Plan Change 40 – Wallaceville

Status: Operative.


This was a private Plan Change 40 (“Private Plan Change 40”) that sought to rezone approximately 63 hectares of the former Wallaceville Ag-Research site and a small part of the Trentham Racecourse property for residential and commercial uses. This includes:

  • Rezoning the majority of the properties from Special Activities Zone to Residential, Residential (Centres Overlay) and Business Commercial Zones;
  • Rezoning a portion of the area located south of Alexander Road from Rural Lifestyle to Residential and Residential (Centres Overlay); and
  • Retaining the existing Rural Lifestyle zoning over the remaining portion of the area located south of Alexander Road.


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Stage Documents

Appeal documents


Decision documents


Post-hearing (adjournment) documents

  • Documents in response to Minute #3:


  Hearing documents
  • Council hearing report
 Notification and submissions

Public notice (18 March 2015)(PDF, 84KB)


Plan Change Documents:
Plan Change Request(PDF, 5MB)
Wallaceville Structure Plan Report(PDF, 12MB)