District licensing committee decisions

| The Upper Hutt District Licensing Committee (DLC) is appointed as required by section 186 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 and will consider and determine all applications relating to licenses and certificates applied for from 18 December 2013.

The following are the decisions of the Upper Hutt District Licensing Committee on uncontested applications and licenses.

If the application decision that you are looking for is not listed here or for further information contact us on (04) 527 2169.

July 2020

Applicants: Trentham Camp Golf Club, Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club
Number: 171 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 171 here(PDF, 380KB)

Applicants: Upper Hutt Musical Theatre, Trentham Camp Golf Club
Number: 172 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 172 here(PDF, 536KB)

Applicant: Tararua Sports Club Incorporated
Number: 28 Type CLUB | Download decision 28 here(PDF, 361KB)

June 2020

Applicant: Tote & Furnace
Number: 76 Type ON | Download decision 76 here(PDF, 395KB)

Applicants: Porterhouse Blues, Zara Kebabs, Little India
Number: 77 Type ON | Download decision 77 here(PDF, 406KB)

Applicant: Wild Kiwi Distillery
Number: 170 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 170 here(PDF, 354KB)

May 2020

Applicant: Luanne's Bistro
Number: 75 Type ON | Download decision 75 here(PDF, 359KB)

Applicant: Black Bull Liquor
Number: 45 Type OFF | Download decision 45 here(PDF, 361KB)

April 2020

Applicant: New World Silverstream
Number: 44 Type OFF | Download decision 44 here(PDF, 368KB)

Applicant: Wellington Speedway
Number: 27 Type CLUB | Download decision 27 here(PDF, 365KB)

March 2020

Applicant: Yatra Restaurant
Number: 76 Type ON | Download decision 76 here(PDF, 395KB)

Applicants: Trentham Camp Golf Club, Karen Judy Burns
Number: 168 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 168 here(PDF, 387KB)

February 2020

Applicant: Silver Palace Chinese Restaurant and Takeaway
Number: 74 Type ON | Download decision 74 here(PDF, 386KB)

Applicant: Black Bull Liquor
Number: 17 Type TEMPORARY AUTHORITY | Download decision 17 here(PDF, 360KB)

Applicant: Paul Hylton Amos
Number: 165 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 165 here(PDF, 372KB)

Applicants: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club, Panhead, Brewtown
Number: 166 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 166 here(PDF, 403KB)

Applicants: Trentham Camp Golf Club, Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club, Trentham Camp Golf Club
Number: 167 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 167 here(PDF, 404KB)

Applicant: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club
Number: 169 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 169 here(PDF, 372KB)

Applicant: Fergusson Liquor
Number: 41 Type OFF | Download decision 41 here(PDF, 366KB)

Applicant: Liquorland
Number: 43 Type OFF | Download decision 43 here(PDF, 386KB)

Applicant: Trentham Camp Golf Club
Number: 26 Type CLUB | Download decision 26 here(PDF, 365KB)

Applicant: Vaughan Tairoa
Number: 236 Type MANAGER | Download decision 236 here(PDF, 369KB)

Applicants: Alan Shaun Adye-Rowe, Amishabahen Ravjbhai Patel
Number: 239 Type MANAGER | Download decision 239 here

January 2020

Applicant: Bombay House 39 Ltd
Number: 72 Type ON | Download decision 72 here(PDF, 374KB)

Applicant: Zara's Turkish Kebab
Number: 16 Type TEMPORARY AUTHORITY | Download decision 16 here(PDF, 372KB)

Applicants: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Wine Adjunct, Short Straw Events, Tararua Sports Club
Number: 164 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 164 here(PDF, 404KB)

Applicant: Jamie David Rollo
Number: 231 Type MANAGER | Download decision 231 here(PDF, 372KB)

Applicants: James Hylton Tuckett, Shubham Sahni
Number: 232 Type MANAGER | Download decision 232 here(PDF, 390KB)

Applicant: Abhay Singh Bedi
Number: 233 Type MANAGER | Download decision 233 here(PDF, 368KB)

Applicants: Jaykar Gandhi, Urjita Gandhi
Number: 234 Type MANAGER | Download decision 234 here(PDF, 388KB)

Applicant: Cheryl Poole
Number: 237 Type MANAGER | Download decision 237 here(PDF, 366KB)

Applicants: Nicole Dalize Wolmarans, Rohit Malhotra, Neset Yaver Kokcu, Michael Peter Skudder
Number: 238 Type MANAGER |Download decision 238 here(PDF, 413KB)

December 2019

Applicants: Aimee Maree Schutte, Hayden Ayrton, Robyn Lynette Maathuis, Shane Joyce
Number: 229 Type MANAGER | Download decision 229 here(PDF, 406KB)

Applicant: Haley-Sue Reid
Number: 230 Type MANAGER | Download decision 230 here(PDF, 362KB)

Applicants: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Inc, Hutt Valley Clay Target Club Inc, Trentham Camp Golf Club, Upper Hutt City Council Social Club
Number: 162 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 162 here(PDF, 405KB)

Applicant: Pick a Party
Number: 70 Type ON | (PDF, 365KB)(PDF, 365KB)Download decision 70 here(PDF, 365KB)

Applicant: Little Totara
Number: 71 Type ON | Download decision 71 here(PDF, 367KB)

Applicant: Rimutaka Tavern
Number: 73 Type ON | Download decision 73 here(PDF, 389KB)

Applicant: Rimutaka Tavern Bottle - O
Number: 42 Type OFF | Download decision 42 here(PDF, 389KB)

Applicants: Carden Brendan Jacobsen, Molly Heppleston-Tait
Number: 235 Type MANAGER | Download decision 235 here(PDF, 393KB)

November 2019

Applicants: Phil Gorman, Trentham Camp Golf Club, Upper Hutt Musical Theatre
Number: 159 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 159 here(PDF, 395KB)

Applicant: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Inc
Number: 160 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 160 here(PDF, 371KB)

Applicant: Trentham Camp Golf Club
Number: 161 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 161 here(PDF, 376KB)

Applicants: Upper Hutt Rams Rugby Football Club Inc, Petone Rifle Club
Number: 25 Type CLUB | Download decision 25 here(PDF, 368KB)

Applicant: Traditional Thai Restaurant
Number: 69 Type ON | Download decision 69 here(PDF, 372KB)

Applicant: Wallaceville House
Number: 68 Type ON | Download decision 68 here(PDF, 373KB)

Applicant: Trentham Mini Mart
Number: 40 Type OFF | Download decision 40 here(PDF, 376KB)

Applicants: Matthew Robert Edmond, Lynda Margaret Moore
Number: 225 Type MANAGER | Download decision 225 here(PDF, 403KB)

Applicants: Kelsi Judith Talor Allen, Samantha Odell, Ashleigh Tuiletufuga, Stacy Maree Hume, David Da-Wei Chang
Number: 226 Type MANAGER | Download decision 226 here(PDF, 415KB)

Applicant: Jessica Joy Ingerson
Number: 227 Type MANAGER | Download decision 227 here(PDF, 367KB)

Applicants: Viggo Joshua Alexander Betham, Nicola Scheepers, Dipali Adeshara
Number: 228 Type MANAGER | Download decision 228 here(PDF, 403KB)

October 2019

Applicants: Odessa Lee Clayton, Mangal Singh
Number: 219 Type MANAGER | Download decision 219 here(PDF, 388KB)

Applicant: Ramona Dianne Archer
Number: 223 Type MANAGER | Download decision 223 here(PDF, 370KB)

Applicant: Shirlene Ann Hemi
Number: 224 Type MANAGER |Download decision 224 here(PDF, 377KB)

Applicant: Art of Food
Number: 67 Type ON | Download decision 67 here(PDF, 367KB)

Applicant: Upper Hutt Musical Theatre
Number: 155 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 155 hereDownload decision 155 here(PDF, 371KB)

Applicants: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Inc, Ken Mercer, St Brendan's School
Number: 158 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 158 here(PDF, 405KB)

Applicant: Beats & Bartley Ltd
Number: 15 Type TEMPORARY AUTHORITY | Download decision 15 here(PDF, 367KB)

September 2019 

Applicant : Karori Rifle Club
Number: 150 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 150 here(PDF, 355KB)

Applicants: Upper Hutt Rotary Club, Tararua Sports Club
Number: 152 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 152 here(PDF, 386KB)

Applicants : Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Inc, Clayton Hoare, Upper Hutt Darts Association Inc
Number: 153 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 153 here(PDF, 399KB)

Applicant : Syd Budge
Number: 154 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 154 here(PDF, 375KB)

Applicant : Brewtown Promotions
Number: 156 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 156 here(PDF, 388KB)

Applicant: Lynfer Estate
Number: 157 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 157 here(PDF, 374KB)

Applicant: Seven Bar Ltd
Number: 66 Type ON |Download decision 66 here(PDF, 366KB)

Applicant: Totara Park Four Square
Number: 39 Type OFF | Download decision 39 here(PDF, 376KB)

Applicants: Kimber Gay Goodwin, Samantha Jane Misseldine. Shivani Joshi, Bianca Paulette Lloyd-Jones
Number: 217 Type MANAGER | Download decision 217 here(PDF, 406KB)

Applicants: Urmila Kishor Patel, Kishor Raman Patel, Richard Lindsay Farrell. Kathryn Jones,
Number: 218 Type MANAGER | Download decision 218 here(PDF, 424KB)

Applicant: Karl Jerome Hayes
Number: 220 Type MANAGER | Download decision 220 here(PDF, 368KB)

Applicant: Shona Maree Ward-Howard
Number: 221 Type MANAGER | Download decision 221 here(PDF, 392KB)

Applicant: Alexia Judith Hendrikse
Number: 222 Type MANAGER | Download decision 222 here(PDF, 367KB)



August 2019

Applicants : Natasha Jane Thomason, Arshdeep Singh, Phil Gorman, Maulik Vinodchandra Patel
Number: 213 Type MANAGER | Download decision 213 here(PDF, 409KB)

Applicant : Nigel David Misseldine
Number: 214 Type MANAGER | Download decision 214 here(PDF, 366KB)

Applicants : Kylie Michelle Louise Georges, Catherine Marie O'Brien, Jason Leigh Kelman, Timothy Guy Barling
Number: 216 Type MANAGER | Download decision 216 here(PDF, 395KB)

Applicants : Wild Kiwi Distillery Ltd
Number: 37 Type OFF | Download decision 37 here(PDF, 393KB)

Applicant : Te Aro Brewery
Number: 38 Type OFF | Download decision 38 here(PDF, 394KB)

Applicants : Wild Kiwi Distillery Ltd, Café Rome
Number: 63 Type ON | Download decision 63 here(PDF, 393KB)

Applicant : Te Aro Brewery
Number: 64 Type ON | Download decision 64 here(PDF, 394KB)

Applicant : Monterey Cinema
Number: 65 Type ON | Download decision 65 here(PDF, 392KB)

Applicant : Victoria Lee Campbell
Number: 147 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 147 here(PDF, 368KB)

Applicant : Short Straw Events
Number: 149 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 149 here(PDF, 388KB)

Applicant: Kelly Dornbusch
Number: 151 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 151 here(PDF, 368KB)

July 2019

Applicant : Tamara Ooosterkamp-Parks
Number: 146 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 146 here(PDF, 367KB)

Applicant : UH Cosmopolitan Club
Number: 148 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 148 here(PDF, 370KB)

Applicants: Hutt Valley Clay Target Club, Short Straw Events
Number: 149 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 367KB)Decision-149.pdf(PDF, 388KB)

 Applicants : Carrie-Ann Beazley, Hitarthi Gandhi,
Number: 211 Type: MANAGER | Download decision 211 here(PDF, 389KB)

Applicants : Peta Renee Katrina Wirihana, William Joseph Leech, Barbara Theresa Wirihana-Roil, Nobby Christopher Miles Wihare, Anita Mladenovska, Andrew Willans
Number: 212 Type: MANAGER | Download decision 212 here(PDF, 422KB)



June 2019

Applicant : Countdown Upper Hutt
Number: 36 Type OFF |  Download decision 36 here(PDF, 373KB)

Applicants : David & Gaz Investments, Shree Sai Holdings Ltd
Number: 62 Type ON | Download decision 62 here(PDF, 397KB)

Applicants : Kiwi Foodstuffs Ltd, Hibs Parent support Group, UH Cosmopolitan Club
Number: 145 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 145 here(PDF, 391KB)

 Applicants : Bruce Thomas Richard Symons                                                                                                                      Licence Decision Number: 210 Type: MANAGER | Download decision 210 here(PDF, 363KB)

 Applicants : Jagmeet Singh, Timothy Barber, Murray Graeme Martin, Sudesh Pathania                                                  Licence Decision Number: 209 Type: MANAGER | Download decision 209 here(PDF, 399KB)

 Applicants : Richard Niall Anderson Macdonald, Puspaben Panchal, Alana Adeline Cusin, Maria Hoete, Xiaoltui Chen           Licence Decision Number: 208 Type: MANAGER | Download decision 208 here(PDF, 409KB)

 Applicants : Ashleigh Alana Blackburn, Andre Mickail Wells                                                                                                    Licence Decision Number: 207 Type: MANAGER | Download decision 207 here(PDF, 388KB)

 Applicants : Jonathon David Parker, Michael Brian Kerr                                                                                                    Licence Decision Number: 206 Type: MANAGER | Download decision 206 here(PDF, 384KB)

Applicant Name/s: Murray Paul McMahon, Luanne's Bistro Ltd, Victor James Pratt, Vikramjit Singh, Christopher Chevalier, Pamela Burrowes
Licence Decision Number: 205 Type: MANAGER | Download decision 205 here(PDF, 418KB)

Applicant Name/s: Amerigo Italo Ciminiello UH Cosmopolitan Club Wine Adjunct
Licence Decision Number: 204 Type: MANAGER | Download decision 204 here(PDF, 387KB)

Applicant Name/s: Mamta Kumari Roy
Licence Decision Number: 203 Type: MANAGER | Download decision 203 here(PDF, 365KB)

Applicant Name/s: Trentham Camp Golf Club, Sarah Lerwill
Licence Decision Number: 144 Type: SPECIAL | Download the decision 144 here(PDF, 387KB)

 Applicant Name/s: Shree Sai Limited T/As Little India                                                                                                                   Licence Decision Number: 14 Type: TEMPORARY AUTHORITY | Download decision 14 here(PDF, 364KB)

May 2019

 Applicant Name/s: NZ Venue Limited T/As Super Liquor                                                                                                              Licence Decision Number: 35 Type: OFF | Download decision 35 here(PDF, 397KB)

 Applicant Name/s: Trentham Memorial Park Sports Association Inc                                                                                            Licence Decision Number: 24 Type: CLUB | Download decision 24 here(PDF, 370KB)

 Applicant Name/s: Caprice Limited T/A Miro Cinema, NZ Venue Limited T/As The Tote & Craft                                                 Licence Decision Number: 61 Type: ON | Download decision 61 here(PDF, 397KB)

 Applicant Name/s: Ravra Enterprise Limited T/A Porterhouse Blues                                                                                            Licence Decision Number: 60 Type: ON | Download decision 60 here(PDF, 370KB)

Applicant Name/s: Tuituikamoana Vincent Robati, Robert Charles Fox, Kiran Deep Kaur Bedi, Graeme Paora Jarvis, Mereheni Monica Hawley, Diane Patricia de Villiers
Licence Decision Number: 202 Type: MANAGER | Download decision 202 here(PDF, 428KB)

Applicant Name/s: Nigel Jonathon Frater
Licence Decision Number: 143 Type: SPECIAL | Download the decision 143 here(PDF, 372KB)

Applicant Name/s: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club, Christine Clouston, Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club
Licence Decision Number: 142 Type: SPECIAL | Download the decision 142 here(PDF, 411KB)