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Please note that submitting an application to book a park is not a confirmed booking.

Council staff will check the availability of the park and its features and will contact you to confirm the booking.


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You can apply to book the following parks and associated facilities such as sports fields and picnic areas:

  • Awakairangi Park
  • Harcourt Park
  • Heretaunga Park
  • Maidstone Park
  • Maoribank Park
  • Oxford Park
  • Trentham Memorial Park
  • Whakatiki Park

Need help choosing which park to book? View our interactive guide to booking parks, sports fields, and picnic areas for maps of each park and its facilities.

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We will contact you to confirm your booking request and advise you of any fees that may apply.

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The following facilities cannot be booked through Council. See below for details on who to contact to apply for a booking.

Maidstone Park Sports Centre’s multi-use artificial turfs

Harcourt Park clubrooms

The clubrooms are leased and managed by the Moonshine Hot Rod and Custom Club. For information on the hireage/usage of the clubrooms please visit the Moonshine Rod and Custom Facebook page

Harcourt Park changing room

The changing rooms are managed by the Upper Hutt Football Club. For information on the hireage/usage of the changing rooms please visit the Upper Hutt Football Club website.