Akatārawa Cemetery Development

  • Project typeInfrastructure
  • Project value$3.575M (Stages 1-3)
  • Project scheduleDeveloped Design
  • Contractor nameSynergine Group Limited
Park bench at Akatarawa Cemetery

Akatārawa Cemetery is set for an expansion with a project underway that will see the development of a block of adjacent land.


The current operational cemetery provides burial and ashes interment services to both Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt cities. However, it's approaching capacity. 

Based on our current burial and ashes interment rates, we estimate that Akatārawa Cemetery will have capacity for new burials and ashes interments until 2026/27.

To ensure we can meet future demand, we're working with Hutt City Council to develop a block of land next to the current cemetery.

Concept development for the expansion was undertaken in June 2017. Both Councils provided for the expansion in their Long Term Plans and anticipated that development would begin in 2022/2023. 

Area for potential interment 

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Throughout 2023 we’ve completed enabling works and site investigations within the development site and we've discovered that the topography and ecology within the development site differs somewhat to that previously understood. Further surveying and some options analysis are underway to inform design options and decision making. This will ensure we deliver fit for purpose infrastructure that meets expectations for burial and ashes interment for the future.

The project also gives us the opportunity to consider emerging burial trends and cultural requirements, and to enhance the open space and cemetery services. 

Community engagement 

We plan to share the proposed design with the Hutt Valley community in 2024.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please get in touch at akatarawacemeteryproject@uhcc.govt.nz.

Project updates

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March 2023
  • Between December 2022 and February 2023, several specialist investigations have been happening, including ecological and freshwater surveys.

  • The next step is a geotechnical investigation.

  • In March, an access track following the likely path of the future cemetery roadways will be cleared to allow access for geotechnical investigation vehicles. Several test pits will be dug and then filled in, with the area gated off once the investigation is complete.

  • The cleared track is not for public use because it is a development site, removal of wood or soil from the site by members of the public is not permitted either.

  • These investigations will help shape the design of the cemetery expansion which we plan to share in late 2023.


October 2023
  • An access track following the likely path of the future cemetery roadways was cleared to support surveying and geotechnical investigations. The track is not for public use; it is gated to restrict access to the development site and keep the public safe.
  • Geotechnical investigations are now complete.
  • Through the enabling works, site investigations, and surveying completed during 2023 we have learned that the topography and ecology on site differs to that previously understood.
  • We are now undertaking design options analysis to inform decision making.
  • We anticipate sharing the developed design with the community in 2024.



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