Main Street watermain upgrade

  • Project typeWater supply
  • Project scheduleIn progress
  • Contractor nameSierra Delta
  • Completion Date04 August 2023
Main Street watermain replacement stages

The road to improved supply and resilience

We're replacing the water supply pipe (watermain) along Main Street which will address ongoing issues with leaks in the area. 

This work will have an impact on the businesses that operate in and around Main Street as well as visitors to the City Centre. We're taking all steps we can to minimise disruption.

From 11 April, a site will be established and a trench will be dug on the Upper Hutt Station side of Main Street—mostly in the carparking space—but will require a single lane closure affecting traffic heading towards Silverstream. Although the entire work stretches from Pine Ave to Westpac, we are tackling it in four stages, with shorter lane closures in place for each stage.

Footpaths and access to businesses, retailers, and hospitality remain open.

Timing may vary as work progresses. We'll keep you informed through updates on this page and on Facebook. We’re also setting up a project information hub in the premises on the corner of Main and Geange Streets, so anyone can drop in for more information, talk with project staff, and view how the project is progressing.

At this point our stages are mapped out as follows...

  1. Pine Ave – Princes St: 11 April – 11 May (lane closure from Pine Avenue – Geange Street)
  2. Princes St – Geange St: 12 May – 8 Jun (lane closure from Princes Street – Geange Street)
  3. Geange St – Russell St: 9 Jun – 10 July (lane closure from Geange Street – Logan Street)
  4. Russell St – Wakefield St: 11 July – 4 August (lane closure from Russell Street – Wakefield Street)

22 May update: Moving from Stage 1 to Stage 2

Stage 1 of the watermain replacement on Main St is now complete—with associated properties still to be connected the new watermain. Stage 2 is now well underway.

This week we’ll be connecting the properties associated with Stage 1 to the new watermain. This will take place overnight, from 11.00 pm Thursday 25 – 3.00 am Friday 26 May. Once this is complete, Main Street’s southbound lane from Princes Street to Pine Avenue will reopen, with the Geange to Princes Street section remaining closed.

In order to make the new connections, we have to shut off water supply to a significantly larger portion of Main St. This affects all properties on the southbound side of Main Street from the Geange Street intersection all the way down to Fergusson Drive, but also includes all properties on the west side of Princes Street.

We’ve created a map of affected properties. Completing the work overnight should keep disruption to a minimum.

Stage 1 shutdown for connection


Mid-July update

Great news: the watermain replacement project is running ahead of time. On Monday 17 July we'll be connecting remining properties to the new watermain. This will require one more water supply shut-off, which we're doing this overnight (11.00 pm Monday – 3.00 am Tuesday) to minimise disruption. Properties connected to Stage 1 won't be affected by the shutoff. The image below indicates which properties will be affected.

Main St watermain renewal, final shut-off

Late-July update—just a few extras

With the watermain upgrade project running ahead of time and under budget, we’ve identified some opportunities to further improve resilience. The three ‘rider’ mains servicing Princes, Geange, and Russell streets also need to be upgraded. With current works almost finished, this serves as the best opportunity to get this work done as part of the current upgrade. We’re going to start with Russell Street, move on to Princes Street, and do Geange Street last.

There should be minimal disruption to Main Street—we’ll mostly be able to maintain some form of traffic movement through its Princes and Geange Street intersections. We’re expecting to complete this work on 11 August, so only one extra week from our original completion timeframe for the Main Street watermain work.

Approximate timeframes (may vary):

  1. Russell Street: 21 – 27 July. Road closed during installation.
  2. Princes Street: 28 July – 6 August. Reduced lane width and 3 carparks unavailable.
  3. Geange Street: 7 – 11 August. Road closure while working over pedestrian crossing, otherwise reduced lane width and 6 carparks unavailable on the butcher’s side of Geange St.

3 extras - rider mains to be upgraded

Early August update: one more time...

The rider main work is almost complete, so we’re now in the process of scheduling their connections back into the new watermain.  

To do so, we need to shut-off supply, one last time. This will be on 8 August (again overnight: 10.30 pm Tuesday – 3.00 am Wednesday to keep disruption to a minimum). There is a mix of properties that will be affected. The map below indicates which ones they are.

Stage 4 shutdown - connecting rider mains


Got any questions?

Have a look at the FAQ below and if you still have queries about the project please don’t hesitate to contact us using the details above.

  1. Will the water be turned off?

    Once the new pipe is installed the length for each stage, we will install the new connection. Businesses will be notified when this will take place.

  2. Why is the work not being done at night?

    This would add significant cost to the project and potentially disturb sleeping residents in upstairs apartments.

  3. Is Wellington Water managing the project?

    No. The watermain replacement is project managed by Upper Hutt City Council and the contractor is Sierra Delta Civil Ltd

  4. Where will the site office be? 

    The site office and information space will be at 122 Main Street (on the corner of Main and Geange Streets).

  5. How old is the pipe we are replacing?
    The current water supply pipe was installed in
     1928, making it 95 years old.



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