Change address or ownership of a dog

If you are moving address please let us know.

Moving into Upper Hutt

You can transfer your dog’s registration from your previous council free of charge. Once you have moved to the new address, provide us with your previous tag or receipt, and microchip number details and we’ll give you a new tag. You must also let your previous council area know of the transfer within six weeks of your move.

Find out more about registering your dog.

Moving out of Upper Hutt and/or moving within Upper Hutt

If you are moving out of Upper Hutt, or moving do another address within Upper Hutt, please notify us within 14 days of moving. If you hold responsible dog owner status you will need to re-apply to get it transferred to your new property.

Change of address form

Changing ownership

If you get a dog that is registered under another owner’s name, or you are giving your dog to someone else, please let council know within 14 days.

Change of dog ownership form

Alternatively you can email, call or post to the Council Service Centre.