Civic Centre Upgrade

  • Project typeProperty/construction
  • Project value$20.7M
  • Project schedule2022-2024
  • Contractor nameEarly Contractor Engagement (ECI): Maycroft Construction

Project Summary

In our Long Term Plan 2018 – 2028 consultation we talked about having our Civic Centre seismically strengthened to an acceptable standard, so Council staff can continue to provide services to our community. Back then we shared an initial cost estimate, confirming that further investigation and detailed planning would need to be carried out.

Following community feedback on two options for the Long Term Plan 2021 - 2031, Council approved proceeding with the full upgrade of the Civic Centre.

Through our detailed design work, we’ve considered the changing needs of Council and our community, and have assessed that the building in its current state is no longer fit for purpose. While the strengthening work is carried out, we want to take the opportunity to refurbish the interior and add a fourth floor, so it meets modern compliance standards and can better accommodate our team and the functions they are delivering to the community. It hasn’t had any major work done in over 50 years.


Option Full option - approved and included in budget Reduced option - discarded
  • Strengthened to >67%  NBS Importance Level 2 required for a public building
  • 217m² new council chambers extension
  • Enclosing the area below the existing chambers creating a 150m² Foyer and Entry
  • Enclosing a small amount of area on Level 2 to create a foyer link to new extension.
  • Adding 671m² of new fourth floor to the existing building.
  • Reconfigured outdoor public space and forecourt.
  • Fit-out, modernisation and refurbishment
  • Strengthened to >67%  NBS Importance Level 2 required for a public building

  • Adding 671m² of a new fourth floor to the existing building.
  • Minor enlargement of existing Council chamber to 135m²
  • Council chamber remains in current location on Level 2.
  • Fit-out, modernisation and refurbishment



Debt repayment and interest over 10 years

Capital over 10 years (loan funded)

Average weekly rate (per property)














Design overview 

This flyover video and the photo gallery below provides some glimpses of what the proposed upgrade may look like.