Cool Paws for Hot Days

Embark on a Journey of Responsible Dog Ownership and Summer Safety!

Our Mission: Ensuring Canine Well-being in the Summer Heat

Our 'Cool Paws for Hot Days' campaign is to raise awareness and promote responsible dog ownership throughout the warmer months. Join us in creating a community where our furry companions thrive!

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Hydration Matters:

Make sure your furry buddies have plenty of water to sip on. It's like their own little spa day, and it keeps them feeling tip-top.

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Pavement Check:

Pavement Safety Reminder: Protect Paws in the Heat! Be mindful of pavement temperatures during hot days. Always check before walks to safeguard your pets’ paws from burns.

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Shade is Essential:

Creating Canine Comfort: Whether it's in your backyard or a portable shade on the go, make sure your four-legged pals have a cozy spot to beat the heat. 

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Car Safety:

Heat Awareness: Keep Dogs Out of Hot Cars! When it's sizzling outside, never leave your pets in a hot car. It's like turning your vehicle into an oven! Keep those tails wagging safely at home.

Know the Signs: Heatstroke Awareness!

It's crucial to recognize signs of heatstroke in dogs. Prompt actions can make a significant difference. Let's ensure our community is well-informed about pet health and safety.

Recognise signs of heatstroke:

· Panting progressing to distressed breathing

· Restlessness, seeking shade, or water

· Drooling

· Red gums or tongue

· Increased heart rate

· Vomiting or diarrhea

Join us in making a positive impact! Together, let's create a summer filled with joy, safety, and "Cool Paws" for our beloved furry friends.