Appearance Industries

We adopted a new bylaw for appearance industries in 2022

This bylaw covers anyone offering these treatments, which might be carried out at beauty salons, cosmetic clinics, spas, shops, or by mobile and/or home-operators.  

It will help to manage and reduce health and hygiene risks by regulating certain procedures that risk piercing, cutting or burning a person’s skin, or involve risks from infection.  

You will need to register your premises with Council annually unless your activity is exempt. Council can also issue a licence for combined Appearance Industries and Hairdressers, who carry out both activities.

Opening a new premise

Check with a Planning Officer to ensure that an appearance industry premises is permitted in the location. There may be special requirements like set operating hours or car parking provisions.

Get a building consent. You will need this if you are building a new premises or altering an existing building or plumbing.

Be familiar with the Appearance Industries bylaw. This sets out the structural criteria for beauty, nail, tattooing and skin piercers premises and the conduct and practices of the operators.

Check if your planned structural or plumbing changes require inspection – for existing premises

You'll need to contact our Building Consents team if any planned works necessitate a building consent, like plumbing, adding specified systems, structural changes, or altering the building's use, such as transitioning from a gift shop to an appearance industry business.

How to apply

Apply here

Once the application has been processed, an Environmental Health Officer will be in contact to arrange an inspection. Once the inspection has been completed and payment received the Certificate of Registration will be issued.

All appearance industries businesses must be registered with the local authority under the Health Regulations 1966 (Registration of premises). The Certificate of Registration must be displayed in a public part of the premises.

You will be invoiced annually for your registration; this fee must be paid before 30 June every year.

Appearance Industry Fees & Charges