Approval to work on the road, footpath or berm

Christmas 2021 Brown Out Period

Christmas Brown Out Dates 2021

No works to take place in the Central Business/Retail areas between Saturday 4 December 2021 and Wednesday 5 January 2022.

All excavations throughout Upper Hutt must be closed between Saturday 4 December 2021 and Wednesday 5 January 2022.

Excavations- BeforeUDig

Before you carry out public road works in Upper Hutt, contractors must obtain plans showing the location of existing services at the proposed work site. Contractors can get these plans from beforeUdig.

Contact beforeUdig on 0800 248 344

Corridor Access Requests (CAR)

Lodge your Corridor Access Requests on Submitica or Beforeudig, but not both.  Monthly invoices are generated for each application

Bill Payer information and a Traffic Management Plan(TMP) must be included.   TMP forms can be downloaded from NZTA's website.

NZTA website for information and download TMP forms

Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS)

The Upper Hutt City Council does not approve Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) except in the Upper Hutt CBD. All other TMPs are to be approved by an individual holding a STMS qualification who has been delegated to do so by the Upper Hutt City Council.

The administration costs of registering the delegation of a Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) for Traffic Management Plan (TMP) approvals are in our current Fees and Charges document..

Application forms

Apply for a ‘New STMS Delegation’ or  ‘Renewal/Transfer STMS  Delegation’ by completing an online booking form (submit online).

Land transport fees and charges

STMS Application (New)

Click here to view form.


STMS Application (Renewal/Transfer)

Click here to view form.


Engineering Code of Practice for new subdivisions

Code of Practice for Civil Engineering Works(PDF, 2MB)

Vehicle Crossings (driveways)

A Corridor Access Request (CAR) is required to obtain approval to replace or install a vehicle crossing (driveway).  Lodge your Corridor Access Request on the beforeUdig website.

Residential-Vehicle-Crossing-Plan-25R.pdf(PDF, 213KB)

Heavy-Duty-Vehicle-Crossing-Plan-26R.pdf(PDF, 510KB)

Extra-Heavy-Duty-Vehicle-Crossing-Plan-27R.pdf(PDF, 494KB)

Vehicle-Crossing-Plan-showing-Maximum-and-Minimum-Gradients-for-Vehicular-Access-to-Property-93R.pdf(PDF, 77KB)