Water Resilience

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Are you water ready?

Do you have enough water stored for an emergency?

After a disaster like an earthquake or flood, there could be damage to our water network and water may not come out of your tap. You and your whānau will need your own supply of emergency water for the first seven days.

Sharing information that helps our community get prepared for an emergency ties to goal four of our sustainability strategy, which is to have a resilient community.

Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO) has produced some quick information guides on how much water to store, and how to store your water. You can view all the information below:

Do you know how much water you need to store?

  • You will need enough water to last for seven days. It is recommended that you store 20 litres per person per day.
    This amount should be enough for drinking, food preparation, hand washing and other basic hygiene (brushing teeth and a sponge bath).
  • You may need to store more if you have unwell people or small children in your whānau.


Options for storing water

Juice/soft drink bottles

  • Clean and re-use juice or soft drink bottles.
  • Store in a cool, dark place.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Do not use milk bottles - any milk residue will contaminate the water.

10 - 20-litre containers

  • These containers are available from hardware stores.
  • Store in a cool, dark place.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.

200L Water Tanks

How to store emergency water?

  • Thoroughly clean your containers with hot water (not boiling, as this will destroy the bottle).
  • Fill your containers (see below) with cold tap water until it overflows.
  • Add a small amount of bleach to help stop bacteria. Add half a teaspoon (2.5ml) of plain, unscented household bleach to 10 litres of water (a household bucket), or five drops to 1 litre of water. *Do not use Janola as it contains detergents which makes it unsuitable for treating drinking water.
  • Write the date that you filled your containers on each one to help you remember when to check and replace the water.
  • Place the lid on tightly and store in a cool, dark place. Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Clean and refill the bottles every 12 months. Reminder yourself by putting a reminder on your phone or write the date that you filled your tank/ bottles.
  • Before you can use your stored water, you should treat it by boiling for 1 minute (or until an electric kettle switches off) or adding the same amount of bleach again. Stir and leave for 30 minutes before use.



Water tanks available at council.

To help our community become more resilient we have water tanks available for $115, we have a limited offer available for Community Card Service holder too. These tanks, when empty, weigh 7.5 kg and are easy to transport, and one tank usually fits in a standard four door car.

Storing water is important as after a disaster like an earthquake or flood, there could be damage to the water network and water may not come out of your tap. It is recommended that you store 20 litres per person per day for seven days. WREMO have partnered with New Zealand water tank manufacturer, The Tank Guy, to make a 200L water tank available.

These water tanks (including a downpipe diverter) can be purchased for $115 from Upper Hutt City Council.

If you are placing the tank on anything other than solid ground, please contact us to check whether building or resource consent may be required.


There are two methods of payment for Upper Hutt City Council.

Option one: Pay CASH or EFTPOS at the cashier counter at Upper Hutt City Council located at 879-881 Fergusson Drive during open hours and collect the tank.

Option two: You can pay direct to our bank account ANZ 01-0771-0018890-03, put your surname and the code 4807502 as references on the transaction. Please ring us on (04) 527-2169 to confirm the availability of the tanks before you pay. Once payment is made, please contact us on (04) 527 2169 to arrange collection.


Do you need to provide and ID to get a community service discount?

Participants must show customer services a valid Community Services Card, and proof of Upper Hutt address. Addresses will be recorded.


How many tanks can be purchased with a community service card?

This is a limited offer. There is a limit of one tank, per person, per Community Services Card holder with proof of address e.g., if a household has two members, both with current Community Services Cards they are eligible to purchase up to two tanks at the discounted rate. A three-person household with current cards are eligible to purchase up to three tanks at the discounted rate etc.


What if I can’t take the tank home right away?

A delivery service will be offered on discounted tanks for those that do not have the means to transport the tanks home. Our Community Development team will be delivering purchased tanks to those who cannot transport it themselves. 


Do I have to boil the water?

Yes. Health advice is to boil all drinking water from the water tank in an emergency.


Can I buy a tank without the fittings (e.g diverter)

No. The tank, diverter and fittings are a package and are not available separately.


Is the tank available in other colours or sizes?

No. The tank sold through council is only available in 200L tanks – in heritage green and birch silver. Tanks of other colours and sizes may be available through your hardware store or from thetankguy.co.nz.


Can I link more than one tank together?

Yes. A series of water tanks can be connected. You will need to buy additional material (connecting pipes) from your local hardware store.


Do I have to fit the tank to the downpipe?

No. The tank can be used to store 200L of tap water, which should be refreshed every 12 months. It can then be connected to the downpipe in an emergency.


What is the tank made of?

UV resistant, food grade plastic. It is certified as meeting New Zealand standards for water storage.


How do I Install the tank?

Installation instructions are provided with the tank.


Are the tanks subsidised by rate payers?

No. The Wellington Regional Emergency Office (WREMO) has been able to negotiate a bulk order with the tank manufacturer to provide the tank and fittings at this price (retail price of tank and fittings is approximately $250). Council staff and facilities have helped to maintain the low cost of the tank.


There is a problem with the tank I purchased

Any problems should be referred to The Tank Guy by phoning 0508 326 8888 or by sending an email to emergencyrainwatertank@mouldingsunlimited.co.nz


Can I do a bulk order?

Yes, provided the order is larger than 200 tanks. Community organisations should email WREMO – wremo@gw.govt.nzwho will help coordinate an order and deliver.


Are consents required for installing the water tanks – certain sizes etc

Consent may be required if this rainwater tank is not being placed on solid ground. Consent is also required for tanks that hold more than 25,000 litres (this rainwater tank holds 200 litres). Please contact Council on (04) 527 2169 or email us if you are unsure of whether building or resource consent may be required.



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