From the Mayoral leadership

View the latest updates from Mayor Wayne Guppy and Deputy Mayor Hellen Swales on our response to COVID-19. These updates are also on the Mayor and Deputy Mayor's Facebook pages.

12 August 

We've moved back to Alert Level 2. Let's remember to be kind, and follow the Alert Level 2 guidelines so we can keep COVID-19 out of our community.


29 May 

It's great to see Upper Hutt so busy. Also good to have further restrictions eased in time for the long weekend.


12 May 

Looking forward to Alert Level 2 and a return to some normality and increased economic activity.


5 May 

The Extraordinary Council meeting held regarding Revised Annual Plan 2020 - 21 was historic for Upper Hutt City Council. It was the first held remotely via audio-visual link Zoom and broadcast on Facebook live. We are living in different times.


1 May 

We are continuing to work our way through Alert Level 3. If we’re treating ourselves to takeaways and/or a coffee, let’s make sure we maintain our 2-metre social distance.


28 April 

Great to be able to share some options available to those businesses who want to open and offer a click and collect to the community. To also remind you that Upper Hutt City Council is here to assist you. Give them a call on (04) 527 2169 we are in this together. Remember we still have to keep our social distancing.


24 April 

As Anzac Day dawns, let's take time to remember those who made the such a great sacrifice for our country, our returned service men and women, and those who continue to serve our country in the armed forces here and abroad.


22 April 

Looking forward to Anzac Long Weekend and coming to the end of Alert level 4 on Monday night.


20 April 

Wonderful to be able to share the work some of our council officers are doing in our community. Remember we are here to help so please contact us via our website, Facebook page, or by phone (04) 527 2169. We are in this together. Stay safe in your bubbles.


17 April 

We're making progress, but we're still in lockdown. Let's keep up the good work.


14 April 

Great to be sharing the community updated with Mayor Wayne Guppy as the Mayoral team for our great city.


9 April 

Council discussed multiple measures aimed at bringing relief to residents and businesses.


7 April 

Thanks Upper Hutt for the continued effort in Alert Level 4. Thanks to the Essential Workers.


3 April

Let’s not get discouraged. We are all in this together.


1 April

Today we opened our Emergency Operations Centre (EOC). This will increase our ability to respond to welfare needs in the community.


25 March

Let's make sure we look after each other all do our best to prevent the spread of COVID-19.