Apply for or renew your alcohol licence

1. Overview

All new licences are issued for one year. It is the responsibility of the applicant to apply for a renewal before the expiry date. We cannot issue a renewal for an expired licence. You will need to start the process again. Renewals are issued for three years.

You should only apply to Upper Hutt City Council (your local District Licensing Committee) if your business/workplace is based in Upper Hutt.

2. Make an application

When you are ready to make an application, you will need to complete one of the following:

Please ensure you have filled out all the information in detail on the form.

CLUB Licence New Application(PDF, 12MB)

CLUB Licence Renewal or Variation Application(PDF, 12MB)

OFF Licence New Application(PDF, 8MB)

OFF Licence Renewal or Variation Application(PDF, 8MB)

ON Licence New Application(PDF, 15MB)

ON Licence Renewal or Variation Application(PDF, 15MB)

A checklist is included in the above application packs to help you, please refer to this. Ensure that you have enclosed all the requested attachments.

Payment – refer to the Risk Rating Costs(PDF, 181KB) (fees framework sheet) to determine the payment required.

3. Public notification

Once we have checked both the public notification forms as supplied by you with your application, you are required to:

  1. Notify the Upper Hutt Leader – advertise in two separate issues.

  2. Put the public notification form up in the front window of your premise.

4. Renew your existing licence ON/OFF CLUB

When you are ready to renew your application, ensure that you have enclosed all the requested attachments. A checklist is included in the application packs, please refer to it.

Payment – refer to the Risk rating costs(PDF, 181KB) (fees framework sheet) to determine the payment required.

5. Processing your application

Once we have received your completed application, a report is obtained from Council’s Licensing Inspector, the Police and the Regional Public Health. We approve your application if no objection is received.

If an objection is received, your file is sent to the Upper Hutt District Licensing Committee for a decision. Usually this process would involve a hearing. If any objections are received you will be notified by us in the first instance and a copy of the objection will be sent to you.