Choosing a waste and recycling service


There are two options available to dispose of your general household rubbish/waste - in user-pays Council rubbish bags, or in a user-pays private wheelie bin.

Waste is collected and sent to landfill. Waste disposal is costly to you, and the environment.

General Waste Bags

Upper Hutt City Council rubbish bags are coloured green and can be purchased from local supermarkets and dairies.

The Council bag refuse collection service is funded by a 'user pays' system whereby the contractor (Waste Management) provides 'Council specified' refuse bags which are brought by the 'users' from retail outlets as and when required. While Council approves (through its contract) the wholesale rubbish bag price that the contractor can onsell to retail outlets, it has no control over the prices set by retail outlets which can vary from store to store.

Alternative private wheelie bin providers

Private waste wheelie bin providers in Upper Hutt include:


When we recycle, materials such as cardboard, paper, plastic, cans, and glass are able to be converted into new products. This conserves resources, saves energy, reduces the amount of material sent to landfill and helps protect the environment.

Recently there have been many changes in the global recycling market, particularly in the plastics market. This has resulted in an acceptance of plastics 1 and 2 only for recycling. All other plastics 3 - 7 must be landfilled.

Recycling Drop-off Station

The recycling drop-off station is now open and operating 24/7.

The upgraded Park Street recycling station is located in Park Street, just outside Council's depot, to the east of Maidstone Park.

The upgraded station will only accept plastic types 1, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and 2, high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This is due to changes in the global plastics market resulting in little to no demand for most plastic types 3 to 7. Refer to this media release for more information.

Examples of products that WILL be accepted at the Park Street recycling station:

  • Plastics type 1 –water, juice and soft drink bottles
  • Plastics type 2 – milk, cream, shampoo and cleaning product bottles and containers

Examples of products that WILL NOT be collected at the Park Street recycling station:

  • Plastics type 3 –clear food packaging, certain biscuit trays and coffee cup lids
  • Plastics type 4 – soft plastics such as plastic, bread and produce bags, six-pack rings
  • Plastics type 5 –take away meal containers, yoghurt and ice-cream containers
  • Plastics type 6 – disposable cutlery, plates and cutlery, some meat trays and styrofoam products
  • Plastics type 7 –other plastics or combined materials used for toys. Tetra Pak and milk cartons