Pay a parking ticket

The Transport Act 1962 specifies parking offenses that incur a penalty, and the maximum fees councils can charge drivers. For more detailed information on parking infringement fees, please refer to the Compliance Services section of the Schedule of fees and charges(PDF, 1MB).

Pay it online or in person

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Parking infringements can be paid in person with cash or eftpos at the Council Service Centre.

Payment can also be made via internet banking with account number 01 0771 0018890 03 ANZ Bank. Please add a Reference Number – which is ‘PK’ then your infringement Number and/or Car Registration Number.

Unpaid tickets

If a ticket remains unpaid you will receive a reminder in the post after 28 days reminding you to pay your infringement. If the the ticket still is unpaid after the reminder, a second reminder will be sent out to you after another 28 days. If still unpaid, the ticket will be sent to court.

Sold vehicles

All infringements incurred are matched to the registered owner of the vehicle. If you sold your vehicle and the owner details have not been updated with Land Transport, you will be sent the parking infringement and/or reminders. To avoid this, check out the tips provided by the New Zealand Transport Agency on selling your vehicle If you do receive a ticket after you have sold a vehicle you can contact us for advise on the options available to you.