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This is one of the things we get the most feedback on.

We work hard to make sure our roads are well maintained but with such significant rainfall and an increase of traffic on our roads, they keep popping up.

If you see one, report it online as soon as you can so we can arrange for it to be fixed.

The best way to report things is by using the Report and request page on our website or by calling 04 527 2169.

Report a pothole

Did you know

  • Most roads in New Zealand are constructed as thin surface flexible pavements.
  • This means they consist of a basecourse (crushed rock) pavement that provides the strength.
  • This pavement is protected by a surface layer of either chipseal or asphalt that provides waterproofing.


How potholes form

  • Potholes appear when water gets under the surface of the road through small cracks, or from water coming in from the soil underneath.
  • This weakens the surface of the road and as the weight of the vehicles drive over it, pieces of the road weaken and break down from the weight, creating a pothole.
  • Water makes the risk of potholes forming worse, and they can appear within just a few hours of heavy rain.
  • Because a lot of the damage is caused by water, potholes and other faults occur more often during winter and spring.
  • They can also start to suddenly occur with the volume and type of traffic using a road.

Who fixes them

  • All reports of potholes are assessed by our Roading team and then sent straight to our contractor who respond as soon as possible.
  • In late 2022, we appointed a new local contractor who is working through the backlog of repair work after a particularly wet winter.

Temporary vs. permanent fix

  • Generally, the road needs to be dug up so the damaged material can be removed and replaced before the waterproof surface is patched.
  • Each road has an estimated lifespan, and we fix potholes to help the road last until it is scheduled for a full road reseal. 
  • We have a programme of work in place to repair Fergusson Drive over the next five years. You can read more about that below.
  • As a temporary measure, potholes can be patched until a permanent repair can be made.

Fergusson Drive repair programme

In 2022, following consultation with our community through the Annual Plan 2022-2023, we agreed to fast track the Fergusson Drive repair work – reducing the timeframe from 10 to five years.

We’re working through the work programme now and will share it here as soon as it’s ready.

In the meantime, we can confirm that work on the eastbound lane from Stephen Street to Argyle Grove (before the Ward Street roundabout) started at the end of October 2022.

Further work is programmed for Fergusson Drive before Christmas. The westbound lane from Stephen Street to Argyle Grove (opposite the work carried out in October and November) will be carried out over three days on the 15, 16 and 19 December. This work is weather dependent, and will be rescheduled if there is unsuitable weather forecast.

Road works and closures

Did you know you can view road works and closures across the city on our road works and closures page?

The information includes:

  • Approved road closures
  • Road closure applications seeking approval
  • Major roadworks in progress
  • UFB installation
  • Forward Works Programme (resurfacing works)

View road works and closures

Roads and parking

View the roads and parking page which includes information about road safety, streetlights, road alerts and warning, approval to work on a road footpath or berm and how to report an issue affecting the road, footpath, or berm. For any other information, please get in touch.

View roads and parking