Frequently Asked Questions

Does Upper Hutt provide a kerbside recycling service?

No, Upper Hutt does not provide a rates-funded kerbside recycling collection service. There are two ways to recycle in Upper Hutt.

  1. Use the Park Street Community Recycling Station.
  2. Use a private wheelie bin provider.

How often is the community recycling station serviced?

The paper/cardboard and plastics/cans containers are serviced on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 8.00am and midday.

A spare container is swapped in on Saturday afternoon at approximately 3.00pm.

Additional servicing takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays as demand dictates.

The glass container is monitored and serviced when it is almost full - usually once a week. A smaller glass bin located at the front right-hand corner of the station can be used for collection while the full glass container is being emptied.

Why can’t the station be serviced over the weekend?

The facility that accepts the material in Seaview is closed over the weekend. We have a spare container that is swapped in on Saturday afternoon at around 3.00pm.

What can be recycled at Park Street?

To find out what can be recycled at the station head to Our Community Recycling Station.

The station accepts domestic recycling only. Please ensure all material placed in container is clean/uncontaminated and on the list of material accepted at the recycling station. Items must be loose and can not be recycled if they are in a bag or a box. 

Where does the recyclable material from the recycling station go?

The material collected at the recycling station is picked up by contractors and taken to the OJI material recovery facility in Seaview where the contents of the container is assessed for contamination. If the container is severely contaminated, the entire container may be landfilled. This is important to remember when sorting and cleaning your recycling. The contents are then hand-sorted and baled for sale.

What happens to the overflow or anything that is left outside the containers at the recycling station?

Anything that is left outside the containers is sent to landfill. Council monitors non-recyclable material at the station with CCTV cameras. Footage could be used to recover the costs incurred to Council for the removal of non-recyclable material. 

How do I dispose of my general household waste?

There are three ways to dispose of your general household rubbish/waste in Upper Hutt:

  1. Buy Council rubbish bags;
  2. Use a private wheelie bin provider;
  3. Use the Silverstream Landfill.