About Welcoming Communities

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Nau mai, haere mai. 

We welcome you to Upper Hutt City, home to 47,700 residents where 21.4% of our population were born overseas (according to the 2018 Census).

The proverb from Te Wherowhero, the first Māori King Pōtatau, painted an image of how different strands of thread will pass through the same eye of the needle and come out stronger. This is our hopes and aspirations for our newcomers who come from different places and different parts of the world and that as we meet you in Upper Hutt, you will feel welcome and more abled to participate in the economic, civic, cultural and social life within Upper Hutt and the wider Wellington Region. 

We’re proud to be a part of Welcoming Communities (Te Waharoa ki ngā Hapori) and look forward to supporting all newcomers – migrants, refugees, international students, including Kiwis and long-established migrants relocating to our unique city – to Upper Hutt. 


Why did we join Welcoming Communities? 

Upper Hutt is growing and this is changing the makeup of our city. The growing diversity of cultures and ethnicities to our communities adds a richness to our whakapapa and is shaping us to be the unique city we are growing to be.   

Welcoming Communities is a programme led by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) in partnership with the Ministry for Ethnic Communities and the Human Rights Commission.  Welcoming Communities works towards healthier, happier and more productive communities by welcoming newcomers into the local community. 

This programme aligns with our community outcomes in our Long Term Plan  and work alongside two of the priorities in the plan which are to: 

  • foster the wellbeing of our community and economy; and 
  • continue to work towards a vibrant and attractive city centre.


The Welcoming Communities programme will help Upper Hutt create inclusive and safe neighbourhoods, foster a sense of place and belonging for our diverse population and build culturally rich and connected communities. 

Welcoming Communities aims to involve existing residents in activities to welcome newcomers, and increase awareness of the positive social, economic and cultural benefits of diversity. 


How can we achieve a Welcoming Community? 

We are working with our stakeholders from Ōrongomai Marae, Upper Hutt Multicultural Council, Citizens Advice Bureau and other local community groups to form an advisory group. This advisory group will together develop a Welcoming Plan that aligns with our Long-Term Plan and fosters a welcoming and inclusive community to reflect the unique characteristics of our city. 

This plan will include the below touchpoints within our community: 

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How can I contribute to the Welcoming Plan? 

If you have feedback or ideas to contribute, please email Sole Moyano, Community Advisor – Welcoming Communities at welcomingcommunities@uhcc.govt.nz