Public Transport Services


Public transport changes for the Hutt Valley

For more information about the changes please visit the Metlink website

You can also call telephone Metlink on 0800 801 700 and sign up for updates.

Upper Hutt is Easy to Get to and Around

Excellent commuter services are provided to residents by both buses and trains. The railway line runs through the centre of the city, from Wellington to the Wairarapa, and both services run at very regular intervals providing a reliable means of transport both between suburbs within Upper Hutt and to other cities within the Wellington region.

A significant number of Upper Hutt people use the public transport system, with over 10% of Upper Hutt residents using it to travel to work, according to the 2001 Census. It is also important for those travelling to school, to major events in Wellington and for the 11% of Upper Hutt households that do not have access to a vehicle. The responsibility for funding public transport rests with the Greater Wellington Regional Council.

Council will continue to liaise with the Regional Council and public transport services providers such as Toll and local bus companies to ensure that a convenient and affordable public transport service is provided. We will also continue to advocate for an extension of the suburban train services to Timberlea and Cruickshank.

Upper Hutt is located on State Highway 2 which is a double laned road from Upper Hutt City to Wellington. Access to State Highway 1 and the Porirua Basin can be gained via the Haywards Hill Interchange (SH2 and SH58) just south of the city.

The city is 30 kilometres from the Port of Wellington (25 minutes by road) and 35 kilometres from Wellington Airport (35 minutes by road).

For bus and train timetables visit the metlink website.

Car Pooling

Thought about leaving your car at home? The New Zealand Transport Agency website provides information on how you can reduce the costs of travelling to work, and find or set up your own carpool.

Find out more about carpooling.