District licensing committee decisions

The Upper Hutt District Licensing Committee (DLC) is appointed as required by section 186 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 and will consider and determine all applications relating to licenses and certificates applied for from 18 December 2013.

The following are the decisions of the Upper Hutt District Licensing Committee on uncontested applications and licenses.

If the application decision that you are looking for is not listed here or for further information contact us on (04) 527 2169.

June 2019

 Applicant Name/s: Bruce Thomas Richard Symons                                                                                                                      Licence Decision Number: 210 Type: MANAGER 

 Applicant Name/s: Jagmeet Singh, Timothy Barber, Murray Graeme Martin, Sudesh Pathania                                                  Licence Decision Number: 209 Type: MANAGER 

 Applicant Name/s: Richard Niall Anderson Macdonald, Puspaben Panchal, Alana Adeline Cusin, Maria Hoete, Xiaoltui Chen           Licence Decision Number: 208 Type: MANAGER 

 Applicant Name/s: Ashleigh Alana Blackburn, Andre Mickail Wells                                                                                                    Licence Decision Number: 207 Type: MANAGER 

 Applicant Name/s: Jonathon David Parker, Michael Brian Kerr                                                                                                    Licence Decision Number: 206 Type: MANAGER 

Applicant Name/s: Murray Paul McMahon, Luanne's Bistro Ltd, Victor James Pratt, Vikramjit Singh, Christopher Chevalier, Pamela Burrowes
Licence Decision Number: 205 Type: MANAGER | Download decision 205 here(PDF, 418KB)

Applicant Name/s: Amerigo Italo Ciminiello UH Cosmopolitan Club Wine Adjunct
Licence Decision Number: 204 Type: MANAGER | Download decision 204 here(PDF, 387KB)

Applicant Name/s: Mamta Kumari Roy
Licence Decision Number: 203 Type: MANAGER | Download decision 203 here(PDF, 365KB)

Applicant Name/s: Trentham Camp Golf Club, Sarah Lerwill
Licence Decision Number: 144 Type: SPECIAL | Download the decision 144 here(PDF, 387KB)

 Applicant Name/s: Shree Sai Limited T/As Little India                                                                                                                   Licence Decision Number: 14 Type: TEMPORARY AUTHORITY 

May 2019

 Applicant Name/s: NZ Venue Limited T/As Super Liquor                                                                                                              Licence Decision Number: 35 Type: OFF 

 Applicant Name/s: Trentham Memorial Park Sports Association Inc                                                                                            Licence Decision Number: 24 Type: CLUB

 Applicant Name/s: Caprice Limited T/A Miro Cinema, NZ Venue Limited T/As The Tote & Craft                                                 Licence Decision Number: 61 Type: ON

 Applicant Name/s: Ravra Enterprise Limited T/A Porterhouse Blues                                                                                            Licence Decision Number: 60 Type: ON 

Applicant Name/s: Tuituikamoana Vincent Robati, Robert Charles Fox, Kiran Deep Kaur Bedi, Graeme Paora Jarvis, Mereheni Monica Hawley, Diane Patricia de Villiers
Licence Decision Number: 202 Type: MANAGER | Download decision 202 here(PDF, 428KB)

Applicant Name/s: Nigel Jonathon Frater
Licence Decision Number: 143 Type: SPECIAL | Download the decision 143 here(PDF, 372KB)

Applicant Name/s: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club, Christine Clouston, Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club
Licence Decision Number: 142 Type: SPECIAL | Download the decision 142 here(PDF, 411KB)