Plan Change 49—Open Spaces

Current status:  As per minute #12,  the hearing was closed on 5 June 2024.  The Panel now moves into its deliberative phase. This will conclude with the Panel providing written recommendations to Council for its consideration.

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Variation 1 to proposed Plan Change 49 - Silverstream Spur

In 2021 we carried out a review of the open space topic of our operative District Plan (2004). It was called Plan Change 49 - Open Spaces (PC49) and is part of our rolling review of the District Plan. It was informed by the research we've undertaken over the last few years, which included consultation with landowners, groups and clubs. PC49 was publicly notified on 11 August 2021.

While the Silverstream Spur wasn’t originally part of PC49 when we consulted in 2021, there is now greater certainty that the site will remain in public ownership, and we are able to revisit a possible rezoning of the Silverstream Spur. 

To do this an additional step called a variation is required.  

Consultation for Variation 1 to Plan Change 49 closed on 4 November 2022, and we received 94 submissions.

Further submissions closed on 22 February 2023. Scroll down for more information, including the background of the plan change and the initial consultation.


The PC49 Variation Proposal

  • Rezone the Silverstream Spur from a mix of Rural Hill Zone and Residential Conservation Zone to Natural Open Space.  

  • Protect identified significant natural areas on the Silverstream Spur from development. 

  • Enable site-specific provisions for infrastructure, including a transport corridor.  

  • The proposed site-specific provisions would provide access to the Silverstream Spur for a range of recreation, conservation and customary purposes, as well as potential future access to the Southern Growth Area.

Next Steps

Check the proposed zoning and read through the supporting information in the Notification section below.

Current and proposed zoning of the Silverstream Spur map


Kōrero with us 

  • We held a public Zoom session on 17 October where members of the public were able to ask their questions. A recording of the session can be found here: PC49 Public Q & A Zoom Session  


Stage Status Documents 

The initial hearing took place from 27 November to 30 November 2023.  

A reconvened hearing took place on 3 April 2024.

The hearing was closed on 5 June 2024.



Updates to Submitter expert evidence



Further Submissions  Further submissions closed on 22 February 2023



 Notification Submissions closed on 4 November 2022


September 2021 update

PC49 was publicly notified on 11 August 2021 and submissions closed on 5.00 pm Friday, 17 September 2021. We received 27 submissions on the proposed plan change during this time. The summary of submissions and the full submissions received can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

The District Plan manages activities and development within the Open Space Zone. This zone is comprised of predominantly publicly accessible land formed of our parks and reserves.

We know how much our community values the opportunities that our open spaces provide, including the ability to undertake passive and active recreation, conservation and customary activities, and community based events. Open spaces in Upper Hutt includes three regional parks managed by Greater Wellington Regional Council, and sports fields, green spaces, and community parks managed by Upper Hutt City Council. There are also several privately owned and operated sports clubs which contribute to recreational opportunities within Upper Hutt, including golf courses and shooting clubs. In 2018, Council adopted the Open Space Strategy which sets the overarching strategy for the open spaces of Upper Hutt, and identifies how the use of open spaces is changing.

We have undertaken a review of the open space topic of the operative District Plan (2004). This review has been titled Plan Change 49 and is part of our rolling review of the District Plan. Proposed Plan Change 49—Open Spaces (PC49) has been informed by the research we have undertaken over the last 18 months, which has included consultation with landowners and groups and clubs.

Proposed Plan Change

PC49 is proposing a number of changes to the management of open spaces within the District Plan. The District Plan will better align with the Open Space Strategy by considering the nature and scale of activities which may occur within open spaces, and will enable activities which are suitable within open spaces whilst managing those activities which could affect the amenity and use of our open spaces.

We also want to ensure the District Plan zoning is reflective of the extent of open spaces. This includes a proposed change to the zoning of the regional parks which are not currently zoned as open space, and the proposal to include privately run sports clubs within the zone. The existing Open Space Zone is proposed to be split into three separate zones:

  1. Natural Open Space
  2. Open Space
  3. Sport and Active Recreation

These proposed zones reflect the different character of our open spaces, as well as the different activities which occur in the different parks and reserves of Upper Hutt. You can view the proposed zoning on our webmap.

Natural Open Space zone

The purpose of the Natural Open Space Zone is to allow for activities and development of an appropriate scale to occur in identified spaces whilst conserving the natural character and associated ecological and landscape values. These spaces provide a valuable contribution to the wellbeing of the Upper Hutt community, allowing us all to undertake recreation, customary, and conservation activities in a natural setting.

Open Space Zone

The Open Space Zone provides for spaces that allow for community activities including passive and informal sports activities, customary and conservation activities, and community gardens. These spaces also provide the opportunity to hold temporary events, and contribute to the amenity of residential areas.

Sport and Active Recreation Zone

The Sport and Active Recreation Zone allows for organised sporting activities with the facilities to enable a diverse range of indoor and outdoor sports activities. This zone includes publicly owned parks and reserves, as well as privately operated and owned sports clubs.

More information 

If you have any questions, please email the planning team:

Stage Status Plan Change Documents
Notification Submissions closed on 17 September 2021

Public Notice(PDF, 38KB)

PC49- Proposed Tracked Changes(PDF, 1MB)

PC49- Proposed Zoning Maps(PDF, 7MB)

PC49- Section 32 Report(PDF, 4MB)

Further Submissions


Further submissions closed on 17 November 2021

Public Notice(PDF, 68KB)

PC49- Summary of Submissions(PDF, 941KB)

PC49- Full Submissions Received(PDF, 18MB)

PC49 - Full Further Submissions Received(PDF, 96MB)