Animal complaints

All dogs bark, however some do become more persistent and constant than others. If you have a problem with persistent barking please contact us.

There may be different reasons why some dogs bark, and the following are a list of common barking reasons.

  • Alert or warning
  • Fear
  • Attention seeking
  • Play or excitement
  • Boredom
  • Lonely or anxious

Some of these barking issues can be dealt with, and if recurrent, a dog behaviourist specialist may be able to help. Alternatively a Bark Collar may be the answer.

If you have concerns regarding your dog’s behaviour please contact us on (04) 527 2169 or email and we can offer you advice.

Rush at/dog attacks

As much as we would like to think all dogs are under control, there are occasions where a dog will attack or rush at people. Keeping your dog confined within your section and/or allowing free access to your front door can help avoid such situations. Warning signs are also a good idea to warn people that a dog is within your property. A ‘rush at’ involves a dog who is not under control.

If you are the victim of an attack please contact us. These attacks are taken very seriously and it is part of the Animal Control Officer’s role to investigate all dog attacks, whether they are ‘rush at’s’ or bites.

Read full and complete information on policy and fees associated with dogs and dog control in Upper Hutt(PDF, 166KB)