Plan Change 50 - Rural Review

Proposed Plan Change 50 – Rural Review (PC50) is part of the rolling review of the District Plan and seeks to implement national and regional direction while considering the local rural context in Upper Hutt.

What is PC50?

PC50 includes the development of zone-specific provisions for the General Rural, Rural Production, Rural Lifestyle, and Settlement Zones. The proposed objectives, policies, and rules have been developed and tailored for each of the zones, considering their purpose and character, and what activities and the level of development are considered to be appropriate within each zone, including changes to subdivision standards and relevant planning maps. PC50 also introduces the Staglands precinct, Berketts farm precinct and the Clay Target Club acoustic overlay.

PC50 has taken into consideration the National Policy Statement for Highly Productive Land (NPS-HPL). The rural environment of Upper Hutt has land which is considered to be highly productive land as it falls under classes 2 and 3 of the Land Use Capability assessment carried out by Landcare Research (Manaaki Whenua). This land will generally be zoned Rural Production unless it is already highly fragmented through subdivision or development. 

Update - June 2024

On Wednesday 29 May 2024 Upper Hutt City Council publicly notified the Summary of Submissions on Proposed Plan Change 50 to the Upper Hutt City Council District Plan 2004, and the period for further submission was due to close at 5pm on Thursday 13 June 2024.

We were then made aware of a submission that wasn’t included in the summary of submissions or published in full due to a transmission issue. This submission relates to provisions across Plan Change 50 and is Submission 257: Transpower New Zealand Limited.  

Because of the broad-reaching scope of Submission 257 and taking into account the number of primary submissions and complexity and extent of Plan Change 50, Council then extended the timeframe for making further submissions on Plan Change 50 to the Upper Hutt City District Plan 2004 to 5pm on 26 June 2024.   

All further Submissions which had already been lodged with Council will be reviewed and fully considered as part of the hearing process. These earlier further submissions did not need to be re-lodged. If a submitter wished to amend an earlier further submission; or file an additional further submission in relation to any submission (not just Submission 257), this is was possible as long as it was received by 5pm 26 June 2024.

A link to summary of submissions, including Submission #257, is below under “Summary of Submissions” and “Full Submissions”. Please also see “Consultation – May 2024”  below for further details on the Further Submissions consultation.

Consultation - May 2024

Consultation for PC50 closed on 17 November 2023 and we received 256 submissions.

We have finalised our summary the of submissions made on the PC50 and are now asking the community to review the summaries and make a further submission on the decisions which have been requested by submitters.

We have prepared summaries by submitter and also by topics, these can be found in the table below. To find your submitter number please refer to our list of submitters: Full-list-of-submitters.pdf(PDF, 227KB)

Of the 256 submissions received, 39 of these submissions requested a change of zoning, from what was proposed under PC50.

To ensure the public has a good understanding of what these change of zoning requests might mean for them (as neighbours and the wider community) we have mapped each of these submissions. 

Map viewer for rezoning requests

In summarising the submissions and preparing the maps, we have sought to capture the intent of the original submission whilst making sure that the summary can be easily understood by the public.

Making a further submission

Further submissions can be made by anyone in the community with an interest in PC50, for example anyone who lives, works, or volunteers in the area. If you decide to make a further submission, you will also need to send a copy to the person who made the original submission no later than five working days after you submit it to us.

Further submissions must be completed on the Further Submission Form (Form 6), must state whether or not you wish to be heard on your submission and can only be made on a matter in support of, or opposition to, an original submission. Word and PDF copies of Form 6 can be found in the table below.

You may make further submissions electronically or in writing to the Council in the following ways:

If you need any assistance with the submission process or wish to discuss PC50 further, please get in touch with the Planning team on (04) 527 2169 or email 

The Ministry for Environment also has a submission guide which may be helpful to making your submission:

Further submissions close at 5pm, 26 June 2024.


Consultation - October 2023

Upper Hutt City Council publicly notified proposed Plan Change 50 – Rural Review (PC50) in the Upper Hutt Leader on 4th October 2023. We had feedback from the Community that a longer submission period would be favourable, therefore the submission period has now was extended by 2 weeks (from 3 November 2023 to 17 November 2023). This time extension was publicly notified in the Leader on 25 October 2023.

Consultation formally closed on 17 November 2023. 

View the Operative District Plan Zoning vs Proposed Zoning map below

View proposed zone mapping

You can also view the full proposed zoning and provisions in the table below. 

Alternatively you can use the District Plan e-Plan.  The best way to view this is to:

  1. Add an address to the search bar at the top of the screen
  2. Untick the current map layers on the right (under Map Tools) and just tick "Proposed Plan Change 50 - Rural Review"
  3. Click on View Full District Plan on the left hand side
  4. Click on "Select to view plan changes on or post consultation" in the dashed line box and choose "Proposed Plan Change 50 - Rural Review"
  5. The provisions are on the left, just use the drop down arrows to show options


Further Submissions
Further submissions opened on 29 May 2024 and closed on 26 June 2024.  


List of Submitters

Full submissions 1-50

1. Gary Johnson(PDF, 150KB)

2. Hugh Wiffen(PDF, 167KB)

3. Hugo Strydom(PDF, 515KB)

4. Paula Hemana(PDF, 508KB)

5. Bridget Dougherty(PDF, 96KB)

6. Jason Price(PDF, 125KB)

7. Alan Gilford Hunter(PDF, 175KB)

8. Patrick Greally(PDF, 160KB)

9. Kerry Barlow(PDF, 176KB)

10. Paul & Raewyn Mansfield(PDF, 96KB)

11. Joany Grima(PDF, 118KB)

12. Sarah Davidson(PDF, 138KB)

13. Kevin & Lynaire Jones(PDF, 98KB)

14. Jacqui Thompson(PDF, 118KB)

15. Graham & Jill Bond(PDF, 114KB)

16. Judith Murphy(PDF, 1MB)

17. John Wilkens(PDF, 491KB)

18. Thomas Bongers(PDF, 153KB)

19. Tamara Hrstich(PDF, 127KB)

20. Nigel Marriot(PDF, 93KB)

21. Ian Wood(PDF, 96KB)

22. Celeste Digby-Smith(PDF, 141KB)

23. Jeffrey Alan Calton(PDF, 94KB)

24. Scott & Loretta Lovell(PDF, 279KB)

25. Ian Spendlove(PDF, 224KB)

26. Nigel Parry(PDF, 149KB)

27.  Paul O'Leary(PDF, 295KB)

28. Scott Thompson(PDF, 80KB)

29. Bob Orriss(PDF, 352KB)

30. Catherine Barron(PDF, 547KB)

31. Ans Potting(PDF, 88KB)

32. Darren William Pettengell(PDF, 99KB)

33. Graeme Taylor(PDF, 137KB)

34. Doug Gillanders(PDF, 93KB)

35. Bob Anker(PDF, 399KB)

36. Craig Thorn(PDF, 132KB)

37. Anne Rainey(PDF, 119KB)

38. Anne Wood(PDF, 99KB)

39. Sakia Holditch (MBIE)(PDF, 305KB)

40. Luke Joseph Wood(PDF, 141KB)

41. Amber Bill(PDF, 93KB)

42. Richard Tyler(PDF, 698KB)

43. Julie Allison(PDF, 91KB)

44. Chris Flannigan(PDF, 111KB)

45. Miriam Flannigan(PDF, 110KB)

46. Jo Perez(PDF, 134KB)

47. Leia Maxwell(PDF, 93KB)

48. Edwin Rex Alexander(PDF, 96KB)

49. Enys Delmage(PDF, 92KB)

50. Chrissy McCawe(PDF, 110KB)

Full submissions 51-100

51. Joanne Goddard(PDF, 148KB)

52. Glen Skachill(PDF, 93KB)

53. Theresa Tong(PDF, 124KB)

54. Sara Wareing(PDF, 95KB)

55. Charlotte Barton(PDF, 125KB)

56. Richard Barton(PDF, 91KB)

57. Frances Reilly(PDF, 113KB)

58. Dan Flannigan(PDF, 107KB)

59. Sahib Singh(PDF, 139KB)

60. Darryl Kee and Sharon Kee(PDF, 266KB)

61. Louise Gartside(PDF, 83KB)

62. Josh Robertson(PDF, 94KB)

63. Jaime Fuller(PDF, 129KB)

64. John Raffan(PDF, 138KB)

65. Scott and Jacqui Nicholls(PDF, 146KB)

66. Stephen Paul Kyle(PDF, 97KB)

67. Matt Watson(PDF, 96KB)

68. Kelly Carter(PDF, 93KB)

69. Tracy Simms(PDF, 90KB)

70. Emma Goodbehere(PDF, 100KB)

71. Bridget Myles(PDF, 211KB)

72. George Hare(PDF, 185KB)

73. James S Hoddinott(PDF, 139KB)

74. Mark McCaffrey(PDF, 91KB)

75. Andrea Martin(PDF, 97KB)

76. Bradley Logan Tong(PDF, 95KB)

77. Gareth Chaplin(PDF, 94KB)

78. Cheryl Marie Chaplin(PDF, 94KB)

79. Lisa and Andrew Plimmer(PDF, 401KB)

80. Stephanie Watson(PDF, 93KB)

81. John Taylor(PDF, 96KB)

82. Simon Mangos(PDF, 105KB)

83. Angela Greig(PDF, 108KB)

84. Brendon Greig(PDF, 93KB)

85. Leith-Anne Mangos(PDF, 131KB)

86. Kimberley Macfarlane(PDF, 133KB)

87. Dean Spicer(PDF, 97KB)

88. John Hill(PDF, 4MB)

89. Bruce Bates(PDF, 648KB)

90. Christopher Hudepohl(PDF, 94KB)

91. Sonali James(PDF, 389KB)

92. Colin James(PDF, 246KB)

93. Ian Stewart(PDF, 224KB)

94. Kelly Robinson(PDF, 120KB)

95. Katherine Elizabeth Pettengell(PDF, 124KB)

96. Maymorn Collective(PDF, 531KB)

97. Susan Boyle(PDF, 4MB)

98. John Boyle(PDF, 4MB)

99. Elizabeth Hutson(PDF, 142KB)

100. Megan Persico(PDF, 566KB)

Full submissions 101-150

101. Paul Persico(PDF, 661KB)

102. Shannon McLean(PDF, 222KB)

103. Demelza Leslie(PDF, 98KB)

104. Nicholas Wilson(PDF, 91KB)

105. Sheree Gorrie(PDF, 91KB)

106. Richard Davies(PDF, 257KB)

107. Dave Hodges(PDF, 141KB)

108. Alaster Jefferys(PDF, 96KB)

109. Hamish Macfarlane(PDF, 173KB)

110. Brendon Jacobson(PDF, 96KB)

111. Ian Flux(PDF, 111KB)

112. Rudolf Vos and Ans Potting(PDF, 133KB)

113. Jean and Bill Emmens(PDF, 470KB)

114. Angela Greig(PDF, 102KB)

115. Jenny Douche(PDF, 165KB)

116. Beverly Paino(PDF, 234KB)

117. Leigh Winters(PDF, 99KB)

118. Beth Reille(PDF, 93KB)

119. Elizabeth MacManus(PDF, 97KB)

120. Neil Robert Lyster(PDF, 98KB)

121. Gillies Group Management Limited(PDF, 1MB)

122. Maymorn Developments Limited(PDF, 191KB)

123. Kelly Few-Mackay(PDF, 2MB)

124. Allan Kelly(PDF, 193KB)

125. Lisa Nelson and Brent Alexander(PDF, 3MB)

126. Sally Howe-Stirton(PDF, 117KB)

127. Jeff and Noeline Berkett(PDF, 25KB)

128. Bob Curry(PDF, 733KB)

129. Lewis Few-Mackay(PDF, 2MB)

130. Philip Alfred Eales and Teresa Eales(PDF, 50KB)

131. Christine Robinson(PDF, 178KB)

132. Paul Robert Roulston(PDF, 132KB)

133. Alison Fiona Roulston(PDF, 148KB)

134. Tony Steffensen(PDF, 92KB)

135. Jennifer Diane Sparrow(PDF, 101KB)

136. Donna Hodges(PDF, 96KB)

137. Elizabeth Clout(PDF, 211KB)

138. James Keenan(PDF, 209KB)

139. Chris and Jen Priest(PDF, 124KB)

140. Helen Wood(PDF, 87KB)

141. Dianne Trevors(PDF, 125KB)

142. Rachael Methorst(PDF, 103KB)

143. Richard Methorst(PDF, 46KB)

144. Harold Cuffe(PDF, 99KB)

145. Raydeen Cuffe(PDF, 100KB)

146. Andy Bowley(PDF, 98KB)

147. Peter James Durkin(PDF, 103KB)

148. Cheye Moran(PDF, 172KB)

149. Matthew Rothwell(PDF, 98KB)

150. Elizabeth Teresa Duffy(PDF, 66KB)

Full submissions 151-200

151. Ferry Hill Trust(PDF, 308KB)

152. Paul Yuile(PDF, 90KB)

153. Paolo Caccioppoli(PDF, 212KB)

154. Darren Cudby(PDF, 95KB)

155. Richard and Kerry Weston(PDF, 534KB)

156. Sera Moran(PDF, 139KB)

157. Ara Poutama Department of Corrections(PDF, 319KB)

158. Helen White(PDF, 98KB)

159. Paul Dyson(PDF, 123KB)

160. Andrea Follett(PDF, 124KB)

161. John Martin(PDF, 174KB)

162. Guildford Timber Company Limited, Silverstream Forest Limited and The Goodwin Estate Trust(PDF, 823KB)

163. Nadine Veitch(PDF, 93KB)

164. New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF)(PDF, 324KB)

165. Barry and Jeanne Bowden(PDF, 101KB)

166. Angela Calkin Goeres(PDF, 98KB)

167. Heather Blissett(PDF, 181KB)

168. Wellington Electricity Lines Limited(PDF, 492KB)

169. Helen Masters(PDF, 87KB)

170. Richard Charles Bialy(PDF, 783KB)

171. Paul L Clark(PDF, 130KB)

172. Greater Wellington Regional Council(PDF, 550KB)

173. Donna Schiphorst(PDF, 131KB)

174. Mangaroa Farms Limited(PDF, 3MB)

175. Andrea Thompson(PDF, 170KB)

176. Karen Spears(PDF, 95KB)

177. Harriett Sowman(PDF, 115KB)

178. Sharyn Mitchell(PDF, 521KB)

179. Gareth Weeds(PDF, 139KB)

180. Peter Warmerdam(PDF, 2MB)

181. Cannon Point Development Limited(PDF, 9MB)

182. Andrew Bateson(PDF, 98KB)

183. Waka Kotahi - NZ Transport Agency(PDF, 536KB)

184. Brenda Cross(PDF, 99KB)

185. Anton Douche(PDF, 118KB)

186. Fire and Emergency New Zealand(PDF, 382KB)

187. Sarah Woodfield(PDF, 66KB)

188. AgResearch Limited(PDF, 267KB)

189. Steven Joseph Coulston(PDF, 94KB)

190. Aggregate and Quarry Association(PDF, 458KB)

191. E Hall(PDF, 72KB)

192. Rosanne Mary Rix(PDF, 159KB)

193. Robert Pavis Hall(PDF, 76KB)

194. Annemieke Sherwin and Sean Broughton(PDF, 99KB)

195. Roger Fairclough and Anna de Raadt(PDF, 161KB)

196. Sharlene McDonald(PDF, 73KB)

197. Tim Moody(PDF, 205KB)

198. June Gaynor Rowswell(PDF, 78KB)

199. Tim Drummond(PDF, 94KB)

200. Merryl Eileen Park(PDF, 97KB)

Full submissions 201-257

201. Sarah Purdy(PDF, 128KB)

202. Karen Pearce(PDF, 108KB)

203. Aaron Flannigan(PDF, 93KB)

204. Paul Clark(PDF, 115KB)

205. Maree Hammersley-Myers(PDF, 47KB)

206. Ministry of Education(PDF, 254KB)

207. Jessica Ryan(PDF, 52KB)

208. Rose and Mike Schrijvers(PDF, 385KB)

209. Daniel Ian Braddock(PDF, 65KB)

210. Steve Flanagan(PDF, 102KB)

211. Civil Contractors New Zealand(PDF, 309KB)

212. E Shaw(PDF, 129KB)  

213. John Paul Diggins(PDF, 103KB)

214. Sarah Gillies(PDF, 128KB)

215. Wyn Clout(PDF, 209KB)

216. Emma Wilson(PDF, 186KB)

217. Anthony Stephen Adamson(PDF, 94KB)

218. Jacqueline Thea Marie Diggins(PDF, 98KB)

219. Karen Wallace(PDF, 231KB)

220. Stuart James Bonsey(PDF, 195KB)

221. Bernard Peter Cross(PDF, 138KB)

222. Mary Beth Taylor(PDF, 119KB)

223. Jemma Lynch(PDF, 98KB)

224. Carol Dormer(PDF, 96KB)

225. Gavin Pearce(PDF, 95KB)

226. Sandra Cooper(PDF, 95KB)

227. Patric John Lane(PDF, 188KB)

228. Glen Gillies(PDF, 93KB)

229. Melinda Rix(PDF, 198KB)

230. Karyn Flanagan(PDF, 201KB)

231. Lucy Doig(PDF, 142KB)

232. Tony Chad(PDF, 155KB)

233. House Movers Section of the New Zealand Heavy Haulage Association Inc(PDF, 901KB)

234. Carla Bentley(PDF, 136KB)

235. Gary Bentley(PDF, 164KB)

236. Nicola Boland(PDF, 131KB)

237. Martin Boland(PDF, 166KB)

238. Withdrawn(PDF, 15KB)

239. Phil Kirycuk(PDF, 2MB)

240. Deborah and Paulus Hawinkels(PDF, 57KB)

241. Matt Price(PDF, 258KB)

242. Brendon Greig(PDF, 85KB)

243. Richard Dormer(PDF, 58KB)

244. Glynis May Alexander(PDF, 63KB)

245. Alyssa Halstead(PDF, 85KB)

246. James Douglas Webb(PDF, 63KB)

247. Stuart and Michelle Blyth(PDF, 127KB)

248. Maria Viviers(PDF, 158KB)

249. Brian and Robyn Smith(PDF, 596KB)

250. Rowan Brookman(PDF, 256KB)

251. Paul Davoine(PDF, 599KB)

252. John and Margaret Ankcorn(PDF, 1MB)

253. Owen and Christine Burrell(PDF, 238KB)

254. Bruce and Theresa Stevens(PDF, 97KB)

255. Emma Robinson(PDF, 66KB)

256. Angela McLeod(PDF, 120KB)

257. Transpower New Zealand Limited(PDF, 4MB)


Submissions closed on 17 November 2023




Draft PC50 started in 2019 and in December 2021 was separated into the Intensification Planning Instrument (IPI) for residential areas and PC50 rural review. Draft PC50 had several public engagement periods.  The engagement materials and feedback from these periods and the background documents are available below or you can visit the Draft PC50 (2021) webpage.

Background documents (Previous Engagements)

Draft Rural Objectives, Policies and Provisions

Rural Objectives and Policies (Draft PC50 2021)(PDF, 706KB)

Provisions for rural zones, precincts and development plan areas(PDF, 1MB)


Feedback on the PC50 draft proposals was open until 13 September 2021, providing the public close to eight weeks to review material and give feedback. The report below summarises the feedback received during this period of time

PC50 public engagement report (Both residential and rural)(PDF, 2MB)

Proposed strategic objectives and policies 

Opened from 30 September to 2 November 2020

Rural strategic objectives and policies(PDF, 979KB)

PC50 engagement report - strategic objective polices (Both residential and rural)(PDF, 760KB)

Issues and Opportunities Feedback

Opened from 16 March to 8 May 2020

Rural PC50 issues and opportunities(PDF, 1MB)

Issues and opportunities map (Both residential and rural)

Feedback received on issues and opportunities (Both residential and rural)(PDF, 1MB)

Background Reports

Report on landscape provisions for rural zones(PDF, 2MB)

Report on rural development metrics(PDF, 6MB)

PC50 transport provisions report(PDF, 318KB)

Gabites farm landscape assessment(PDF, 2MB)

Phase one - three waters catchment plan report(PDF, 4MB)    

Rural servicing requirements report(PDF, 1MB)

Updated Upper Hutt geotechnical assessment(PDF, 201MB) - (NB: large file)

Upper Hutt PC50 geotechnical assessment (revision 6)(PDF, 169MB) (NB: large file)

Rural land use assessment report(PDF, 8MB)

Appendix 1 - how we made sense of the information(PDF, 1MB)

Appendix 2 - rural issues and themes(PDF, 15MB)

Appendix 3 - traffic light assessment for localities(PDF, 259KB)

Appendix 4 - draft S32 analysis(PDF, 188KB)

Appendix 5 - rural economic assessment(PDF, 4MB)

Rural landscape sensitivity assessment(PDF, 33MB)

Review of rural and residential resource consent applications(PDF, 712KB)

Rural focus group meeting notes

November meeting 2021(PDF, 140KB)

July meeting 2021(PDF, 150KB)

March 2 meeting 2021(PDF, 607KB)

March 1 meeting 2021(PDF, 201KB)

February meeting 2021(PDF, 216KB)

September meeting 2020(PDF, 130KB)

August meeting 2020(PDF, 96KB)

July meeting 2020(PDF, 389KB)

January meeting 2020(PDF, 116KB)

November meeting 2019(PDF, 164KB)

October meeting 2019(PDF, 122KB)