Animals in parks and reserves

Parks and reserves rules

The following rules have been extracted from the Upper Hutt City Council Parks and Reserves Rules and are relevant to animals such as dogs, horses and birds.

Parks and Reserves Rules(PDF, 137KB)

For full and complete information on policy and fees associated with dogs and dog control in Upper Hutt refer to the dog control policy.

Dog Control Policy(PDF, 166KB)

Dog exercise areas

Dogs may be exercised off leash or harness, but under the control of their owners or a responsible person who has the owner’s permission to walk and/or exercise that dog in all Upper Hutt Parks, except:

  • all playgrounds at all times; and
  • all sports fields while a sporting event is in progress; and
  • all parks while Council approved activities are in progress; and
  • Birchville Park and Te Haukaretu Park at all times (on lead exercise is permitted).

Fouling in public places

Every person, while having in his or her care or control, any dog which fouls any public place with faecal matter, is required to remove such faecal matter immediately. The faecal matter is to be disposed of responsibly.

Vehicles and horses

No persons shall park, ride or drive any motor vehicle or cart, motorcycle, power cycle or bicycle, or drive, ride or lead any horse, or other animal on any area of any Reserve except on those areas set aside specially for such purpose.

Destruction of birds

No person shall by any means whatsoever destroy, shoot, snare, injure, interfere with or take any animal, fish, bird, bird’s nest or bird’s egg, or attempt to do so, in or from any Reserve without the prior consent of an authorised officer of the local authority;

Provided that in the case of any animal or bird protected by the Wildlife Act 1953, no such permission shall be granted unless and until the provisions of the Act have been complied with.