Construction and demolition waste

Waste from construction and deconstruction (C&D) activities is a large source of waste in New Zealand.

In fact, the Ministry for the Environment predicts C&D waste may represent up to:

  • 50 per cent of all waste generated in New Zealand;
  • 20 per cent of all waste going to landfill, and;
  • 80 per cent of all waste going to clean-fill.

C&D waste is a complex waste-stream, made up of a wide variety of materials including concrete, plasterboard, treated and untreated wood, steel, brick and glass.

However, managed properly, C&D waste can be reduced, re-used and recovered - dramatically reducing the amount thrown away.

To effectively reduce the amount of C&D waste going to landfill, designers, developers, construction companies and recycling companies all need to work together, each doing their share to reduce, reuse and recycle by adhering to best practice guidelines.

For a full range of guidelines and best practice information, see

Local recycling companies include:


Unsorted construction waste / skip hire:

  • Woodswaste, 17 School Road, Kaiwharawhara 6035 Wellington, 04 475 9301

Untreated timber (includes untreated / HT pallets):

  • Set out with a sign for community use for firewood
  • Southern Landfill Wellington runs a composting programme and can process a certain amount of untreated timber

Scrap metal:

  • Upper Hutt Metals, 65 Whakatiki Street, T: 04 528 4072

Building parts (reusable):

Careful demolition can pay-off for recovery of reusable building parts and materials!

  • Ironman Building Recyclers, 132 Whakatiki Street, T: 04 527 4004

Fluorescent Lights:

Interwaste Fluoro bulb recycling – call 0800 102 131