Put stuff back into use by repairing. 

Repairing is a wonderful way to make items last longer or give them a new lease of life.

Repairing clothing, machinery, and household items used to be the norm, but with increasing consumerism and large amounts of cheap, poorly made goods, many people have lost these skills. Learning to repair is satisfying and empowering, a great learning experience, and can save you money!
You have two main options for repairing; paying someone else to do it or learn the skills and do it yourself. 


Repair it yourself

Upper Hutt Repair Café is a free meeting place to repair things together.

MENZ Shed Upper Hutt

Find a repairer

Bike Repair  

Mobile phone Repairs  
  • Phone Zone
  • Unique Mobile Shop | 185 Main Street, Upper Hutt
Shoe Repair  
  • Edsers Footwear Repairs | 125 Main Street, Upper Hutt
  • Mister Mint | Upper Hutt Mall