Appealing a parking ticket

You can be issued with parking infringement for the following reasons

  • Parking on broken yellow lines
  • Parking on the footpath
  • You parked a vehicle on a road with an expired warrant of fitness or registration
  • You overstayed the time limit in your parking space
  • Parked over or obstructing a vehicle entrance

All parking fees are set by Government not by Council. Fines vary depending on the type of infringement and length of time overstayed.

Here's the legislation that gives Council to issue infringements.

Our parking officers can also issue infringements for expired certificates of fitness (heavy motor vehicles), warrants of fitness and registrations.

If I receive a ticket, what do I do next?

1. You can pay your ticket online or in person

Payment can also be made via internet banking with account number 01 0771 0018890 03 ANZ Bank. Please add a Reference Number – which is ‘PK’ then your infringement Number and/or Car Registration Number.

2. You can appeal your ticket (link to completed form)

As the owner, you can appeal your parking ticket. If you have your infringement notice details you can request to review your ticket by downloading a hard copy of the Parking infringement review request form or by using our online form.

You can nominate to transfer the owner of the ticket through an appeal.

The form is easy to complete

  • We'll ask you what your ticket was for.
  • We'll then explain the reasons you received the ticket.
  • Then once you've reviewed the reasons, you'll be asked if you want to proceed with your appeal or not.

We want to make sure the process is transparent and straight forward.

Complete an online parking infringement review request

What happens if you appeal?

The review process and timeframe can vary depending on the content of each case, and may take up to four weeks. For more information about the review process, please contact us on (04) 527 2169.

If you do not have your infringement notice, you can email us with as much detail as possible. Where possible please provide the date and time that the ticket, vehicle registration number, your name, address and contact details – including your email address if you have one. Please also provide an explanation why you believe the infringement should be reviewed.