Vehicle Crossings

A vehicle crossing extends from the edge of the road to the front boundary of a property. It provides the access to your property from the road and normally connects to your driveway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for repairing /extending/building a new vehicle crossing/driveway?

It is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain existing crossings or install a new crossing.

What if someone has dug up or damaged my vehicle crossing/driveway?

Contact Upper Hutt City Council to report the damage as soon as possible.

Report an issue affecting the road, footpath or berm

How should the vehicle crossing be constructed/built?

See the specifications for constructing vehicle crossings.


Do I need a permit to build or alter a vehicle crossing?

Yes, a Corridor Access Request (CAR) is required to obtain approval to replace or install a vehicle crossing (driveway).  Lodge your CAR on the beforeUdig website (a contractor may do this on your behalf).


How much does a permit cost?

This work would be classified as Minor Work and the fee covers the permit and inspection.

View the current fees and charges.

Do I need a traffic management plan (TMP)?

Generally yes, but this will depend on the location. Council will advise at the time of application.


Can I do the work myself?

The work must be done by a suitably qualified builder or contractor.


Can I relocate, widen or have a second vehicle crossing?

Depending on the location, yes, but contact Upper Hutt City Council for advice.

Make a vehicle crossing enquiry

Council has done work on my street and now my car scrapes when I enter/exit my property

Contact Upper Hutt City Council to report the issue as soon as possible. We will inspect to investigate the cause and may make an adjustment to the road surface to rectify the problem.

Report a vehicle crossing / driveway issue

If you have seen an issue or problem with a vehicle crossing, please tell us about it.

Report a vehicle crossing issue