When all else fails.

Check that it can be recycled, make sure it's clean, then put it in the right bin (no lids).

There are two ways to recycle in Upper Hutt:

Step 1.Visit the Upper Hutt Recycling Station

Location and open hours
Upper Hutt Community Recycling Station
18 Park Street, Upper Hutt

Open 24/7 - you can drop off your recycling day or night, rain or shine. 

Recycling station servicing 

The recycling station is serviced Monday to Saturday. Processing plants for recyclable materials are not open on Sunday, therefore the station is not able to be serviced over this popular time, however will remain open unless at capacity. A container swap-out takes place on Saturday afternoon to accommodate for the influx of material received over the weekend. The station is monitored for dumping. 


Step 2.Use a private recycling wheelie bin service

Sign up to a private recycling collection service:

Recycling in Upper Hutt - Recycling Station and Kerbside 

Download a guide to recycling in Upper Hutt(PDF, 269KB)

  • Paper/cardboard - Clean and flattened
  • Cans - Clean, don't crush
  • Glass - Clean and separated into colours
  • Plastics 1, 2 and 5 only - Clean, don't squash, lids off  
  • Tetra Pak - open out flat, rinse, leave lid on (Recycling Station only)


Examples of plastics that you can recycle

  • Plastics type 1 – water, juice, soft drink bottles and meat trays (provided they are clean and free from cling film) 
  • Plastics type 2 – milk, cream, shampoo and cleaning product bottles and containers
  • Plastics type 5 – take away containers, yoghurt and ice-cream containers
  • Tetra Pak – soy milk, almond milk containers (Recycling Station only)

Examples of plastics that you cannot recycle

  • Plastics type 3 –clear food packaging, certain biscuit trays and coffee cup lids 
  • Plastics type 4 – soft plastics such as plastic bread and produce bags, six-pack rings
  • Plastics type 6 – disposable cutlery, plates and cutlery, and polystyrene products
  • Plastics type 7 –other plastics or combined materials used for toys.


Glass (Clean and Separated)




Battery recycling

You can now recycle your household batteries at free collection points in Upper Hutt.

If you have small household batteries, from devices like tv remotes, torches, and hearing aids you can recycle them, for free, and avoid them being sent to landfill.

This trial is an initiative lead by Council, in partnership with Upcycle and local businesses.

Domestic batteries accepted

Alkaline, lithium, coin, nickel cadmium, nickel hydride, silver oxide, carbon zinc, zinc manganese, lead acid, lithium ion and lithium polymer.
Please tape the top of lithium and lead acid batteries to avoid short circuits.

Collection buckets located at

  • Mitre 10 MEGA Upper Hutt
  • New World Silverstream
  • The Warehouse Upper Hutt 
  • Hearing Consultants Upper Hutt
  • PAK'nSAVE Upper Hutt
  • Jock's Vapes (vape battery recycling)