Our community recycling station

Location and hours

Open 24/7, the recycling station is a great option to drop-off your recyclable materials.

You’ll find the recycling station located at 18 Park Street, just outside Council's depot, to the east of Maidstone Park.

Recycling station servicing

The recycling station is serviced on Mondays to Saturday . Processing plants for recyclable materials are not open in the Sundays, therefore the station is not able to be serviced over this popular time. A container swap-out takes place on Saturday afternoon to accommodate for the influx of material received over the weekend. However, please noteAny material that is left behind when the containers are full will be landfilled and station is monitored for dumping. 

What recycling is accepted

  • Paper/cardboard - Clean and flattened 
  • Cans - Clean, don't crush 
  • Glass - Clean and separated into colours
  • Plastics 1, 2 and 5 only - Clean, lids off, don't squash 

The upgraded station only accepts plastic types 1, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) 2, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and 5 polypropylene(PP). This is due to changes in the global plastics market resulting in little to no demand for most plastic types 3,4,6 and 7.

Examples of products that WILL be accepted at the Park Street recycling station:

  • Plastics type 1 –water, juice, soft drink bottles and meat trays ( provided they are clean and free from cling film) 
  • Plastics type 2 – milk, cream, shampoo and cleaning product bottles and containers
  • Plastics type 5 - take away containers, yoghurt and ice-cream containers

Please remove ALL lids from bottles and containers. These are not recyclable in this system.

Examples of products that WILL NOT be collected at the Park Street recycling station:

  • Plastics type 3 –clear food packaging, certain biscuit trays and coffee cup lids
  • Plastics type 4 – soft plastics such as plastic, bread and produce bags, six-pack rings
  • Plastics type 6 – disposable cutlery, plates and cutlery, some meat trays and styrofoam products
  • Plastics type 7 –other plastics or combined materials used for toys. Tetra Pak and milk cartons

Illegal dumping and flytipping

To report illegal dumping of waste please contact us directly with as much information as possible e.g. location, date, time, type of waste.