Plan Changes


The District Plan is periodically reviewed and updated through a process known as a plan change. Changes to the plan may be initiated by the council or by individuals.

A proposed plan change must be publicly notified, and there is then the opportunity to make a submission (during the first phase) and then a further submission (during the second phase) on the proposal.

Private plan changes

The Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) allows anyone to seek changes to the District Plans through a request for a private plan change. The process for the Council to follow in dealing with private plan change requests is prescribed in the Resource Management Act 1991.

The private plan change process can be used to change any provision (or introduce new provisions) in the District Plan.

The Ministry for the Environment provides further information on the private plan change process, including when to use a private plan change request, timing and costs, and the process involved for both the applicant and Council.

Current plan changes

This table contains information on current plan changes and where they are in the process.

We are currently updating this table with information and to provide links to the associated plan change documentation.

Plan change number and description Status


Rezoning of Riverside Farm

Private Plan Change 51 has been put on hold by the Applicants as at 16 June 2021 until further notice.

 47 Natural Hazards

The hearing took place on 22 April 2024 and was formally closed on 27 May 2024. The hearing panel have begun deliberations and will provide a recommendation report in due course.

 49 Open Spaces

The reconvened hearing took place on 3 April 2024. The initial hearing took place from 27 - 30 November 2023.

The hearing was closed on 5 June 2024. The Panel now moves into its deliberative phase. This will conclude with the Panel providing written recommendations to Council for its consideration.

 50 Rural Review 

The summary of submissions was released on 29 May 2024 and further submissions closed on 26 June 2024.

Plan change history

The following table provides information of previous plan changes that have either been made operative or have been withdrawn. Operative plan changes have been formally adopted as part of the District Plan. There is no further opportunity for public submissions on these changes. Each link contains further information about the plan change and any relevant documents available to view.

Plan Change Number and Description Status
  Intensification Planning Instrument (IPI)  IPI became operative on 13 December 2023
55  Rezoning of Gabites Block  Private Plan Change 55 became operative on 28 July 2023
52  Rezoning 20 Stroma Way, Mount Marua Private Plan Change 52 became operative on 31 March 2021
42  Mangaroa and Pinehaven Flood Hazard Extents Plan Change 42 became operative on 12 September 2019
45  Signs Plan Change 45 became operative on the 20th October 2019
44 Temporary Events Plan Change 44 was made operative on 20 June 2018
43 Introductory Chapters Operative 26 October 2017
41 Urban Tree Groups Operative 12 October 2016
15 Flood and erosion hazard areas Withdrawn March 2016
40 Wallaceville Adopted
39 Definitions Review – site, allotment and lot Operative 21 May 2015
38 Network utilities and renewable energy generation Operative 11 May 2016
37 Rezoning of Maidstone Terrace Adopted
36 Rezoning of 166 Alexander Road from Business Industrial to Residential Appealed to the Environment Court, Appeal dismissed 4 March 2015
35 Residential Conservation & Hill Zones review Withdrawn
34 Rural earthworks review Withdrawn
33 Rezoning of Kurth Crescent Operative 12 May 2011
32 National policy statement – electricity transmission Operative 26 October 2012
31 Unzoned land and heritage feature Operative 30 November 2011
30 Reserves and leisure facilities contribution Operative 24 March 2010
29 Southern Hills overlay and protected ridgeline standards Operative 14 August 2013
28 Rezoning of 99-105 Blue Mountains Road Operative 2 June 2010
27 Open Space Zone subdivision standards Operative 9 December 2009
26 Childcare centres, kindergartens, kohanga reo and marae Operative 24 June 2009
25 Controlled and limited discretionary activity review and minor changes Operative 24 June 2009
24 Notable Tree review Operative 20 June 2013
23 Riverstone Terraces commercial area Operative 24 June 2009
22 Temporary events Operative 24 June 2009
21 Retail provisions Operative 24 June 2009
20 Rezoning of 410 Eastern Hutt Road Operative 24 June 2009
19 Retailing in the Business Industrial Zone Withdrawn 9 July 2008
18 Comprehensive residential developments: Variation 1 Operative 14 August 2013
17 Financial contributions reserves and leisure facilities Operative 4 August 2006
16 Car Parking Operative 11 July 2007
14 Upper Hutt City Fault Trace Project Withdrawn
13 Rezoning a portion of Royal Wellington Golf Club Operative 11 July 2007
12 Rezoning of Talbot Grove subdivision Operative 30 September 2006
11 Rezoning of 17 John Street Operative 4 August 2006
10 Definition of front, corner and rear lots Operative 11 July 2007
9 Wallaceville Zone Review Withdrawn
8 Organised firework displays Operative 11 July 2007
7 Height control and earthworks Operative 30 September 2006
6 Updating of notable tree schedule Operative 30 September 2006
5 Removal of development impact fee Operative 1 June 2005
4 Rezoning of properties at 88 and 110 Katherine Mansfield Drive Operative 23 February 2005
3 Rezoning of 21 Royal Street and 26 Gibbons Street (Pak ‘n’ Save car park) Operative 1 June 2005
2 Residential Hill Zone boundary realignment Operative 1 June 2005
1 The Lanes, Mangaroa Valley