Keep reusing it until it's broken. 

Donate quality goods to a second-hand store and buy second-hand/pre loved items.

This does two things; it keeps products and materials in circulation and out of the landfill. It helps support charities to carry out their valuable services in our community.
Here are some places where you can donate and buy pre-loved items in Upper Hutt. 

Make the switch

Reusable cloth nappies

Disposable nappies are a growing problem but there are options for parents looking to do the right thing. Gone are the days of safety pins and endless folding. There are a vast range of modern, convenient cloth nappies to suit various budgets. Plus, a family can save $4000 per child by using cloth nappies. 

Buying reusable products 

Use a reusable coffee cup. Single use coffee cups are often lined with PLA plastic and can't be recycled or composted, making landfill the only place for them. Kiwis are currently sending 295 Million single use cups to landfill a year.

Ideal Cup are a local coffee cup manufacturer in Petone