Rural Class Fee Change

dog herding sheep

Removal of rural dog fee class

After public consultation, on 27 July 2022, Council adopted the revised dog control policy and associated bylaw.

The revisions removed the rural dog fee class and replaced it with one for ‘other working dogs’. The definition of a working dog is outlined in the Dog Control Act 1996, this can also be found in the Related Information section.

What does this mean for you?

By default Council will change all rural dog owners to the ‘general’ or ‘neutered’ dog fee class on 1 May 2023, unless we are advised that an alternate fee class is applicable.

The ‘neutered’ fee class will only be automatically applied to a dog for which we already hold information confirming that the dog was desexed.

The fee classes that a rural dog may be eligible to move to are detailed below but all require supporting information.

  • General registration or neutered (default)
  • Responsible owner
  • Responsible owner with neutered dog.
  • Other working dog

If you are wanting to change to Responsible owner class, you will need to complete the Responsible-Owner-Application-Form-2023.pdf(PDF, 99KB)

What you need to do

If you are happy with the general registration or neutered fee class, then you do not need to do anything.

However if you feel that you fit the requirements of one of the fee classes listed above, please complete the following online form.

Complete you change of Fee Class here

Alternatively, you can visit Council in person and provide evidence that you meet the requirements for the applicable fee category.