Garden waste

Most garden waste and food scraps can go into a home compost bin.

Larger amounts of vegetation and other material can be taken to:

Organic Composting at home

Did you know that nearly half of all households in Upper Hutt already compost some or all of their organic waste?

Sending organic materials like kitchen scraps and garden ‘waste’ to landfill can cost you money. So, composting at home will save you money, plus you get the benefit of free garden fertiliser..

We have pulled together some good information on composting at home, worm farms and bokashi to help you get started and save money. But first, it is important to consider what system is right for you?

What are the benefits of composting at home?

  1. It’s easy.
  2. It will save you money in waste disposal.
  3. Any form of composting is a form of nutrient recycling. These are often the same nutrients you would pay good money for when buying fertiliser for your garden.
  4. A healthy fertilised garden will grow more healthy food for you to eat, saving you money on your grocery bill.
  5. A healthy garden that has compost in it retains moisture after rain or watering reducing the amount of water you need and use.
  6. Kids love growing things – parents who garden with their children often comment that they all enjoy the time spent outside together.
  7. Climate change – approximately 30% of the waste going into the local landfill is organic material. At Silverstream landfill most of the harmful greenhouse gas (methane) is turned into energy (through a methane capture and combustion system), despite this – it is better to compost your organic waste at home.

Choosing the right system

There are a number of options for composting your organic material at home. As a general rule of thumb, if you have a small garden that does not produce green garden waste and you only wish to compost your kitchen scraps either a bokashi or wormery system will suit you best.

If you have a larger garden that does produce green garden waste, a compost heap system may suit you best (Note: many gardeners have both a compost heap for garden waste and a wormery for kitchen waste). If you have no space at all, you can still have a bokashi or wormery system, but you will need to find a willing recipient for the nutrient rich compost your system will produce. Willing recipients of your compost might include:

  • a neighbour with a garden
  • family or friends with a garden
  • your local community garden

If you would like to find out more about composting at home, worm farms and Bokashi please select from the options (top right).