Integrated Transport Strategy

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Getting into gear: Improving Upper Hutt's transport network

We’re working on a strategy to continue developing Upper Hutt’s transport network which includes our roading network, freight, active transport, shared pathways, accessibility, and resilience.

 This will set out how Upper Hutt’s transport network should continue developing, so that people can stay connected, moving between places and activities, and goods and services.

But we can’t do it alone. We need your help to better understand what is and isn’t working well so we know what to focus on.

Why we’re doing it.

 The last 10 years has seen a growing population, climate change acceleration, an increase in the likelihood and scale of natural hazard events, and changes to Central Government policies that have changed the way we need to think and plan for transport.

Growth is predicted to continue, and we need to manage this in a way that creates a place where people want to be.

The purpose of the strategy.

The Draft ITS will:

  • Identify the key transport challenges that are being faced by Upper Hutt and how we can tackle these challenges.
  • See investment in our transport network and working collaboratively with our partners and our community. 
  • Inform our policies and our thinking about what we need to do to make our transport network better and will help to guide what we will spend money on.
  • Ensure the outcome of these investments and decisions will be a transport system that improves wellbeing and livability.

How we’re approaching it.

We’re tackling transport in two stages, in partnership with you:

  • Stage one: a high-level strategy that sets the direction for what we want the future of transport to look like in Upper Hutt and why; including sub strategies that provide more detail on how we will get there.
  • Stage two: implementation plans (which will form the basis of the Integrated Transport Plan).

    Next steps.

It’s important to us that you have your say in shaping the future of transport in Upper Hutt so we’re seeking feedback on:

  • the vision
  • focus areas
  • challenges
  • ooutcomes

We’ll be at a series of meetings to seek feedback from a range of key groups. We’ll be in touch directly to arrange those.

We’ll also be capturing wider community feedback through a digital feedback form on our engagement platform. To find out more, go to

Feedback closes on 18 June 2023.



Contact details

Steve Taylor - Transport Strategy Manager
04 527 2169