoor training facility and shared clubrooms will be built where the UH Rams RFC clubrooms are today. The club will move to temporary premises for the 2022 rugby season, and will then co-locate with other sports clubs and groups in the new building.
  • The wider components of the sports hub project (upgraded car park, petanque pistes, new tennis shelter, football dugouts, hockey shelters etc.) will be delivered in Stage two (in future financial years and as cashflow is available).
  • This project is being jointly funded by Upper Hutt City Council and the Government, as part of the Covid-19 recovery response infrastructure programme.


Where are things at? 

  • Preliminary designs have been costed and the project remains under significant financial constraints due to COVID-19 related supply chain and material costs issues (e.g., materials cost escalations, increased labour costs, freight charges).   
  • To mitigate the impact of these constraints, we have undertaken a value engineering exercise to see where costs can be saved in the larger components of the project (the new community sports hub building, including the shared greenroom and carpark).  Our architects are working through what this could mean for the building design, but any changes will not materially change the end user experience. 
  • We made a bid through the 2021 Long Term Plan deliberations to ask Council to consider further investment in the project and are identifying other external funding. 

Have Council invested further funds in this project? 

  • Subsequent to the Long Term Plan (LTP) deliberations on May 26 2021, Council resolved to include an additional $13.5 million (up to) in the LTP to ensure that the community sports hub concept at Maidstone Park is future-proofed for the community.  
  • This resolution is draft until auditing of the decisions is undertaken, and the LTP is formally adopted on the 29 June 2021.   
  • There is a requirement to seek external funding in order to reduce the $13.5m where possible and reduce the reliance on ratepayer funds.   
  • Council also decided on a staged approach in terms of the project deliverables, so that the costs could be spread over more than one financial year, with the aim of not impacting on Council’s debt ceiling. The extra budget comes in LTP Year 2 (2022/23) and Year 3 (2023/24). 

What does a staged approach mean? 

  • It means that in the first instance the shared clubrooms and indoor training facility will be prioritised for delivery and that the wider components of the masterplan will be delivered in future years.  Having said that, we will continue to look for opportunities to bring work forward (subject to cashflows). 

Why do we have to seek further funding opportunities if Council has invested more money in the project? 

  • We want to minimise the reliance on ratepayer funds, so we will look for other funding to reduce Council’s overall contribution.  

What does this mean for sports clubs at the park?  

  • Costs have been allocated for most components of the masterplan, but for some sports/clubs, further discussion is still required as to what is needed at the park in terms of facilities.  It is especially important to note that the final design of scope items are subject to further discussion with Councillors and Crown Infrastructure Partners. Aside from the community sports hub building and carpark, all other amounts for individual scope items are best estimates and are subject to change. 

When will the project start? 

  • It is envisaged that ground-breaking on the site of the existing rugby clubrooms will start in early September.  We are working with UH Rams RFC to help them to transition out of this space whilst construction is underway. 

What could community sports hub building look like?

 Exterior Perspective_MCSH.jpg

Project background 

  • The Maidstone Sports Hub project was included in the Long Term Plan 2018,  with an estimated value of $9m.
  • Council put aside $6.173m towards the project with the remainder dependent on additional funds raised by sports and clubs (approximately $3m). Since funding was approved through the government's COVID-19 ‘Shovel Ready Projects Fund’, sports and clubs are no longer required to raise additional funds.
  • Renovation work at the park has continued, including an artificial hockey turf, dual use rugby and football turf including a practice/ warm up area, flood lighting, a storage area and limited on site car parking. And more recently, the upgrade of the sand-based fields and an upgrade to Maidstone Max. The four stages are detailed below.
  • There is also additional land (Maidstone Terrace corner lot) that is being considered for inclusion in the scope of this project.


  • $12m has been granted from the COVID-19 ‘Shovel Ready Projects’ government funding to the re-development of Maidstone Park.
  • Council has an existing investment of $6.4m for the project and recently set aside another $13.5m in the draft 2021 Long Term Plan. 
  • Pending confirmation of the final scope and design, the estimated project value is now in the range of $31.8m.


  • We're in regular contact with all of the sports and clubs who operate at the park.
  • Clubs nominated two representatives who continue to liaise with the project team.
  • Club representatives attended workshops with architects and other clubs to understand current and future needs. 
  • There were a number of opportunities for the wider community to engage in the project, through our Facebook page and at various locations across the city.
  • We ran a 'Sharing Memories' series on Facebook, featuring some of the clubs who operate at the park and some of their most iconic, historical moments.

Treaty partners and stakeholders 

We're currently working with the following Treaty partners and stakeholders:

Treaty Partners

Taranaki Whānui ki te Upoko o Te Ika


Ngāti Toa Rangatira


Ōrongomai Community Marae

Key Stakeholders(as affected building owners)

UH Rams Rugby Football Club (UH Rams RFC)

Heretaunga Boxing Club


UH Petanque


UH Tennis Club


UH Judo Club


Rimutaka Aikido Club


UH Athletics


Totara Park Softball Club


Moonshine Table Tennis Club


Maidstone Model Engineering Society


UH Hockey


Maidstone Park Charitable Trust


Wellington Region Hockey Stadium Trust


UH Smallbore Rifle club


UH City Football Club


  • In March 2021, Upper Hutt City Councillors endorsed the high level masterplan (Revision G) for stage 4 of the redevelopment of Maidstone Park.
  • We’ve been working closely with the resident sports and clubs (in particular with Upper Hutt Rams RFC and Heretaunga Boxing Club) to design the masterplan and while it’s exciting to have it formally endorsed, we still have some work to do to finalise the design and operating model of the sports hub itself.

Next steps

  • We are working on the developed designs for the shared clubrooms and green room.
  • We will seek external grant or sponsorship funding to help off-set some of the increased costs.
  • Some elements of the wider masterplan are still under discussion.


  • This is the high level masterplan. Once the scope of the project is confirmed, it will be updated.

Sportshub Masterplan.JPG

A | Maidstone Community Sports Hub | 4390m2
Multipurpose Sports Facility utilised by multiple clubs (Rugby, Netball, Aikido, Boxing, Judo & Table Tennis), shared clubrooms, shared artificial indoor training facilities, equipment storage and venue hire.

B | Fields 1 & 2
Recently developed sand based grass and practice grass turfs

C | Proposed Parking & Paved Courtyard | 270m2 (Courtyard)

D | New Green Space / Soft Landscaping
Existing parking area reconfigured to create better connections to Maidstone Max

E | Maidstone Max
Maidstone Max, currently under construction

F | Retained Memorial Hall and Upper Hutt Smallbore Rifle
Existing Memorial Hall retained with minor remedial works on UHCC owned area

G | Maidstone Pavilion
Utilised by Upper Hutt City Football Club, no proposed changes currently

I | Petanque Pistes
New pistes (4no.), with supporting shelter. Existing 10no. pistes resurfaced. Hedged (1.2m) at western edge to provide privacy and shelter. New bench seating and mid-height fencing around facilities.

J | Model Railway
Shown dotted white. Options currently being considered 

K | Maidstone Downhill Mountain Bike Track

L | Maidstone Park Tennis Courts
Utilised by Upper Hutt Tennis Club

M | Maidstone Park Artificial Multi Turf
Utilised by Upper Hutt Hockey Club

M2 | Combined Clubroom & Amenity Block | 100m2
New small clubroom (including kitchenette and toilet) for Tennis (40m2) New change facility and ablutions adjacent (60m2)

M3 | Hockey Shelters
2no. 14m long roofing extension (one to each dugout) with transparent rear screen in sections to provide shelter

N | Maidstone Park Artificial Multi Turf
Utilised by Upper Hutt City Football Club & Upper Hutt Rams RFC

N2 | Football Dugouts
2no. New large dugouts (11 seat) & 1no. small dugout (4 seat) adjacent to turf; transparent to allow viewing from rear. Adjust & step existing fencing out as required.

O | Maidstone Park Artificial Multi Practice Turf

R | Petanque Parking | 930m2
Parking to support nearby Petanque facilities. TBC

S | Softball Diamond | Approx. 5783m2
New Artifical Softball Diamond & grass outfield, with adjacent supporting facilities in the form of storage & seating. TBC

T | Athletics Facilities
New Long Jump pit, with painted grass field run-up. Adjacent discus and shotput throwing circles (Grey circle, with throwing path shown grey). TBC

U | Proposed Parking | 2600m2
Extension of parking, to support new Community Sports Hub.

V | Fitness Trail | Approx. 960m length
Fitness trail for recreational users of the park (dashed white)

W | Picnic Area
Picnic area on existing grass, including 6no. new fixed BBQs and 6no. new picnic tables. TBC

X | Sand Based Grass Turf Lighting
Remediate lighting associated with this turf. TBC

Stages of redevelopment

  • Stage 1 (2012) - an artificial hockey turf, dual use rugby and football turf including a practice/ warm up area, flood lighting, a storage area and limited on site car parking. This project also included refurbishment of the toilets and changing facilities in the existing pavilion. The artificial turf development increased the available hours of play throughout the season due to the provision of floodlit training and playing areas that could be used for more than 50 hours per week as well as significantly reducing the number of cancellations during the season.
  • Stage 2 (2019) - the sports fields were upgraded to a ‘sand carpet’ surface. The works encompassed refurbishing 3.9 hectares of fields with drainage and irrigation installed. This area of the park provides two senior rugby fields and three junior rugby fields.  In early 2021 three Super Rugby games were played on the turf.
  • Stage 3 (2020) - the redevelopment of the Maidstone Max playground, skate park and picnic area is underway and due for completion in April 2021. The key features of the redevelopment will be an enlarged modern skate park built around a central castle-themed play area, musical and sand play features. The playground will also accommodate a relocated young children’s play area (with upgraded toilets), a new half basketball court and pump track for learner scooter and bike riders.
  • Stage 4 (final stage, 2021) - involves the construction of a community sports hub (MCSH) and improvements to associated facilities at the park. Stage 4 was included in the Long Term Plan 2018 – 2028 (with construction planned to commence in 2023), with Council retaining a funding commitment of $6.173 million towards the project while the remaining 33% was expected to be contributed by the sports groups located at the park.  The main component of the project (and the majority of the budget spend) involves building the new sports hub on the land which is currently occupied by UH Rams Rugby Football Club (UH Rams RFC) clubrooms/grandstand.
  • As part of the Government’s COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund, UHCC was granted $12 million to enable the Stage 4 sports hub facilities to be fast tracked. Pending confirmation of the final scope and design, the estimated available budget for the project is in the range of $15 - 18 million.  The planning for this project commenced in September 2020.

Find out more

  • If you’re affiliated with one of the clubs who operate at the park, we recommend having a chat with your President or members of the committee. We’ve been working closely with them for over six months and they have the information that relates specifically to your club.
  • General questions about the project can be sent through to us at


Contact details

Project Manager: Karyn Stillwell