Private Plan Change 51 – Rezoning of Riverside Farm

Proposed Private Plan Change 51 – Rezoning of Riverside Farm at 29 Mangaroa Valley Road 

Status: Placed on hold 16 June 2021 by the Applicant until further notice 


Upper Hutt City Council has received a private plan change request for the Rezoning of Riverside Farm at 29 Mangaroa Valley Road. At its meeting on 21 October 2020, Council decided to accept the private plan change request and start the statutory plan change process. Proposed Private Plan Change 51 (“Private Plan Change 51) seeks to rezone the site at 29 Mangaroa Valley Road to Rural Valley Floor Zone.

The site is currently zoned partially Rural Hill Zone (app. 58ha) and partially Rural Valley Floor Zone (app. 20ha). The proposed Rural Valley Floor Zone would provide for residential development at the rural density level anticipated by the zone. The private plan change request also proposes the introduction of a Structure Plan for the site. The proposed Structure Plan consists of two stages and provides details regarding the intended form, layout and staging of the envisaged subdivision. It identifies conservation areas on the site and contains Rules and Guidelines for future development.

The proposed private Plan Change was notified on 27 January 2021 and submissions closed on Wednesday 10 March. Overall, seven submissions were received. Council has prepared a Summary of Decisions Requested (Summary of Submissions) and certain persons may now make further submissions in support of or in opposition to submissions already received.

The further submission phase closed on 26 May 2021 at 5pm.  The Plan Change has been put on hold by the applicant until further notice






Submissions closed on:

Friday 26 February at 5pm

Public Notice (updated 4/08/2021)(PDF, 92KB)

Private Plan Change 51 Application & Reports(PDF, 11MB)

Submission Form  (Form 5)(PDF, 90KB)

Further Submissions

Further submissions closed on:

Wednesday 26 May at 5pm

All information for Further Submissions
can be found on our consultation page

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