Further guidance

We can help

We are here to help. If you have questions on your project you can contact the Planning Duty Officer or Building Duty Officer Monday to Friday - 1.00 PM to 4.30 PM via *email (Planning enquiries) resourceconsents@uhcc.govt.nz(Building enquiries) buildingadmin@uhcc.govt.nz(preferred method) or by phone (04) 527 2169. A Duty Planner or Building Officer is also available Wednesday and Thursday 1.00 PM - 4.30 PM for face to face appointments, (Subject to availabilityat reception 838-842 Fergusson Drive, Upper Hutt. 

*Please note we are experiencing a large amount of enquiries and heavy workloads, and will endeavor to reply to you within 3 working days.


Other legislation to consider

Council’s Resource Consent and Compliance team undertakes a check of all applications for building consent to see if the proposed project meets District Plan requirements. Council also checks for compliance with bylaws and other legislation for items such as vehicle access, connections to reticulated services (water, sewer and stormwater) and, in the case of commercial premises, matters such as food licences, liquor licencing and trade waste. Council will also check easements and consent notices that are recorded on the Record of Title. Interests registered on titles, such as covenants, easements and consent notices, generally list restrictions that pertain to a property that may impact on design. The Council strongly suggests that designers obtain and check these documents so that any relevant information can be incorporated into their design.