Starting up a hairdressing salon

If you are just starting up a new hairdressing business or have an existing one, you need to apply for a licence. We recommend that you contact us to discuss your plans.

Hairdressing application form(PDF, 48KB)

Please submit your form and payment to Upper Hutt City Council. The Resource & Links section also provides links to more information including ways to make a payment to Council.

All hairdressing shops must be registered with the local authority under the Health Regulations 1966 (Registration of premises). The Certificate of Registration must be displayed in a public part of the premises.

You will be invoiced annually for your registration, this fee  must be paid before 30 June every year. 

Under the Hairdresser’s Regulations 1980 all premises used as a “hairdresser’s” shop must be registered with the local authority. These regulations are to ensure cleaning, health and hygiene standards are met and maintained to prevent the spread of disease.

Once a possible site is determined the first person the prospective proprietor should speak to is:

  • The Council’s Planning Officer to confirm the proposed type of operation is permitted in the particular zone, and any requirements on operating hours, signs, car parking, etc.
  • The Building Officer should be contacted and a Building Consent application submitted. You must indicate the intended use as being a Hairdressing Salon, and provide plans of any plumbing/structural alterations
  • Once this is established a floor plan should also be submitted to the Environmental Health Officer. Any questions relating to the Hairdresser’s Regulations can be discussed with the Environmental health officer

Basic requirements from the regulations for a hair salon

  1. Ensure all wall, ceiling and other surfaces are yielded smooth, impervious and easily cleanable in all parts of the process, preparation and service areas.
  2. Ensure the floor surface is a smooth impervious and easily cleanable surface.
  3. Ensure there are sufficient Shampoo basins, a separate hand basin and separate washing up sink, with a continuous supply of hot and cold running water in compliance with the Building Act 2004.
  4. Ensure adequate space in the salon (2.3m2 per service chair).
  5. Ensure adequate lighting and ventilation on site.
  6. Provide adequate storage space and ensure towels are kept clean and free from contamination.
  7. Provide a separate area for storage of all cleaning equipment and solvents used for the premise (separate from hair and treatment products).
  8. Provide suitable refuse containers for the premises fitted with closable lids. Ensure all refuse is removed from the premises regularly.
  9. Ensure the disinfectant used for combs and other hair equipment is of a commercial standard and suitable for the purpose. “No Frills”, “Pine” and “Budget” cleaners are not acceptable.

If you require further information on the above matters, please do not hesitate to contact the Environmental Health Officer on (04) 527 2169.

Hairdressing premises

A Summary of Structural Requirements Design and Construction

The design and layout of premises used for the dressing of hair must take into account the legislative requirements relating to their construction and provision of facilities. These requirements are found in the Health (Hairdressers) Regulations 1980 and the Building act 2004, Approved Documents. The specific structural requirements are set out in regulation 4, ‘Minimum standards for hairdresser’s shop’. All hairdressing premises must meet these standards and be registered by the local authority before they can be used as a hairdresser’s shop. Floors, Walls and Ceilings.

The materials used for the lining of the floors, walls and ceilings in any hairdressing premise should be suitable to the work or process carried out on the premises. Any area of the floors, walls and ceiling that may become wet must be lined or surfaced with a smooth, durable material that is impervious to water. It is also recommended that the floor be covered up the wall to prevent hair or debris from getting trapped in corner spaces. This is most important for walls and flooring around the hair wash basins, where water is likely to be.

Transfer of licence

If you are taking over an existing premises that has a current registration, you can apply to transfer it into your name.

Please complete the transfer of licence application form. Transfer of Licence - Hairdresser(PDF, 50KB)

We must receive applications within 14 days of you taking over the business. After this period, the registration cannot be transferred.

If the registration has expired, you have to apply for a new registration.

Please note an appearance industry licence can not be transferred.