Apply for a special licence

You will need to apply for a special licence if you are planning to sell and/or supply alcohol in a one-off event or a series of events.

You should only apply to Upper Hutt City Council (your local District Licensing Committee) if your business/workplace is based in Upper Hutt.

Please remember:

  • A special licence must be for an occasion(s), event(s) or social gathering(s) and not merely for an extension of hours.

  • Food and non-alcoholic refreshments must be available during the function or event covered by the special licence.

  • We require a detailed list of the type of food which will be available (chippies, dip, peanuts etc. are not considered substantial food).

  • Where the premises are not owned by the applicant, a written statement is required from the owner of the premises to the effect that the owner has no objection to the granting of the licence.

  • We may also require a certified manager to be appointed.

  • You need to supply details about alternative forms of transport from the event.

  • Supply full details of security measures for entrance to the venue (i.e. door security), and for the supervision and control of the event.

  • A conveyance application will need confirmation from the bus company being used, and the registration number of the vehicle.

Make an application

All liquor licence applications and supporting documentation need to be sent to us with one additional copy i.e. the original application and attachments, and one complete copy.

When you are ready to make an application, you will need to complete an Application for Special Licence Premises(PDF, 3MB) or Application for Special Licence ConveyanceSpecial-Conveyance-Licence-2014.pdf(PDF, 3MB) . Please ensure you have filled out all the information in detail on the form.

Send your application to:

Kareena Stewart (Liquor Licensing Administrator)

You will need to make payment when you submit your application. This can be done by direct debit, cheque, or by credit card. Find out how much to pay using our cost/risk rating calculation sheet(PDF, 181KB).

Processing your application

Once we have received your completed application, a report is obtained from Council’s Licensing Inspector, Regional Public Health, and the Police. We approve your application if no objection is received.

If an objection is received, it will be sent to Council’s Liquor Licensing Committee for a decision. You will be notified by us and sent a copy of the relevant paperwork.

How long will it take?

We need a minimum of 20 working days to process your application.