Managing stormwater

The stormwater system is an underground network of pipes that drains the rain off of our roads, footpaths, and from our gutters, and diverts it into our streams, rivers and eventually out to sea.

It is illegal for anything other than rainwater to go into stormwater drains.

Unlike wastewater, which gets treated at a treatment plant, stormwater does not get treated. This means everything that goes into the stormwater system will eventually end up at sea. We all share a responsibility for keeping our stormwater system clean, so our environment is not negatively impacted.

Every day we undertake a number of tasks that can impact on our stormwater system, and our wastewater network. All we need to do is make a few small changes and our infrastructure, waterways and the environment will be better off. Find out how you can help look after our stormwater system.

Who is responsible for drains?

You own and are responsible for all drains, pipe work and plumbing which service your property and which are upstream of the point of service. 

They are private and we don’t have records or knowledge of them, other that when they are brought to our attention or appear on a sub-divisional plan. 

Our point of service for stormwater services can be found at the junction connection on the council main (pipeline). Where a property is serviced by a pipeline draining to the road kerb, the point of service is the road kerb. 

We’re responsible for maintaining the stormwater system up to and including the point of service.

Services in relation to a property in Upper Hutt can be viewed using Xplorer – property search tool.