District licensing committee decisions

The Upper Hutt District Licensing Committee (DLC) is appointed as required by section 186 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 and will consider and determine all applications relating to licenses and certificates applied for from 18 December 2013.

The following are the decisions of the Upper Hutt District Licensing Committee on uncontested applications and licenses.

If the application decision that you are looking for is not listed here or for further information contact us on (04) 527 2169.

May 2023

Applicants:   Ajit Raturi
Number: 586 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 586 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants: Renzil Jaiswal
Number: 587 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 587 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Mia Tracey
Number: 581 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 581 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants: Euan Garth Andrews
Number: 592 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 592 here(PDF, 46KB)

Applicants:   Deepanshu Singhal
Number: 593 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 593 here(PDF, 45KB)


April 2023

Applicants:   Lisa Catherine May Hall
Number: 579 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 579 here(PDF, 46KB)

Applicants:   Danielle Pamela Rains
Number: 585 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 585 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Jaykar Gandhi
Number: 582 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 582 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Urjita Gandhi
Number: 583 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 583 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Nina Samantha Bennett
Number: 584 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 584 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Toni Mavis Booth
Number: 588 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 588 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Jason Gordon Sandiford
Number: 594 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 594 here(PDF, 46KB)

Applicants:   Tina Marie Steere
Number: 589 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 589 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Trey Holcroft-Lewer
Number: 595 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 595 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Jayme Tabitha Corbett
Number: 596 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 596 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 308 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 308 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Wayne Charles Joseph
Number: 309 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 309 here(PDF, 43KB)

March 2023

Applicants:   Sheridan Irene Corston
Number: 576 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 576 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Savannah-Marie Sherwood
Number: 580 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 580 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Paul Michael Idris Deere
Number: 569 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 569 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Pieter Schalk van Wyk
Number: 572 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 572 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Bianca van Wyk
Number: 570 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 570 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Laura Jessica Havler
Number: 566 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 566 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Julia Paige Hoskin
Number: 578 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 578 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Cindy Marie Potae
Number: 567 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 567 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Neset Yaver Kokcu
Number: 568 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 568 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Julie Ann Brabyn
Number: 571 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 571 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Emine Kokcu
Number: 574 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 574 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Kaleb Jaxon Wright
Number: 591 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 591 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Thakorbhai Jivanji Panchal
Number: 573 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 573 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Upper Hutt Musical Theatre
Number: 300 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 300 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 301 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 301 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Get Fixed Bicycle Cafe
Number: 302 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 302 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Heretaunga Players
Number: 303 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 303 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Brewtown Promotions Limited
Number: 304 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 304 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Sheena Norman
Number: 305 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 305 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 306 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 306 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 307 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 307 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Yatra Restaurant
Number: 128 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 128 here(PDF, 45KB)


Febuary 2023

Applicants:   Katrina Sullivan Burton
Number: 565 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 565 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Sarah-Jane White
Number: 551 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 551 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Neil Robert Vaney
Number: 559 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 559 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Hamish Leonard McMenamin
Number: 564 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 564 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Casey Anna Stuart
Number: 563 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 563 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Emma Elizabeth Jane Duggan
Number: 555 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 555 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Allan William Old
Number: 556 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 556 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Kimberley Jane Smith
Number: 558 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 558 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Angela Joy Dickson
Number: 577 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 577 here(PDF, 46KB)

Applicants:   Juan Alejandro Alzate Gomez
Number: 575 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 575 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Abigail Anne Jack Jones
Number: 561 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 561 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Lindsay Robert Thomas Tarring
Number: 562 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 562 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Enceladus Distilling Company Limited
Number: 58 Type OFF | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 58 here(PDF, 369KB)

Applicants:   Fergusson Liquor
Number: 60 Type OFF | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 60 here(PDF, 370KB)

Applicants:   The Lonely Goatherd
Number: 61 Type OFF | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 61 here(PDF, 397KB)

Applicants:   Tong's 888 Limited
Number: 125 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 125 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   The Piwakawaka Restaurant & Bar
Number: 126 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 126 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Yeast Limited
Number: 127 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 127 here(PDF, 46KB)

Applicants:   Van Wyk Limited
Number: 32 Type TA | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 32 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Solina Entertainment Limited
Number: 31 Type TA | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 31 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Upper Hutt Bridge Club
Number: 295 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 295 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 296 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 296 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Brewtown Promotions
Number: 297 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 297 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 299 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 299 here(PDF, 43KB)

January 2023

Applicants:   Steven Michael Dennis Boyle
Number: 553 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 553 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Rajat Joshi
Number: 557 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 557 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Steven Michael Dennis Boyle
Number: 560 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 560 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Wellington Naturist Club
Number: 298 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 298 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Rimutaka Tavern Bottle-O
Number: 59 Type OFF | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 59 here(PDF, 418KB)

Applicants:   Rimutaka Tavern
Number: 123 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 123 here(PDF, 81KB)

Applicants:   Bombay House 39 Limited
Number: 124 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 124 here(PDF, 45KB)

December 2022

Applicants:   Lauren Olivia Rose Tough
Number: 537 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 537 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Michelle Anne Donohue
Number: 538 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 538 here(PDF, 46KB)

Applicants:   Ryan Paul Gardiner
Number: 540 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 540 here(PDF, 46KB)

Applicants:   Hutt Valley Clay Target Club Incorporated
Number: 294 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 294 here(PDF, 43KB)


November 2022

Applicants:   Trentham Mini Mart
Number: 57 Type OFF | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 57 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   UP2U Limited
Number: 120 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 120 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Amber Yvonne Megan Wilkins
Number: 520 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 520 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Vanessa Jane Bond
Number: 521 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 521 here(PDF, 46KB)

Applicants:   Shane Joyce
Number: 525 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 525 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Viggo Alexander Joshua Betham
Number: 526 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 526 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Dipali Kaushal Adeshari
Number: 527 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 527 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Rainbow Li Hung Shieh
Number: 528 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 528 here(PDF, 46KB)

Applicants:   Dipu Ravi Menon
Number: 529 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 529 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Aerin Faith Stead Shanley
Number: 530 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 530 here(PDF, 46KB)

Applicants:   Tessa Reggae Inakura Peka
Number: 531 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 531 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Cameron Nigel Rodney Thayer
Number: 532 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 532 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Tegan Grace Good
Number: 533 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 533 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   David Da-Wei Chang
Number: 535 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 535 here(PDF, 46KB)

Applicants:   Sarita Singh

Number: 536 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 536 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Nathan James Head
Number: 539 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 539 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Geoffrey Charles Swainson
Number: 286 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 286 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Gillies Group
Number: 287 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 287 here(PDF, 42KB)

Applicants:   Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 288 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 288 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Trentham Camp Golf Club Incorporated
Number: 289 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 289 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 290 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 290 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Brewtown Promotions Limited
Number: 291 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 291 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Kenneth David Mercer
Number: 292 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 292 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Brewtown Promotions Limited
Number: 293 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 293 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Cheras Limited
Number: 29 Type TEMPORARY AUTHORITY | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 29 here(PDF, 43KB)


October 2022

Applicants:   Jolly Limited
Number: 121 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 121 here(PDF, 46KB)

Applicants:   Totara Park Thai Food
Number: 118 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 118 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Traditional Thai
Number: 119 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 119 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Urmila Kishor Patel
Number: 508 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 508 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Kishor Raman Patel
Number: 509 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 509 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Shivani Joshi
Number: 510 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 510 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Qi Zhen Xu
Number: 511 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 511 here(PDF, 46KB)

Applicants:   Christianne O'Riley-Nugent
Number: 515 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 515 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Shirlene Ann Hemi
Number: 516 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 516 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Ian William Chapman-Hall
Number: 517 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 517 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Vijay Kumar Singh
Number: 519 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 519 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Grant James Gaskin
Number: 522 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 522 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Gavin Bannatyne
Number: 524 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 524 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Jada Taryn Te Rangitapu Jacobs
Number: 534 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 534 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 284 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 284 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Clayton Hoare
Number: 285 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 285 here(PDF, 43KB)


September 2022

Applicants:   Xiao Hui Chen
Number: 115 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 115 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Seven Bar Limited
Number: 117 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 117 here(PDF, 410KB)

Applicants:   Nigel David Misseldine
Number: 497 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 497 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Jesse-Damon Taylor Bond
Number: 501 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 501 here(PDF, 46KB)

Applicants:   Richard Jerard Andrews
Number: 503 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 503 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Kathryn Jones
Number: 505 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 505 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Gilbert Bryce Severn
Number: 506 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 506 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Mangal Singh
Number: 507 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 507 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Lim Narath Chhoun
Number: 512 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 512 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Bianca Paulette Lloyd-Jones
Number: 513 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 513 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Emma Tamara Te Riini
Number: 514 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 514 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Natasha Jane Thomason
Number: 518 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 518 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Aston Norwood
Number: 272 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 272 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Nigel Frater
Number: 274 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 274 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Panhead Custom Ales
Number: 276 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 276 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Karori Rifle Club Incorporated
Number: 277 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 277 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 279 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 279 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Brewtown Promotions Limited
Number: 280 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 280 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Upper Hutt Musical Theatre
Number: 281 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 281 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Panhead
Number: 282 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 282 here(PDF, 42KB)

Applicants:   Rachael Boisen-Round
Number: 283 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 283 here(PDF, 42KB)


August 2022

Applicants:   Countdown Queen Street
Number: 56 Type OFF | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 56 here(PDF, 415KB)

Applicants:   Gladstone Bakehouse
Number: 116 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 116 here(PDF, 407KB)

Applicants:   Murray Martin
Number: 479 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 479 here(PDF, 59KB)

Applicants:   Richard Jerard Andrews
Number: 480 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 480 here(PDF, 403KB)

Applicants:   Vicheka Ou
Number: 481 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 481 here(PDF, 400KB)

Applicants:   Xiao Hui Chen
Number: 483 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 483 here(PDF, 406KB)

Applicants:   Allen Robert McKechnie
Number: 485 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 485 here(PDF, 398KB)

Applicants:   Connor Robert Price
Number: 486 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 486 here(PDF, 402KB)

Applicants:   Serena Victoria Alexandra Parata
Number: 487 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 487 here(PDF, 403KB)

Applicants:   Pritpal Kaur Singh
Number: 488 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 488 here(PDF, 401KB)

Applicants:   Richard Jerard Andrews
Number: 489 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 489 here(PDF, 403KB)

Applicants:   Timothy Guy Barling
Number: 490 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 490 here(PDF, 401KB)

Applicants:   Shana Iris Check
Number: 491 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 491 here(PDF, 404KB)

Applicants:   Kimber Gay Goodwin
Number: 492 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 492 here(PDF, 400KB)

Applicants:   Crystal Jasmine Keefe
Number: 493 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 493 here(PDF, 404KB)

Applicants:   Samantha Jane Misseldine
Number: 494 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 494 here(PDF, 398KB)

Applicants:   Victoria Paige Hazeldine-Kaczorowski
Number: 495 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 495 here(PDF, 404KB)

Applicants:   Mayaram Joshi
Number: 496 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 496 here(PDF, 402KB)

Applicants:   Iesha Anne Bruce
Number: 498 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 498 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Victoria May Trow
Number: 499 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 499 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Mereana Joy Hawley
Number: 500 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 500 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Svenda I Strom
Number: 502 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 502 here(PDF, 46KB)

Applicants:   Toia Paku Mairaro-Kingi
Number: 504 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 504 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 264 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 264 here(PDF, 426KB)

Applicants:   Trentham Camp Golf Club
Number: 265 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 265 here(PDF, 435KB)

Applicants:   Christine Clouston
Number: 266 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 266 here(PDF, 397KB)

Applicants:   Brewtown Promotions
Number: 267 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 267 here(PDF, 404KB)

Applicants:   Pinehaven Art & craft fair
Number: 268 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 268 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   5036 Boutique Brews
Number: 269 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 269 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 270 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 270 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 271 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 271 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   5036 Boutique Brews
Number: 273 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 273 here(PDF, 42KB)

Applicants:   Hutt Valley Clay Target Club Incorporated
Number: 275 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 275 here(PDF, 44KB)



July 2022

Applicants:   Hitarthi Gaurang Gandhi
Number: 472 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 472 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Flynn Antony Murphy
Number: 473 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 473 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Barbara Theresa Wirihana-Roil
Number: 474 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 474 here(PDF, 42KB)

Applicants:   Richard Niall Anderson MacDonald
Number: 475 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 475 here(PDF, 42KB)

Applicants:   Peta Renee Katrina Wirihana
Number: 476 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 476 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Maria Hoete
Number: 477 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 477 here(PDF, 42KB)

Applicants:   Anita Mladenovska
Number: 478 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 478 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   DaYoung Lee
Number: 482 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 482 here(PDF, 404KB)

Applicants:   Ruin Distillery
Number: 54 Type OFF | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 54 here(PDF, 408KB)

Applicants:   Aroma India
Number: 113 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 113 here(PDF, 42KB)

Applicants:   Te Aro Brewery
Number: 55 Type OFF | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 55 here(PDF, 413KB)

Applicants:   Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 262 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 262 here(PDF, 483KB)

Applicants:   Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 263 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 263 here(PDF, 456KB)


June 2022

Applicants:   Tararua Sport Club Incorporated
Number: 260 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 260 here(PDF, 437KB)

Applicants:   Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 261 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 261 here(PDF, 439KB)

Applicants:   Tanya Harrison
Number: 458 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 458 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Pushpaben Panchal
Number: 459 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 459 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Jessica Sophie Long
Number: 460 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 460 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Sophie Nicole Dawson
Number: 461 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 461 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Davinder Kaur
Number: 462 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 462 here(PDF, 42KB)

Applicants:   Edward Nepia Wairau
Number: 463 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 463 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Harpreet Singh
Number: 464 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 464 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Victor James Pratt
Number: 465 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 465 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Antony William Gordon
Number: 466 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 466 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Amabelle Faye Lino Biascan
Number: 468 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 468 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Debbie Elizabeth Miller
Number: 469 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 469 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Murray Paul McMahon
Number: 470 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 470 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Ellen Rose Watson
Number: 471 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 471 here(PDF, 43KB)

May 2022

Applicants:   Trentham Camp Golf Club Incorporated
Number: 258 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 258 here(PDF, 402KB)

Applicants:   Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 259 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 259 here(PDF, 367KB)

Applicants:   Stream Supermarket Limited T/A New World Silverstream
Number: 28 Type TEMPORARY AUTHORITY | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 28 here(PDF, 361KB)

Applicants:   The Partnership of Leon and Donna Tan
Number: 110 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 110 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Christopher Chevalier
Number: 445 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 445 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Bhavna Kirit Patel
Number: 446 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 446 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Siobhan Maureen Fox
Number: 447 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 447 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Tuituikamoana Vincent Robati
Number: 451 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 451 here(PDF, 42KB)

Applicants:   Bruce Thomas Richard Symons
Number: 452 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 452 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Amerigo Italo Ciminello
Number: 453 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 453 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Kerri Sharee Wallace
Number: 454 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 454 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Lilly Fa'amausili
Number: 455 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 455 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Shaan May Imms
Number: 456 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 456 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Michael Wayne Henderson
Number: 457 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 457 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Crescent Foods Limited
Number: 111 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 111 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Caprice Limited
Number: 112 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 112 here(PDF, 43KB)


April 2022 

Applicants:   Wayne Joseph
Number: 254 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 254 here(PDF, 394KB)

Applicants: Jason Gordon Sandiford
Number: 441 Type MANAGER | Download decision 441 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Kaleb Jaxon Wright
Number: 442 Type MANAGER |(PDF, 44KB)Download decision 442 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants: Lisa Jane Avison
Number: 443 Type MANAGER | Download decision 443 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Johnathon David Parker
Number: 444 Type MANAGER | Download decision 444 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Alana Adeline Cusin
Number: 448 Type MANAGER | Download decision 448 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Tavira Lee Cosslett
Number: 449 Type MANAGER | Download decision 449 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Mia Kate Tracey
Number: 450 Type MANAGER | Download decision 450 here(PDF, 42KB)

Applicants:   Upper Hutt Hospitality Limited
Number: 114 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 114 here(PDF, 43KB)


March 2022

Applicants: Sarah-Jane White
Number: 425 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 425 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Abigail Anne Jack Jones
Number: 426 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 426 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Lydia May Brbich
Number: 427 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 427 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Allan William Old
Number: 428 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 428 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Shanu Sharma
Number: 429 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 429 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Jirapan Lortharaprasert
Number: 430 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 430 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Steven Noel Andrews
Number: 431 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 431 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Amit Kumar
Number: 432 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 432 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Deborah Ann Archibald
Number: 433 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 433 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Sharon Lynette Tapp
Number: 434 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 434 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Molly Patricia Hall Humphrey
Number: 435 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 435 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Tarun Vashisht
Number: 436 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 436 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Catherine Georgia Howell
Number: 437 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 437 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Alex Tan
Number: 438 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 438 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants: Kiran Deep Kaur Bedi
Number: 439 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 439 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:  Amrutha Aravind
Number: 440 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 440 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants: Briar Rose Horsburgh Wyatt
Number: 467 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 467 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Trentham Camp Golf Club

Number: 253 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 253 here(PDF, 397KB)

Applicants:   Upper Hutt Rams Rugby Club
Number: 254 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 254 here(PDF, 394KB)

Applicants:   Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 255 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 255 here(PDF, 447KB)

Applicants:   Upper Hutt Musical Theatre
Number: 256 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 256 here(PDF, 407KB)

Applicants:   Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 38 Type CLUB | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 38 here(PDF, 394KB)

Applicants:   Pak n Save
Number: 51 Type OFF | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 51 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants:   Divya Corporation
Number: 52 Type OFF | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 52 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants:   New World
Number: 53 Type OFF | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 53 here(PDF, 42KB)

Applicants:   Herbs n Hub
Number: 108 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 108 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:   Get Fixed Bicycle Cafe
Number: 109 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 109 here(PDF, 44KB)

February 2022

Applicants: Renee Candice Boynton
Number: 419 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 419 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants: Hayley Stewart Cheesman
Number: 420 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 420 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Aaron Singh
Number: 421 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 421 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants: Cherie Maxine Gage
Number: 422 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 422 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Emma Elizabeth Jane Duggan
Number: 423 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 423 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Trentham Camp Golf Club
Number: 250 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 250 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Trentham Rifle Club Incorporated
Number: 37 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 37 here(PDF, 393KB)

Applicants: PROMO IT Ltd T/As Quinns Post
Number: 104 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 104 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Charltons Silverstream
Number: 105 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 105 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants:  Upper Hutt Bridge Club
Number: 251 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 251 here(PDF, 380KB)

Applicants:  Kartsport Wellington
Number: 252 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 252 here(PDF, 367KB)

Applicants: Stream Supermarket Limited T/A New World
Number: 27 Type TEMPORARY AUTHORITY | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 27 here(PDF, 365KB)

January 2022

Applicants: Kimberley Jane Smith
Number: 424 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 424 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Michelle Anne Donohue

Number: 418 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 418 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants: Te Rangi Hi Paea Tamihana
Number: 410 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 410 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants: Robert Edward Rangi
Number: 411 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 411 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants: Lauren Olivia Rose Tough
Number: 412 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 412 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants: Kiriana Maree Burton
Number: 413 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 413 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Kenneth David Mercer
Number: 249 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 249 here(PDF, 385KB)

Applicants: Connor Fitzgerald Spence
Number: 248 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 248 here(PDF, 395KB)

Applicants: Hutt Valley Clay Target Club Incorporated
Number: 247 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 247 here(PDF, 362KB)

Applicants: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 246 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 246 here(PDF, 401KB)

December 2021

Applicants: Kulbir Kaur
Number: 420 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 420 here(PDF, 45KB)

Applicants: Jaideep Singh Ahluwalia
Number: 421 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 421 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants: Sandra Wales
Number: 424 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 424 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Eliza Tamihana
Number: 417 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 417 here(PDF, 37KB)

November 2021

Applicants: Trentham Camp Golf Club Incorporated
Number: 245 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 245 here(PDF, 362KB)

Applicants: Trentham Camp Golf Club Incorporated
Number: 246 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 246 here(PDF, 401KB)

Applicants: Trentham Camp Golf Club Incorporated
Number: 247 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 247 here(PDF, 362KB)

Applicants: Brewtown Promotions Limited
Number: 248 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 248 here(PDF, 395KB)

Applicants: Trentham Camp Golf Club Incorporated
Number: 249 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 249 here(PDF, 385KB)

Applicants: Yeast Limited
Number: 26 Type TEMPORARY AUTHORITY | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 26 here(PDF, 365KB)

Applicants: Jolly Limited
Number: 101 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 101 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Panhead Custom Ales Limited
Number: 104 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 104 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Panhead Custom Ales Limited
Number: 50 Type OFF | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 50 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Hannah Maureen Sinclair

Number: 382 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 382 here(PDF, 517KB)

Applicants: Brett Christopher Archibald
Number: 381 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 381 here(PDF, 514KB)

Applicants: Cameron Nigel Rodney Thayer
Number: 401 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 401 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Wiki Te Ahu Nopera Toa Rangi
Number: 408 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 408 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants: Crystal Quantel Lynn Polata Po-Ching
Number: 402 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 402 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants: Damon Jakeman
Number: 409 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 409 here(PDF, 42KB)

Applicants: Leonie Betty Mason
Number: 407 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 407 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Hamish Grant Edward Bowker
Number: 406 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 406 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants: Allen Godfrey Owens
Number: 404 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 404 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants: Anna Claire Schouten
Number: 419 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 419 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants: Carla Jayne Steed
Number: 415 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 415 here(PDF, 43KB)


October 2021

Applicants: Karori Rifle Club
Number: 241 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 241 here(PDF, 370KB)

Applicants: Royal Wellington Golf Club Incorporated
Number: 242 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 242 here(PDF, 380KB)

Applicants: Royal Wellington Golf Club Incorporated
Number: 243 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 243 here(PDF, 389KB)

Applicants: Nicholas Ivan Jury Jones
Number: 244 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 244 here(PDF, 400KB)

Applicants: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 237 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 237 here(PDF, 366KB)

Applicants: Jolly Limited
Number: 25 Type TEMPORARY AUTHORITY | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 25 here(PDF, 368KB)

Applicants: Chapman-Hall Trading Limited
Number: 49 Type OFF | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 49 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants: Te Aro Brewing Company Limited - The Annex
Number: 102 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 102 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Joce Hospitality Limited
Number: 103 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 103 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants: Silverstream Bowling Club
Number: 35 Type CLUB | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 35 here(PDF, 397KB)

Applicants: Upper Hutt Club Incorporated
Number: 36 Type CLUB | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 36 here(PDF, 373KB)

Applicants: Gaurang Gandhi

Number: 396 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 396 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Ferne Wairau
Number: 397 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 397 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Amy Ngaire Edwards
Number: 392 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 392 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Vanessa Jane Bond
Number: 386 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 386 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Matthew Jeremiah Beard
Number: 393 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 393 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Susan Gorman
Number: 390 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 390 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Anita Gabrielle Mooney
Number: 394 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 394 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Polly Tairapene Dalainey Wairau
Number: 385 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 385 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Nicola Jade Barr
Number: 398 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 398 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Amber Yvonne Megan Wilkins
Number: 405 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 405 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants: Christopher Martin Gleeson
Number: 395 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 395 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Ziggy Mahana Dolphin Mountier-Petzold
Number: 389 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 389 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Ashleigh Louise Pool
Number: 387 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 387 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Georgia Leigh Butt
Number: 403 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 403 here(PDF, 44KB)

September 2021

Applicants: 5036 Boutique Brews Limited
Number: 234 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 234 here(PDF, 388KB)

Applicants: Plateau School
Number: 231 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 231 here(PDF, 372KB)

Applicants: Royal Wellington Golf Club Incorporated
Number: 235 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 235 here(PDF, 393KB)

Applicants: Trentham Camp Golf Club Incorporated
Number: 236 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 236 here(PDF, 369KB)

Applicants: Hutt Valley Clay Target Club
Number: 238 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 238 here(PDF, 413KB)

Applicants: McKenzie Friday
Number: 239 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 239 here(PDF, 390KB)

Applicants: Clayton Hoare
Number: 240 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 240 here(PDF, 403KB)

Applicants: Yeast Limited
Number: 23 Type TEMPORARY AUTHORITY | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 23 here(PDF, 42KB)

Applicants: Jose Hospitality Limited
Number: 24 Type TEMPORARY AUTHORITY | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 24 here(PDF, 370KB)

Applicants: Countdown Maidstone
Number: 48 Type OFF | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 48 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: James Keith Chisholm
Number: 369 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 369 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Caleb John Mackey
Number: 388 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 388 here(PDF, 42KB)

Applicants: Melissa Nicole Coughlin
Number: 376 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 376 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Anton James McKenzie
Number: 383 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 383 here(PDF, 524KB)

Applicants: Navneet Braich
Number: 377 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 377 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Beverley Gean Haira
Number: 378 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 378 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Ma Corazon Manalang
Number: 375 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 375 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Ian William Chapman-Hall
Number: 400 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 400 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Christianne O'Reilly-Nugent
Number: 379 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 379 here(PDF, 42KB)

Applicants: Christopher de Amicis Mills
Number: 399 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 399 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants: Tracey Ann Pedley
Number: 380 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 380 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Tong Zhou
Number: 391 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 391 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Qi Zhen Xu
Number: 423 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 423 here(PDF, 42KB)




August 2021

Applicants: Tamara Oosterkamp-Parks
Number: 232 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 232 here(PDF, 390KB)

Applicants: Aston Norwood
Number: 233 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 233 here(PDF, 368KB)

Applicants: Upper Hutt Bowling Club
Number: 34 Type CLUB | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 34 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Beats & Bartley Limited
Number: 94 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 94 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Dough Limited
Number: 98 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 98 here(PDF, 42KB)

Applicants: Unique 2020 Limited
Number: 99 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 99 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Curry Workz Limited
Number: 100 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 100 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Jane Kerry Martin 
Number: 374 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 374 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Bhagyesh Sureshkumar Chokshi
Number: 372 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 372 here(PDF, 523KB)

Applicants: Alay Sanjay Kapasi
Number: 384 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 384 here(PDF, 525KB)

Applicants: Timothy Arthur Tracey
Number: 370 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 370 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants: Vishal Basra
Number: 373 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 373 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Vanessa Jane Barmes
Number: 368 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 368 here(PDF, 506KB)

July 2021

Applicants: Te Marua Golf Club Incorporated
Number: 221 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 221 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 227 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 227 here(PDF, 367KB)

Applicants: 5036 Boutique Brews Limited
Number: 229 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 229 here(PDF, 406KB)

Applicants: Panhead Custom Ales Limited
Number: 230 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 230 here(PDF, 362KB)

Applicants: Jolly Limited
Number: 22 Type TEMPORARY AUTHORITY | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 22 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Boneface Brewery Limited
Number: 46 Type OFF | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 46 here(PDF, 395KB)

Applicants: Ruin Distillery Limited
Number: 47 Type OFF | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 47 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Aroy Thai
Number: 93 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 93 here(PDF, 2MB)

Applicants: Brewtown Promotions Limited
Number: 96 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 96 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Boneface Brewery Limited
Number: 97 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 97 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Sean Trevor Charles
Number: 354 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 354 here(PDF, 37KB)

Applicants: Debra Jane Noy
Number: 361 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 361 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants :Analou Estremos Madelo
Number: 365 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 365 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Paul Barker Lloyd-Jones
Number: 371 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 371 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants: Kassandra Louise Clendon
Number: 352 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 352 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants: Clayton Anthony Bryant
Number: 353 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 353 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants: Paige Alexandra Amer
Number: 366 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 366 here(PDF, 42KB)

Applicants: Antony William Gordon
Number: 363 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 363 here(PDF, 42KB)

Applicants: Stacey Ann Wilson
Number: 355 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 355 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Elizabeth Betham
Number: 351 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 351 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Dipak Madhav
Number: 356 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 356 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Ashleigh Lyn Mason
Number: 357 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 357 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Hollie Cherie Beattie
Number: 367 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 367 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Richard Jerard Andrews
Number: 360 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 360 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Debbie Elizabeth Miller
Number: 364 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 364 here(PDF, 43KB)

June 2021

 Applicants: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 220 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 220 here(PDF, 368KB)

Applicants: Trentham Camp Golf Club
Number: 224 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 224 here(PDF, 377KB)

Applicants: Brewtown Promotions
Number: 225 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 225 here(PDF, 403KB)

Applicants: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 226 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 226 here(PDF, 415KB)

Applicants: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 228 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 228 here(PDF, 403KB)

Applicants: Upper Hutt Squash Club
Number: 32 Type CLUB | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 32 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Royal Wellington Golf Club Incorporated
Number: 33 Type CLUB | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 33 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants: SRM Limited
Number: 45 Type OFF | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 45 here(PDF, 361KB)

Applicants: Gladstone Bakehouse Limited
Number: 95 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 95 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Chris Lamont
Number: 342 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 342 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Eliza Andrea Lloyd-Jones
Number: 348 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 348 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Craig Elliot Devlin
Number: 344 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 344 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Justin Willen Laven
Number: 362 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 362 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Tania Lee Brown
Number: 345 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 345 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Daniel John Jones
Number: 343 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 343 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Vichheka Ou
Number: 350 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 350 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants: Davinder Kaur
Number: 346 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 346 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Preeti Preeti
Number: 358 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 358 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Laura Jayne Jones
Number: 349 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 349 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Flynn Antony Murphy
Number: 359 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 359 here(PDF, 43KB)

May 2021

 Applicants: Vanessa Jane Barmes
Number: 328 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 328 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Benjamin Joseph Kingi
Number: 329 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 329 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Monique Destiny Makavalu
Number: 333 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 333 here(PDF, 44KB)

 Applicants: Sophie Nicole Dawson
Number: 338 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 338 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Cyril Goldberg
Number: 339 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 339 here(PDF, 42KB)

 Applicants: Jessica Sophie Long
Number: 340 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 340 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Luke Anthony Crowley-Shaw
Number: 341 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 341 here(PDF, 43KB)

  Applicants: Tanya Lorraine Harrison
Number: 334 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 334 here(PDF, 42KB)

 Applicants: Jiraporn Thongjan
Number: 335 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 335 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Juan Paulo De Guzman Salandanan
Number: 336 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 336 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Jordan Ashleigh Prentice
Number: 337 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 337 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Friday Events Limited
Number: 214 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 214 here(PDF, 366KB)

 Applicants: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 215 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 215 here(PDF, 393KB)

 Applicants: Short Straw events
Number: 216 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 216 here(PDF, 395KB)

Applicants: Short Straw events
Number: 217 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 217 here(PDF, 406KB)

 Applicants: Brewtown Promotions Limited
Number: 218 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 218 here(PDF, 424KB)

 Applicants: Sarah Lerwill
Number: 219 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 219 here(PDF, 388KB)

Applicants: Upper Hutt Musical Theatre
Number: 222 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 222 here(PDF, 367KB)

Applicants: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated Wine Adjunct
Number: 223 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 223 here(PDF, 370KB)

Applicants: Te Marua Golf Club Incorporated
Number: 31 Type CLUB | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 31 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Grahame Henry Adams
Number: 347 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 347 here(PDF, 43KB)

April 2021

 Applicants: H & H Hospitality Limited T/As Herbs & Hub
Number: 90 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 90 here(PDF, 44KB)

 Applicants: Robin Bansal
Number: 320 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 320 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Kaushal Adeshara
Number: 321 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 321 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Leanne Karen Kennedy
Number: 322 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 322 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Mark Anthony Lord
Number: 324 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 324 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Geraldine Avis Lord
Number: 325 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 325 here(PDF, 43KB)

  Applicants: Adam Thomas Walkinshaw
Number: 326 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 326 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Tarun Vashisht
Number: 331 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 331 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Amit Kumar
Number: 332 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 332 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 211 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 211 here(PDF, 389KB)

  Applicants: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 212 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 212 here(PDF, 422KB)

 Applicants: Trentham Camp Golf Club Incorporated
Number: 213 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 213 here(PDF, 409KB)

Applicants: Media Distribution Limited
Number: 91 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 91 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Wellington Racing Company
Number: 92 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 92 here(PDF, 44KB)


March 2021

Applicants: Dipak Madhav
Number: 20 Type TEMP AUTHORITY| (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 20 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Matthew Dainty
Number: 308 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 308 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Siobhan Maureen Fox
Number: 330 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 330 here(PDF, 42KB)

 Applicants: Bailey Gina Thornley
Number: 318 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 318 here(PDF, 44KB)

 Applicants: Dean Peter Candy
Number: 312 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 312 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Renee Megan Evans
Number: 323 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 323 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Lydia May Brbich
Number: 315 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 315 here

Applicants: Atixa Staishbhai Patel
Number: 311 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 311 here

Applicants: Lydia May Brbich
Number: 319 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 319 here(PDF, 44KB)

 Applicants: Glenn William Wilson Faint
Number: 313 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 313 here(PDF, 44KB)

 Applicants: Manpreet Kaur
Number: 316 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 316 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Lucette Ruma Robinson
Number: 317 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 317 here(PDF, 43KB)

  Applicants: Deborah Ann Archibald
Number: 327 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 327 here(PDF, 43KB)

  Applicants: Promo IT Limited T/As Quinns Post
Number: 89 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 89 here(PDF, 43KB)

  Applicants: Divya Corporation (2001) Limited T/As Totara Park Grocery store
Number: 44 Type OFF | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 44 here(PDF, 368KB)

 Applicants: Andrew James Lammie
Number: 208 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 208 here(PDF, 409KB)

 Applicants: Kartsport Wellington Incorporated
Number: 210 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 210 here(PDF, 363KB)

Applicants: Lim Narath Chhoun
Number: 21 Type TEMPORARY AUTHORITY | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 21 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants: Upper Hutt Musical Theatre
Number: 209 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 209 here(PDF, 399KB)


 February 2021

Applicants: Trentham Camp Golf Club Incorporated
Number: 199 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 199 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Hutt Valley Clay Target Club Incorporated
Number: 200 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 200 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: McKenzie Friday
Number: 202 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 202 here(PDF, 428KB)

 Applicants: McKenzie Friday
Number: 203 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 203 here(PDF, 365KB)

 Applicants: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 204 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 204 here(PDF, 387KB)

 Applicants: Brewtown Promotions
Number: 205 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 205 here(PDF, 418KB)

 Applicants: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 206 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 206 here(PDF, 384KB)

 Applicants: Shayne Leslie Ayrton
Number: 301 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 301 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Jeanette Elizabeth Edwards
Number: 300 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 300 here(PDF, 44KB)

 Applicants: Rohit Rawat
Number: 299 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 299 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Jirapan Lortharaprasert
Number: 310 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 310 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Timothy McMahon
Number: 306 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 306 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Achillea Michael Aspros
Number: 307 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 307 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Prudence Brittany Bardsley
Number: 305 Type MANAGER | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 305 here(PDF, 44KB)

Applicants: Vishal Holdings Limited T/As Thirsty Liquor
Number: 43 Type OFF | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 43 here(PDF, 386KB)

 Applicants: Upper Hutt Darts Club Incorporated
Number: 30 Type CLUB | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 30 here(PDF, 43KB)

 January 2021

Applicants: McKenzie Friday
Number: 191 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 191 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: McKenzie Friday
Number: 193 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 193 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: McKenzie Friday
Number: 194 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 194 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Risati Aiga
Number: 195 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 195 here(PDF, 44KB)

 Applicants: Christine Clouston
Number: 196 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 196 here(PDF, 534KB)

 Applicants: Wellington Beverage Company Limited
Number: 197 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 197 here(PDF, 44KB)

 Applicants: Wellington Speedway Society Incorporated
Number: 198 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 198 here(PDF, 43KB)

  Applicants: Paul Amos
Number: 201 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 201 here(PDF, 44KB)

 Applicants: Mailex Rivas Hernandez
Number: 292 Type MANAGER| (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 292 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Nicole Dalize Wolmarans
Number: 293 Type MANAGER| (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 293 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Rohit Malhotra
Number: 294 Type MANAGER| (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 294 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Shubham Sahni
Number: 295 Type MANAGER| (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 295 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Gurbinder Pal Kaur
Number: 296 Type MANAGER| (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 296 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Carl Hartman
Number: 297 Type MANAGER| (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 297 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Cheryl Ann Poole
Number: 298 Type MANAGER| (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 298 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Mary-Ellen Couchman
Number: 303 Type MANAGER| (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 303 here(PDF, 43KB)


December 2020

Applicants: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 189 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 189 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Ken Mercer
Number: 190 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 190 here(PDF, 42KB)

 Applicants: Brewtown
Number: 192 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 192 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Dipak Madhav
Number: 19Type TEMP AUTHORITY| (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 19 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Sasha Maria Kerr-Collier
Number: 283 Type MANAGER| (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 283 here(PDF, 42KB)

 Applicants: Belinda Jane Devlin
Number: 285 Type MANAGER| (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 285 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: David Michael Boyd
Number: 286 Type MANAGER| (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 286 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Anne Louise Waldrom
Number: 287 Type MANAGER| (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 287 here(PDF, 42KB)

 Applicants: James Hylton Tuckett
Number: 288 Type MANAGER| (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 288 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Kinnari Dipak Madhav
Number: 290 Type MANAGER| (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 290 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Eliza Tamihana
Number: 291 Type MANAGER| (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 291 here(PDF, 43KB)

  Applicants: Shania Iris Check
Number: 302 Type MANAGER| (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 302 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Vanessa Mayling Gilies
Number: 304 Type MANAGER| (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 304 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Veronica Grace Bardsley
Number: 309 Type MANAGER| (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 309 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Art of Food
Number: 85 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 85 here(PDF, 44KB)

 Applicants: Aston Norwood Cafe and Function Centre
Number: 86 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 86 here(PDF, 43KB)

(PDF, 43KB)November 2020

Applicants: Brewtown Promotions
Number: 186 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 186 here(PDF, 42KB)

 Applicants: McKenzie Friday
Number: 187 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 187 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Hutt Valley Clay Target Club
Number: 188 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 188 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Staglands
Number: 87 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 87 here(PDF, 44KB)

 Applicants: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 41 Type OFF | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 41 here(PDF, 366KB)

Applicant: Carol Dawn Sutherland
Number: 275 Type MANAGER| Download decision 275 here(PDF, 44KB)

 Applicant: Alexia Judith Hendrikse
Number: 276 Type MANAGER| Download decision 276 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicant: Ashleigh Louise Pool
Number: 277  Type MANAGER| Download decision 277 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicant: David James Henshaw
Number: 273 Type MANAGER| Download decision 273 here(PDF, 42KB)

 Applicant: Sean William Johnson
Number: 278 Type MANAGER| Download decision 278 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicant:  Coleen Anne Boyd
Number: 279 Type MANAGER| Download decision 279 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicant: Ravinder Singh
Number: 280 Type MANAGER| Download decision 280 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicant: Connor Luke McIndoe
Number: 281 Type MANAGER| Download decision 281 here(PDF, 44KB)

 Applicant: Phillipa Desiree Hunt
Number: 282 Type MANAGER| Download decision 282 here(PDF, 42KB)

 Applicant: Kane Jay Mullen
Number: 284 Type MANAGER| Download decision 284 here(PDF, 43KB)

 October 2020

Applicants: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Incorporated
Number: 181 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 181 here(PDF, 408KB)

 Applicants: Upper Hutt Darts Association
Number: 183 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 183 here(PDF, 44KB)

 Applicants: Brewtown Promotions
Number: 185 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 185 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Totara Thai House
Number: 18 Type TEMP AUTHORITY| (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 18 here(PDF, 429KB)

 Applicants: Totara Thai House
Number: 84 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 84 here(PDF, 44KB)

 Applicants: Glasshouse Bar
Number: 83 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 83 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicants: Longhorn Bar and Restaurant
Number: 82 Type ON | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 82 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicant: Karl Jerome Hayes
Number: 266 Type MANAGER| Download decision 266 here(PDF, 397KB)

Applicant: Nicola Jade Barr
Number: 269 Type MANAGER| Download decision 269 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicant: Anita Genevieve Mooney
Number: 271 Type MANAGER| Download decision 271 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicant: Susan Gorman
Number: 272 Type MANAGER| Download decision 272 here(PDF, 43KB)

 Applicant: Timothy William Castle
Number: 274 Type MANAGER| Download decision 274 here(PDF, 43KB)

 September 2020

Applicants: McKenzie Friday, Wild Kiwi Distillery
Number: 175 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 175 here(PDF, 480KB)

 Applicants: Karori Rifle Club
Number: 176 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 176 here(PDF, 425KB)

 Applicants: Sydney Budge
Number: 177 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 177 here(PDF, 442KB)

  Applicants: Convention Management
Number: 178 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 178 here(PDF, 437KB)

  Applicants: Trentham Camp Golf Club Incorporated
Number: 179 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 179 here(PDF, 443KB)

 Applicants: Lynfer Estate
Number: 180 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 180 here(PDF, 443KB)

 Applicants: Clayton Hoare
Number: 184 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 184 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicants: Kereru Brewing Company Limited
Number: 47 Type OFF | (PDF, 383KB)Download decision 47 here(PDF, 43KB)

Applicant: Andre Peter Doyle, Amy Gervaise Paisley,
Number: 263 Type MANAGER| Download decision 263 here(PDF, 456KB)

 Applicant: Natasha Dahlberg
Number: 265 Type MANAGER| Download decision 265 here(PDF, 435KB)

 Applicant: Charlene Caroline Green
Number: 268 Type MANAGER| Download decision 268 here(PDF, 43KB)

 August 2020

Applicants: Hutt International Boys School, Trentham Camp Golf Club
Number: 173 Type SPECIAL | Decision-173.pdf(PDF, 383KB)

Applicants: Pinehaven School Arts & Crafts Exhibition, UH Cosmopolitan Club Conveyance, Kartsport Wellington Incorporated, Hutt Valley Clay Target Club
Number: 174 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 174 here(PDF, 418KB)

Applicant: Odessa Lee Clayton, Misty Emma Doreen Topp, Hollie Cherie Beattie
Number: 258 Type MANAGER| Download decision 258 here(PDF, 402KB)

 Applicant: Andrew Joseph Duncan, Aimee Marie Jean Pool, Jane Kerry Martin, Gyarnie Fenix Makarena Gibson-Brooking
Number: 262 Type MANAGER| Download decision 262 here(PDF, 483KB)

 Applicant: Helen Barbara Dron
Number: 259 Type MANAGER| Download decision 259 here(PDF, 367KB)

 Applicant: Vishal Basra
Number: 260 Type MANAGER| Download decision 260 here(PDF, 437KB)

 July 2020

Applicants: Trentham Camp Golf Club, Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club
Number: 171 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 171 here(PDF, 380KB)

Applicants: Upper Hutt Musical Theatre, Trentham Camp Golf Club
Number: 172 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 172 here(PDF, 536KB)

Applicant: Tararua Sports Club Incorporated
Number: 28 Type CLUB | Download decision 28 here(PDF, 361KB)

Applicant: Dough Limited
Number: 78 Type ON | Download decision 78 here(PDF, 379KB)

 Applicant: Beats & Bartley Limited, Brewtown Promotions
Number: 79 Type ON | Download decision 79 here(PDF, 402KB)

 Applicant: Tararua Sports Club Incorporated
Number: 28 Type CLUB | Download decision 28 here(PDF, 361KB)

 Applicant: Bukefal Limited
Number: 80 Type ON| Download decision 80 here(PDF, 373KB)

Applicant: Paul Douglas Dawson, Andre Wells,
Number: 253 Type MANAGER| Download decision 253 here(PDF, 397KB)

 Applicant: Robin Bansal, Eenesa Leilua, Kirit Patel, Kassandra Louise Clendon
Number: 254 Type MANAGER| Download decision 254 here(PDF, 394KB)

 June 2020

Applicant: Tote & Furnace, Super Liquor
Number: 76 Type ON | Download decision 76 here(PDF, 395KB)

Applicants: Porterhouse Blues, Zara Kebabs, Little India
Number: 77 Type ON | Download decision 77 here(PDF, 406KB)

Applicant: Wild Kiwi Distillery
Number: 170 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 170 here(PDF, 354KB)

Applicant: Mayfair Cafe
Number: 81 Type ON | Download decision 81 here(PDF, 434KB)

 Applicant: Zara Kebabs, Shree Sai Holdings
Number: 77 Type ON | Download decision 77 here(PDF, 406KB)

Applicant: Julie Wall, Samantha Nicole Malin-Curry
Number: 249 Type MANAGER| Download decision 249 here(PDF, 385KB)

 Applicant: Diane De Villiers, Lisa Catherine May Hall,
Number: 250 Type MANAGER| Download decision 250 here(PDF, 383KB)

 Applicant: Danielle Nicole Stafford, Stacey Ann Wilson, Clayton Bryant, Epenesa Leilua, Daniel Stevens, Shona-Maree, ward-Howard, Craig Richard Rankin
Number: 255 Type MANAGER| Download decision 255 here(PDF, 447KB)

 Applicant: Alay Sanjay Kapasi, Bhagyesh Chokshi, Hannah Lovern Crooks, Elizabeth Betham
Number: 256 Type MANAGER| Download decision 256 here(PDF, 407KB)

 May 2020

Applicant: Luanne's Bistro
Number: 75 Type ON | Download decision 75 here(PDF, 359KB)

Applicant: Black Bull Liquor
Number: 45 Type OFF | Download decision 45 here(PDF, 361KB)

Applicant: James Dowding McGilligan, Laura Havler, Sharon Elizabeth Bond, Steven Michael Dennis Boyle
Number: 246 Type MANAGER| Download decision 246 here(PDF, 401KB)

 Applicant: Euan Garth Andrews
Number: 247 Type MANAGER| Download decision 247 here(PDF, 362KB)

 Applicant: Jiraporn Thongjan, Preeti Preeti
Number: 252 Type MANAGER| Download decision 252 here(PDF, 367KB)

 April 2020

Applicant: New World Silverstream
Number: 44 Type OFF | Download decision 44 here(PDF, 368KB)

Applicant: Wellington Speedway
Number: 27 Type CLUB | Download decision 27 here(PDF, 365KB)

Applicant: Brayden Jay Holman, Benjamin King, Anton Morne Schutte
Number: 248 Type MANAGER | Download decision 248 here(PDF, 395KB)

 Applicant: Bruce Eric Herbert
Number: 245 Type MANAGER| Download decision 245 here(PDF, 362KB)

 March 2020

Applicant: Yatra Restaurant
Number: 76 Type ON | Download decision 76 here(PDF, 395KB)

Applicants: Trentham Camp Golf Club, Karen Judy Burns
Number: 168 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 168 here(PDF, 387KB)

Applicants: Golden Oldies Rugby
Number: 172 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 172 here(PDF, 536KB)

Applicant: Thakor Bhai Panchal, Cindy Marie Potae, Raymond Armstrong Nicholson
Number: 240 Type MANAGER | Download decision 240 here(PDF, 403KB)

 Applicant: Glynn Edward Henderson, Emine Kokcu, 
Number: 242 Type MANAGER | Download decision 242 here(PDF, 380KB)

 Applicant:Julie Ann Brabyn, Vishal Sharma
Number: 243 Type MANAGER | Download decision 243 here(PDF, 389KB)

 Applicant: Jayden Ramari King, Om Krishan Thakur, Kaushal Adeshara
Number: 244 Type MANAGER | Download decision 244 here(PDF, 400KB)

 February 2020

Applicant: Molly Heppleston-Tait

Number: 235 Type MANAGER | Download decision 235 here(PDF, 393KB)

 Applicant: Rohit Malhotra, Neset Yaver Kokcu, Michael Peter Skudder
Number: 238 Type MANAGER | Download decision 238 here(PDF, 413KB)

 Applicant: Alan Shaun Adye-Rowe, Amishabahen Ravjibhai Patel
Number: 239 Type MANAGER | Download decision 239 here(PDF, 390KB)

 Applicant: Achillea Michael Aspros
Number: 241 Type MANAGER | Download decision 241 here(PDF, 370KB)

 Applicant: Jesse James Rapata-Esler, Julie Ann Brabyn, Vishal Sharma
Number: 243 Type MANAGER | Download decision 243 here(PDF, 389KB)

 Applicant: Silver Palace Chinese Restaurant and Takeaway

Number: 74 Type ON | Download decision 74 here(PDF, 386KB)

Applicant: Black Bull Liquor
Number: 17 Type TEMPORARY AUTHORITY | Download decision 17 here(PDF, 360KB)

Applicant: Paul Hylton Amos
Number: 165 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 165 here(PDF, 372KB)

Applicants: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club, Panhead, Brewtown
Number: 166 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 166 here(PDF, 403KB)

Applicants: Trentham Camp Golf Club, Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club, Trentham Camp Golf Club
Number: 167 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 167 here(PDF, 404KB)

 Applicant: Upper Hutt Bridge Club

Number: 182 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 182 here(PDF, 44KB)

 Applicant: Fergusson Liquor

Number: 41 Type OFF | Download decision 41 here(PDF, 366KB)

Applicant: Liquorland
Number: 43 Type OFF | Download decision 43 here(PDF, 386KB)

Applicant: Trentham Camp Golf Club
Number: 26 Type CLUB | Download decision 26 here(PDF, 365KB)

Applicant: Vaughan Tairoa
Number: 236 Type MANAGER | Download decision 236 here(PDF, 369KB)

January 2020

Applicant: Bombay House 39 Ltd
Number: 72 Type ON | Download decision 72 here(PDF, 374KB)

Applicant: Zara's Turkish Kebab
Number: 16 Type TEMPORARY AUTHORITY | Download decision 16 here(PDF, 372KB)

Applicants: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Wine Adjunct, Short Straw Events, Tararua Sports Club
Number: 164 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 164 here(PDF, 404KB)

Applicant: Jamie David Rollo
Number: 231 Type MANAGER | Download decision 231 here(PDF, 372KB)

Applicants: James Hylton Tuckett, Shubham Sahni
Number: 232 Type MANAGER | Download decision 232 here(PDF, 390KB)

Applicant: Abhay Singh Bedi
Number: 233 Type MANAGER | Download decision 233 here(PDF, 368KB)

Applicants: Jaykar Gandhi, Urjita Gandhi
Number: 234 Type MANAGER | Download decision 234 here(PDF, 388KB)

Applicant: Cheryl Poole
Number: 237 Type MANAGER | Download decision 237 here(PDF, 366KB)

Applicants: Nicole Dalize Wolmarans, Rohit Malhotra, Neset Yaver Kokcu, Michael Peter Skudder
Number: 238 Type MANAGER |Download decision 238 here(PDF, 413KB)

December 2019

Applicants: Aimee Maree Schutte, Hayden Ayrton, Robyn Lynette Maathuis, Shane Joyce
Number: 229 Type MANAGER | Download decision 229 here(PDF, 406KB)

Applicant: Haley-Sue Reid
Number: 230 Type MANAGER | Download decision 230 here(PDF, 362KB)

Applicants: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Inc, Hutt Valley Clay Target Club Inc, Trentham Camp Golf Club, Upper Hutt City Council Social Club
Number: 162 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 162 here(PDF, 405KB)

Applicant: Pick a Party
Number: 70 Type ON | (PDF, 365KB)(PDF, 365KB)Download decision 70 here(PDF, 365KB)

Applicant: Little Totara
Number: 71 Type ON | Download decision 71 here(PDF, 367KB)

Applicant: Rimutaka Tavern
Number: 73 Type ON | Download decision 73 here(PDF, 389KB)

Applicant: Rimutaka Tavern Bottle - O
Number: 42 Type OFF | Download decision 42 here(PDF, 389KB)

Applicants: Carden Brendan Jacobsen, Molly Heppleston-Tait
Number: 235 Type MANAGER | Download decision 235 here(PDF, 393KB)

November 2019

Applicants: Phil Gorman, Trentham Camp Golf Club, Upper Hutt Musical Theatre
Number: 159 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 159 here(PDF, 395KB)

Applicant: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Inc
Number: 160 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 160 here(PDF, 371KB)

Applicant: Trentham Camp Golf Club
Number: 161 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 161 here(PDF, 376KB)

Applicants: Upper Hutt Rams Rugby Football Club Inc, Petone Rifle Club
Number: 25 Type CLUB | Download decision 25 here(PDF, 368KB)

Applicant: Traditional Thai Restaurant
Number: 69 Type ON | Download decision 69 here(PDF, 372KB)

Applicant: Wallaceville House
Number: 68 Type ON | Download decision 68 here(PDF, 373KB)

Applicant: Trentham Mini Mart
Number: 40 Type OFF | Download decision 40 here(PDF, 376KB)

Applicants: Matthew Robert Edmond, Lynda Margaret Moore
Number: 225 Type MANAGER | Download decision 225 here(PDF, 403KB)

Applicants: Kelsi Judith Talor Allen, Samantha Odell, Ashleigh Tuiletufuga, Stacy Maree Hume, David Da-Wei Chang
Number: 226 Type MANAGER | Download decision 226 here(PDF, 415KB)

Applicant: Jessica Joy Ingerson
Number: 227 Type MANAGER | Download decision 227 here(PDF, 367KB)

Applicants: Viggo Joshua Alexander Betham, Nicola Scheepers, Dipali Adeshara
Number: 228 Type MANAGER | Download decision 228 here(PDF, 403KB)

October 2019

Applicants: Odessa Lee Clayton, Mangal Singh
Number: 219 Type MANAGER | Download decision 219 here(PDF, 388KB)

Applicant: Ramona Dianne Archer
Number: 223 Type MANAGER | Download decision 223 here(PDF, 370KB)

Applicant: Shirlene Ann Hemi
Number: 224 Type MANAGER |Download decision 224 here(PDF, 377KB)

Applicant: Art of Food
Number: 67 Type ON | Download decision 67 here(PDF, 367KB)

Applicant: Upper Hutt Musical Theatre
Number: 155 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 155 hereDownload decision 155 here(PDF, 371KB)

Applicants: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Inc, Ken Mercer, St Brendan's School
Number: 158 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 158 here(PDF, 405KB)

Applicant: Beats & Bartley Ltd
Number: 15 Type TEMPORARY AUTHORITY | Download decision 15 here(PDF, 367KB)

September 2019 

Applicant : Karori Rifle Club
Number: 150 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 150 here(PDF, 355KB)

Applicants: Upper Hutt Rotary Club, Tararua Sports Club
Number: 152 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 152 here(PDF, 386KB)

Applicants : Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club Inc, Clayton Hoare, Upper Hutt Darts Association Inc
Number: 153 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 153 here(PDF, 399KB)

Applicant : Syd Budge
Number: 154 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 154 here(PDF, 375KB)

Applicant : Brewtown Promotions
Number: 156 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 156 here(PDF, 388KB)

Applicant: Lynfer Estate
Number: 157 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 157 here(PDF, 374KB)

Applicant: Seven Bar Ltd
Number: 66 Type ON |Download decision 66 here(PDF, 366KB)

Applicant: Totara Park Four Square
Number: 39 Type OFF | Download decision 39 here(PDF, 376KB)

Applicants: Kimber Gay Goodwin, Samantha Jane Misseldine. Shivani Joshi, Bianca Paulette Lloyd-Jones
Number: 217 Type MANAGER | Download decision 217 here(PDF, 406KB)

Applicants: Urmila Kishor Patel, Kishor Raman Patel, Richard Lindsay Farrell. Kathryn Jones,
Number: 218 Type MANAGER | Download decision 218 here(PDF, 424KB)

Applicant: Karl Jerome Hayes
Number: 220 Type MANAGER | Download decision 220 here(PDF, 368KB)

Applicant: Shona Maree Ward-Howard
Number: 221 Type MANAGER | Download decision 221 here(PDF, 392KB)

Applicant: Alexia Judith Hendrikse
Number: 222 Type MANAGER | Download decision 222 here(PDF, 367KB)



August 2019

Applicants : Natasha Jane Thomason, Arshdeep Singh, Phil Gorman, Maulik Vinodchandra Patel
Number: 213 Type MANAGER | Download decision 213 here(PDF, 409KB)

Applicant : Nigel David Misseldine
Number: 214 Type MANAGER | Download decision 214 here(PDF, 366KB)

Applicants : Kylie Michelle Louise Georges, Catherine Marie O'Brien, Jason Leigh Kelman, Timothy Guy Barling
Number: 216 Type MANAGER | Download decision 216 here(PDF, 395KB)

Applicants : Wild Kiwi Distillery Ltd
Number: 37 Type OFF | Download decision 37 here(PDF, 393KB)

Applicant : Te Aro Brewery
Number: 38 Type OFF | Download decision 38 here(PDF, 394KB)

Applicants : Wild Kiwi Distillery Ltd, Café Rome
Number: 63 Type ON | Download decision 63 here(PDF, 393KB)

Applicant : Te Aro Brewery
Number: 64 Type ON | Download decision 64 here(PDF, 394KB)

Applicant : Monterey Cinema
Number: 65 Type ON | Download decision 65 here(PDF, 392KB)

Applicant : Victoria Lee Campbell
Number: 147 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 147 here(PDF, 368KB)

Applicant : Short Straw Events
Number: 149 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 149 here(PDF, 388KB)

Applicant: Kelly Dornbusch
Number: 151 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 151 here(PDF, 368KB)

July 2019

Applicant : Tamara Ooosterkamp-Parks
Number: 146 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 146 here(PDF, 367KB)

Applicant : UH Cosmopolitan Club
Number: 148 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 148 here(PDF, 370KB)

Applicants: Hutt Valley Clay Target Club, Short Straw Events
Number: 149 Type SPECIAL | (PDF, 367KB)Decision-149.pdf(PDF, 388KB)

 Applicants : Carrie-Ann Beazley, Hitarthi Gandhi,
Number: 211 Type: MANAGER | Download decision 211 here(PDF, 389KB)

Applicants : Peta Renee Katrina Wirihana, William Joseph Leech, Barbara Theresa Wirihana-Roil, Nobby Christopher Miles Wihare, Anita Mladenovska, Andrew Willans
Number: 212 Type: MANAGER | Download decision 212 here(PDF, 422KB)



June 2019

Applicant : Countdown Upper Hutt
Number: 36 Type OFF |  Download decision 36 here(PDF, 373KB)

Applicants : David & Gaz Investments, Shree Sai Holdings Ltd
Number: 62 Type ON | Download decision 62 here(PDF, 397KB)

Applicants : Kiwi Foodstuffs Ltd, Hibs Parent support Group, UH Cosmopolitan Club
Number: 145 Type SPECIAL | Download decision 145 here(PDF, 391KB)

 Applicants : Bruce Thomas Richard Symons                                                                                                                      Licence Decision Number: 210 Type: MANAGER | Download decision 210 here(PDF, 363KB)

 Applicants : Jagmeet Singh, Timothy Barber, Murray Graeme Martin, Sudesh Pathania                                                  Licence Decision Number: 209 Type: MANAGER | Download decision 209 here(PDF, 399KB)

 Applicants : Richard Niall Anderson Macdonald, Puspaben Panchal, Alana Adeline Cusin, Maria Hoete, Xiaoltui Chen           Licence Decision Number: 208 Type: MANAGER | Download decision 208 here(PDF, 409KB)

 Applicants : Ashleigh Alana Blackburn, Andre Mickail Wells                                                                                                    Licence Decision Number: 207 Type: MANAGER | Download decision 207 here(PDF, 388KB)

 Applicants : Jonathon David Parker, Michael Brian Kerr                                                                                                    Licence Decision Number: 206 Type: MANAGER | Download decision 206 here(PDF, 384KB)

Applicant Name/s: Murray Paul McMahon, Luanne's Bistro Ltd, Victor James Pratt, Vikramjit Singh, Christopher Chevalier, Pamela Burrowes
Licence Decision Number: 205 Type: MANAGER | Download decision 205 here(PDF, 418KB)

Applicant Name/s: Amerigo Italo Ciminiello UH Cosmopolitan Club Wine Adjunct
Licence Decision Number: 204 Type: MANAGER | Download decision 204 here(PDF, 387KB)

Applicant Name/s: Mamta Kumari Roy
Licence Decision Number: 203 Type: MANAGER | Download decision 203 here(PDF, 365KB)

Applicant Name/s: Trentham Camp Golf Club, Sarah Lerwill
Licence Decision Number: 144 Type: SPECIAL | Download the decision 144 here(PDF, 387KB)

 Applicant Name/s: Shree Sai Limited T/As Little India                                                                                                                   Licence Decision Number: 14 Type: TEMPORARY AUTHORITY | Download decision 14 here(PDF, 364KB)

May 2019

 Applicant Name/s: NZ Venue Limited T/As Super Liquor                                                                                                              Licence Decision Number: 35 Type: OFF | Download decision 35 here(PDF, 397KB)

 Applicant Name/s: Trentham Memorial Park Sports Association Inc                                                                                            Licence Decision Number: 24 Type: CLUB | Download decision 24 here(PDF, 370KB)

 Applicant Name/s: Caprice Limited T/A Miro Cinema, NZ Venue Limited T/As The Tote & Craft                                                 Licence Decision Number: 61 Type: ON | Download decision 61 here(PDF, 397KB)

 Applicant Name/s: Ravra Enterprise Limited T/A Porterhouse Blues                                                                                            Licence Decision Number: 60 Type: ON | Download decision 60 here(PDF, 370KB)

Applicant Name/s: Tuituikamoana Vincent Robati, Robert Charles Fox, Kiran Deep Kaur Bedi, Graeme Paora Jarvis, Mereheni Monica Hawley, Diane Patricia de Villiers
Licence Decision Number: 202 Type: MANAGER | Download decision 202 here(PDF, 428KB)

Applicant Name/s: Nigel Jonathon Frater
Licence Decision Number: 143 Type: SPECIAL | Download the decision 143 here(PDF, 372KB)

Applicant Name/s: Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club, Christine Clouston, Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club
Licence Decision Number: 142 Type: SPECIAL | Download the decision 142 here(PDF, 411KB)