Say no to stuff that's single use or wasteful.

Refuse waste and products that produce waste. The less waste we bring into our homes, the less waste we need to deal with at the end of its use.

Say no to junk mail

We’re supporting Ecomailbox, to help reduce paper waste from unwanted advertising circulars. 

Ecomailbox estimates that 30kg of circulars are delivered to each New Zealand home every year. The paper used to print these comes from close to 300,000 trees. 

Ecomailbox provides residents with a ‘No Ad Mail’ letter box sticker, suitable for all surfaces and weather conditions. Residents who use the sticker on their letter box will no longer receive paper circulars, but will still be able to view their favourite retailers' specials online at the Ecomailbox website. 

Having the sticker on your letterbox will not stop you from receiving local newspapers. 

The stickers are free and can be picked up from the Upper Hutt Library or Upper Hutt City Council reception, or alternatively Mitre 10 Mega  sell a range of mail box signs and stickers.   

Say no to plastic bags 

Boomerang Bags is about connecting communities, making bags, diverting waste, starting conversations, fostering sustainable behaviour, and having a bit of fun. And there is one in Upper Hutt! Follow them on Facebook and learn how to make your own reusable bags. 

If you’re not into sewing, just make sure you always say to plastic. Opt for the paper bag instead. 

Say no to plastic bottles 

Did you know you can refill your reusable water bottle for free at participating cafes and businesses? Refilling is easy with the map or the app. In Upper Hutt that includes places like Grind Coffee Lounge, Queen Street Pharmacy, and the Art of Food. We also have water fountains at Maidstone Max and some of our other parks.
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