Committee membership

How committees work

The elected Council meets on a six-weekly cycle and is responsible for community leadership and setting the policy direction for Upper Hutt City. In undertaking its democratic activities the Council strives to have a fully informed community, the majority of which is satisfied with the elected Council’s performance.

All recommendations made by standing committees must be confirmed by the Full Council, attended by the Mayor and all members of Council. Some matters are only discussed at Full Council, including adopting of Annual and Long Term Plans, the review of the rating system, the levying of rates, and matters relating to the employment of the Chief Executive.

The Upper Hutt City Council Committees Terms of Reference sets out which powers can be delegated to committees and which are retained by Full Council.

The Standing Orders(PDF, 682KB) for meetings of Upper Hutt City Council outline the rules and procedures for meetings of committees.

Terms of reference

The terms of reference for Council committees(PDF, 218KB) set out the principle areas for which Council maintains overall responsibility. They also set out the delegations of Council functions, duties and powers to Council committees, panels and groups.

Committee structure

Upper Hutt City has five standing committees. Membership of a committee is not restricted to Councillors. 

Standing committees

  • City Development: Mayor, Crs Griffiths, Taylor, Connelly, McArthur, and Lambert

  • Finance and Performance: Mayor and all members of Council

  • Risk and Assurance: Mayor, Crs Gwilliam, McArthur, Carson, McLeod, Swales, and Sarah Brownlie as an independent member

  • Policy: Mayor and all members of Council

  • Hearings: Mayor, Crs Griffiths, Gwilliam, McArthur, McLeod, Swales, and Wheeler

Disestablished committees

  • Audit, Risk, and Finance (disestablished 19 December 2018): Mayor, Crs Swales, McArthur, Carson, Gwilliam, and McLeod

  • City Services (disestablished 19 December 2018): Mayor, Crs Griffiths, Taylor, Connelly, Lambert, and McArthur

Additional committees, decision making bodies, and steering groups

Upper Hutt City has fifteen additional committees, decision making bodies, and steering groups to support Council in making decisions. They consist of elected members, experts, professionals, government employees, community representatives, or council staff.

Other Committees

  • Hutt Valley Services (Joint Committee): Mayor, Crs Wheeler, Carson, Lambert, and Swales

  • Chief Executive: Mayor, Crs Gwilliam, McArthur, McLeod, and Swales

  • Civic Awards Selection Panel: Mayor, Crs Connelly, Taylor, and Maria Collins as a community representative

  • Community Grants: Crs McLeod, Griffiths, and McArthur

  • Creative Communities New Zealand Upper Hutt Arts Funding Assessment: Crs Taylor and Connelly, Ranea McLean as an iwi representative, and Berndt Olesen, Joanne Roelofs, Karen Pearce, Lynn Dick, Rebecca Pubben, Sharon O'Connor, and Tanya Green as community representatives

  • District Licensing: Mayor, Crs Griffiths, Gwilliam, McArthur, McLeod, and Wheeler

  • Legislation: Mayor, Crs Taylor, Gwilliam, McArthur, McLeod, and Swales

  • Emergency: Mayor and all members of Council

Other decision making bodies

  • Contracts Group: Mayor, Crs Gwilliam, Swales, Carson

  • Economic Development Stimulus Panel

  • Temporary Road Closures for Events Group

Steering groups

  • Arts and Heritage

  • Business and Economic Development

  • Environmental working/steering group

  • Sports Recreational working/steering Group

Representation on external committees and sub-committees

The Council appoints members to represent it on a number of external organisations, including the following:

  • Civil Defence Emergency Management Joint Committee: Mayor

  • Hutt Valley Floodplain Management Subcommittee: Mayor, Crs Swales and Taylor

  • Orongomai Marae Community Centre Trust: Mayor

  • Regional Transport Committee: Mayor, Cr Gwilliam as an alternate

  • Rimutaka Hill Road Committee: Mayor and Cr Connelly

  • Safe Hutt Valley: Mayor and Cr Griffiths

  • Wellington Regional Amenities Joint Committee: Mayor

  • Wellington Regional Strategy Committee: Mayor, Cr Gwilliam as an alternate

  • Wellington Waste Forum: Cr McCleod (Chair), and Cr Connelly

  • Wellington Water Committee: Mayor, Cr McArthur as an alternate

  • Zone 4 Local Government Association: Mayor and Cr Lambert